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Pallet Upgrade

Are you entitled to upgraded pallets?

How it works

  1. 1. Take 30 seconds to fill in the form below
  2. 2. We'll tell you straight away if you qualify for the upgrade
  3. 3. If you qualify we'll call you and talk you through your next batch of pallets, where applicable upgrading you to the PLUS Pallet


  1. - PLUS Pallet can hold up to 25% extra load
  2. - 15% better nesting capability
  3. - Angled feet for easy handling
  4. - Plastic wrap feature built in

Any questions? Call 0800 294 4 394 FREE or click on the chat at the bottom right of the page.

NOTE: We do NOT share any information with third parties and your information is secure

Terms and conditions - We will upgrade your pallet to the latest PLUS pallet when you next place an order with us for the same cost as you are currently paying your current provider. That is provided that cost is not below £10.86 for the equivalent pallet. Subject to maximum weight limit. This is provided you already use a plastic nestable pallet of 1200x1000mm dimensions. The PLUS pallet comes with a number of new features and can hold up to 25% extra weight than it’s predecessor. It also has better nesting capability, plastic wrap attachment and angled feet for easier handling.