Pallet Collar Stacking Corners

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Pallet Collar Stacking Corners

If your business is currently utilising pallets and wondering how to stack pallets once they are loaded, you have come to the right place. Stacking corners are the most efficient way for you to achieve pallet stacking. Many businesses simply buy pallets and no additional products, however, in doing so they are missing out on the benefits achieved by combining multiple pallet products to achieve an effective product handling solution.

Using pallet collars and stacking corners creates a way for you to organise your warehouse and achieve maximum efficiency in saving and utilising the space you have available as a business. In being product handling specialists, we have a number of product handling solutions which can increase your productivity and efficiency. Instead of simply using a pallet you can combine it with one of our pallet collars, pallet collar dividers, stacking corner and pallet lids. All these products work together to create an effective workplace solution which we are sure will work for your business. These pallet products are the easiest way to maximise the storage you have available in your work space. When used properly, our pallet collars and stacking corners can be easily organised and stored correctly in bulk.

How You Can Stack Pallets With Stacking Corners

If you are wondering how to stack pallets you should make use of stacking corners. In order to make use of stacking corners you must also have pallet collars in use with your pallets. Once you have both these products you can use stacking corners to simply attach to the corners of your pallet collars. You then place the next pallet on top of the previous one, resting it upon the stacking corners. The stacking corners are made of strong plastic and simply fit neatly into the corners of your pallets to allow them to sit on top of one another safely.

Another way to achieve pallet stacking is to attach a pallet lid on top of your pallet collar and this simply acts as a shelf. The lid creates a table like surface that allows other items or pallets to sit on top of one another. By stacking your pallets with either stacking corners or lids you can free up the space in your workplace for other items. You can also save space during the transportation of goods by stacking them – this will save you space as you can deliver more goods at any one time.

Pallet Collars

As mentioned before, in order to achieve pallet stacking you must utilise pallet collars also. A pallet collar is an effective way to protect both your employees and products once they are loaded onto the pallet. When fully loaded a pallet can be slow and difficult to manoeuvre, meaning that items can become damaged during this movement or can easily fall, injuring your employees. In order to secure your products once loaded you should utilise a pallet collar, this will mean the products are kept within the confines of the pallet collar.

Pallet collars are the gateway to maximising your pallets' effectiveness. Without a pallet collar you cannot use pallet collar dividers, lids or stacking corners. Exporta have a huge range of pallet products that is so diverse you can mix and match or simply use a few that are relevant to you.

Pallet collars are made of six boards, made of either wood or plastic. These are held together with six metal hinges, all of these together make up the pallet collar. Exporta’s pallet collars are completely collapsible when not in use to ensure they can be neatly stored away when not in use. Exporta’s two different pallet collars are either wooden or plastic. Our wooden pallet collars are most useful in busy warehouse surroundings as they are extremely durable and can handle a large amount of wear and tear whereas our plastic collars go well with our pallets which are also made of plastic.

Benefits of Using Stacking Corners

If you already have pallets within your business you will already be aware of the countless benefits these provide. You may also feel that despite these benefits you could do with being able to stack your pallets once loaded. Here are the main benefits of using stacking corners:

• Health & Safety – By using stacking corners you are using the safest method possible in order to stack your pallets. Although using pallet lids to stack pallets is also effective it is more beneficial to you and your employees to use stacking corners. By using stacking corners, you provide a sturdy device for your pallets to rest on

• Durability – As with all of our other products we produce at Exporta, we only use the highest quality of materials. Our stacking corners are manufactured from heavy duty plastic meaning they are built to last. Indeed, if you buy stacking corners from Exporta you can be assured that they are going to last for a long time.

• Organisation – Stacking corners when used with pallet collars allow you to organise your business quickly and efficiently. In using stacking corners, you are allowing pallets to be stacked on top of one another. This means you are freeing up space in your workplace for other tasks or storage needs.

• Protection – Once you have loaded your plastic pallet from Exporta it can often be difficult to manoeuvre and in turn leads to your products becoming damaged. If a pallet is loaded to its full capacity, it is more likely to turn slower when using a pallet truck. Therefore, it is often beneficial to use a pallet collar and pallet stacking corners to completely secure your products. Once inside the pallet collar and pallet lid your products will be secured and covered, even with other pallets above or below them resting on the stacking corners.

Additional Products of Interest

All of Exporta’s pallet products have been designed to work with one another to create an effective product handling solution that will work for you. Firstly, as mentioned before, you must have a pallet collar in order to utilise our other pallet products. Once you have a pallet collar you can utilise other products including:

• Pallet Collar Dividers – A pallet collar divider is a plywood divider which fits within your pallet collar to divide up the content. These dividers can be in all different sizes, depending on your needs. A pallet collar divider can allow you to fit multiple items on a pallet whilst keeping them separate – if they are different products and you want to avoid cross contamination of products.

• Pallet Collar Lids – A pallet collar lid can be placed on top of your pallet collar to add another dimension of security to your goods in your warehouse or during transit. Pallet collar lids also make it significantly easier to stack pallets once they are loaded, as the lid creates a shelf-like surface for other goods to sit on.

• Pallet trucks – Once your pallets have been loaded they can be extremely heavy and impossible to move manually. Pallet trucks are essential for the safe movement of your goods within a warehouse. By using a pallet truck your employee’s health and safety is maintained at all times.

Why Buy Your Stacking Corners From Exporta?

Exporta are experts in the field of product handling. Throughout our many years of service we have learned everything there is to know about product handling across multiple industries. Due to our extensive knowledge about the products we carry and how they can work for your business we can give expert advice to our customers on what would benefit them. If you are wondering about the products we carry and are looking for more information, then have a read through the various sections of our website – we have included extensive information across our product categories to assist our customers in their purchasing. If you cannot find what you’re looking for then feel free to open a live chat through our website or call us to speak to an advisor over the phone. All of Exporta’s products are made from the highest quality raw materials and are built to last. We have provided next day delivery across our products for those of our customers who need something last minute or in a hurry – just order before 3pm and we can have it to you the next day