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Pallet Decking

Pallet Decking

If your warehouse experiences lots of different sizes of pallets or you're increasing being shipped one-trip or platic pallets with feet then you should seriously consider pallet decking. These wooden slats take all the hassle out of the challenges you can face with different types of pallets by providing a solid platform across your racking for all your products, whether on pallets or not, to sit.

Pallet decking can run the full length of your racking and can be used to the full height of your racking too.

If you deck out your warehouse using the wooden pallet decking that Exporta supplies then switch to plastic nestable pallets you could see a return on your investment in a matter of months depending on the number of trips your pallets make.

Sizes of Pallet Decking

There are various sizes of pallet decking for the various sizes of industrial racking that is commonly used in warehousing.

  • 900mm frame depth and 1090mm wide
  • 900mm frame depth and 1340mm wide
  • 1100mm frame depth and 1090mm wide
  • 1100mm frame depth and 1340mm wide

Pallet decking is also useful for stacking boxes on. So products that aren't on pallets can be easily stored. You can buy pallet decking online with Exporta Global.