Exporta provides your business with efficient product handling solutions that eliminate any logistical issues that may arise when trying to move your items securely and safely. Plastic and wooden pallets are a flat tool which is used to transport, store and rack goods for your business. They help ease the handling of products for a range of industries and are the ideal storage solution for warehouses. Here at Exporta, we have a range of pallets ranging from pallet boxes which act as a way of transporting the goods on your pallet

Pallets are extremely useful in a warehouse environment as they act as a transportation solution for when your business ships goods in large quantities. Before your business invests in materials such as pallet boxes, you must purchase pallets to transport them. These tools are a foundation investment and make handling and packing used in transporting, storing and racking goods much more efficient.


Here at Exporta, we have a range of pallets which can be filtered by purpose which includes a wide range of products including distribution pallets, display pallets, container pallets and more. Pallets are used in a range of industries and are stackable, space-efficient and nestable to reduce the amount of space taken when not in use.

Plastic and Wooden Pallets

Load securing is essential when transporting goods on pallets so to ensure that no damage arises during transportation. Exporta provides a range of plastic and wooden pallets, as well as products including pallet collars which protect the pallet and ensure that the warehouse is kept clean and orderly.