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Pallet Collar Dividers

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Pallet Collar Dividers

Pallet collar dividers are an excellent addition to your pallet needs. If you are buying your plastic pallets from Exporta why not think about some other products which can be used with your pallets to maximise their effectiveness. Some of these additional pallet products which may be useful for your business needs include: pallet collar lids, pallet collar dividers and pallet collar stacking corners. Pallet collars and pallet collar dividers are an excellent way to protect and organise your goods. At Exporta we have a number of product handling solutions which aim to organise and simplify your workload. Instead of using a simple pallet, if you combine one of our plastic pallets with one of our pallet collars and pallet collar dividers it can provide a simple storage solution in your business. Pallet collars and pallet collar dividers are the easiest way to maximise the storage you have available in your warehouse as well as keeping the goods within your pallets well organised. When utilised properly, our pallets, combined with a pallet collar and pallet collar divider can neatly organise your goods.

Who Would Benefit from Using Pallet Collar Dividers?

Any business which is currently using pallets, or are thinking about introducing pallets to their business would benefit from using pallet collar dividers. If you are using pallets but feel they would benefit from an element of organisation you would greatly benefit from the use of a pallet collar divider. This is especially the case for any company which perhaps manufactures a large number of different products, for example an electrical company who wishes to store different products within the same pallet but keep them separate. A pallet collar divider could be useful in a whole range of businesses including a jewellery manufacturer, food manufacturer or any company wishing to store smaller items separately on the same pallet. Pallet collar dividers allow multiple products to be stored separately whilst also keeping them safe during storage or transportation. If you use pallet lids in conjunction with your pallet collar dividers it will also allow your loaded pallets to be stacked on top of one another, creating a tidy and organised solution for your workplace.

Exporta’s Pallet Collar Dividers

Pallet collar dividers are essentially wooden slats which divide up the internal space available within your pallet when a pallet collar is placed on top. Exporta’s pallet collar dividers come in sizes to fit all pallet collars. Our pallet collar dividers can also be fitted on width or length. Here are the pallet collar dividers Exporta provide:

Pallet Collar Dividers –Euro Width

This high quality pallet collar divider is manufactured from 12mm plywood and has strong steel hooks. It can also be quickly assembled to create several compartments within a pallet collar to ensure maximum efficiency for your business. Within this pallet collar divider there are various combinations possible with use of different lengths/widths.

Pallet Collar Dividers – Half Euro Width

These are half sized honeycomb dividers with half euro pallet dividers. These dividers are fantastic for dividing up any goods stored on a half euro pallet, which is typically used for displaying items. Add another dimension to your display by adding in organised compartments.

Pallet Collar Dividers – Half Euro Length

These Euro length dividers are 1154mm in length and are also manufactured from 12mm plywood with strong steel hooks. They can be quickly assembled to allow you to organise your pallets quickly and efficiently.

Pallet Collars

In order to utilise pallet collar dividers, you must also have pallet collars. A pallet collar is a way of protecting both your products within the pallet and any employees you have who come into contact with loaded pallets. Once you have loaded a pallet it can become unstable during storage and transit. The goods within your pallet may also be fragile and so during the movement of the pallet items can become damaged. A pallet collar is the most effective way to protect your goods against unnecessary damage both in storage and in transit. Loaded pallets are often difficult to manoeuvre and this is where they become damaged, by scraping past or bumping into other items. It is also easy for items to fall from a loaded pallet and injure employees, this is where a pallet collar becomes effective.

Exporta’s pallet collar collection is diverse and works with a wide range of plastic pallet types. This is what has made our pallet collars so popular – they are extremely diverse and provide you with a pallet stacking solution. A pallet collar is comprised of six boards; these can be either wood or plastic. The pallet collar boards are held together with six metallic hinges which creates the collar. One of the most beneficial features of Exporta’s pallet collars are that they are completely collapsible when not in use. This makes the pallets easy to store and organise. Exporta manufacture two different types of pallet collars – plastic and wooden. A wooden pallet collar is beneficial to any warehouses as it can handle a huge amount of general wear and tear. Plastic collars however, are aesthetically pleasing as they complement our wide range of plastic pallets.

The Benefits of Using Pallet Collar Dividers with your Pallet Collar

If you are using a pallet without a pallet collar or pallet collar divider, then you are not taking advantage of many of the benefits this type of pallet solution provides. Some of the benefits of using these additional pallet products are:

• Protection – Once your pallet from Exporta has been fully loaded it can be difficult to manoeuvre around your workplace or warehouse which can then lead to accidents and your employees becoming injured or your products becoming broken. Having a pallet collar in place with a pallet collar divider allows your products to be protected in the process of pallet movement. Once inside the pallet collar and pallet collar divider your products will be secured and if you add on a pallet lid they will be completely covered, even with other pallets above or below them.

• Organisation – If you utilise pallet collars dividers in your workplace it allows multiple different items to be organised within the one pallet. In using pallet collars and pallet collar dividers your pallets are easily stored and organised. If you also use a pallet lid in conjunction with these it creates a type of shelf which allows other items to be stored on top of one another. This is due to the pallet lid creating a flat, table-like surface on top of the pallet.

• Efficiency – Due to the nature in which a pallet collar divider allows the separation of goods easily it means you can maximise the potential of each pallet and allows you to keep various types of products within one place whilst avoiding the cross contamination of these products. This is particularly useful for companies which produce a range of items but perhaps cannot fill whole pallet loads of single items at a time, instead of wasting space using a separate pallet for each small item they can divide it all into one.

Materials Used in Pallet Collar Dividers

All pallet collar dividers produced by Exporta are made of plywood. Plywood is a type of wood which is made up of multiple layers also known as ‘sheets’ or ‘plies’ of thin wood. These sheets of wood are glued together with other layers. Plywood has many benefits; it has significantly lower chances of splitting during use and it also won’t shrink over time which makes the wood stronger in every direction. This is why Exporta uses plywood to make our pallet collar dividers – because it is reliable and durable.

Other Products Relevant for You

If you are interested in purchasing pallet collar dividers there are a number of other products which are necessary to maximise the effectiveness of these products. One item which is necessary to have before you use a pallet collar divider is a pallet collar. As mentioned above, pallet collars allow your products to be protected once loaded onto a pallet. Another product that would benefit your business is a pallet collar lid. Pallet lids allow your products to be completely covered once inside a pallet collar. If you utilise a pallet collar lid it means you can stack loaded pallets on top of one another, due to the shelf that is created by the lid. It is irresponsible to attempt to stack uncovered pallets on top of one another due to the fact that they are often uneven and unstable. Another useful item to consider is a pallet collar stacking corner. These are products which can be attached onto the corners of your pallet collars and pallet lids which allow one pallet to be stacked on top of one another. These plastic corners are extremely sturdy and well manufactured meaning that they can be used on any of our pallets. This item is essential for any business which wishes to maximise the use of space they have available.