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Pallet Boxes

A pallet box is used to transport and store goods. You may recognise them as the extra large, heavy duty bulk containers with pallet footings which you will see in your workplace or warehouse. A number of industries use pallet boxes due to their versatility.

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At Exporta, we create product handling solutions for your business, that will eliminate any queries that you have. First things first, a pallet is a flat tool which is used to transport, store and rack your businesses goods. Before your business invests in materials such a pallet boxes, it is important that you purchase pallets to transport them. These tools are a foundation and make handling and packing used in transporting, storing and racking goods. It is the foundation that allows the easy handling of goods when they are being lifted or moved.

Pallets are extremely efficient in a warehouse environment and can be used to are used ship goods in large quantities combined. Pallets are efficient and provide optimum service when they are matched with appropriate strapping and wraps that will secure the load.

What Are Exporta Pallets Made of?

Pallets can be made from a number of materials, however, the most common types of pallets used are wooden, plastic or metal. Every business is different and each material has its own pros and cons, therefore you should always discuss your options with product handling supplier before you purchase any pallet boxes.

In most cases a pallet is usually a square or rectangular shape, however, this may vary depending on the goods which are placed on top of it. Space is another and some businesses pallets will be smaller than others to accommodate the business.

A pallet should be measured according to the three dimensions: width, length, and height. In most cases, height is usually not as important to consider as the other two dimensions.

Pallet Boxes for sale

What is a pallet box? A pallet box is used to transport and store goods. You may recognise them as the extra large, heavy duty bulk containers with pallet footings which you will see in your workplace or warehouse. A number of industries use pallet boxes due to their versatility.

The majority of pallet boxes are forklift-able and will also come with either feet, castors or skids. Skids, also known as runners allow for storage on pallet racking. Every pallet box is different; however, the majority of industrial pallet boxes can be stacked up to 6 boxes high.

Food suppliers and businesses should invest in pallet boxes with ventilated (air holes). Our pallet boxes allow will provide air circulation for your products. This means that when you are storing and shipping perishable goods, such as fish, fruit, and vegetables – they will stay fresh. This will save you money in the long run as less stock will be wasted. Drainage plugs and taps can also be fitted to all of our pallet boxes.

Rigid Pallet Boxes for sale

Rigid Pallet Boxes also known as Rigid Bulk Boxes, are a great way to store and transfer goods. Their extremely sturdy construction is an excellent choice for those who are shipping goods abroad. The Exporta Rigid Pallet Boxes are made from HDPE plastic and can hold up to a HUGE 750KG even on a rack.

What Are Rigid Pallet Boxes Suitable for?

Rigid pallet crates are ideal for those who are working in either the food industry or pharmaceuticals. Their supremely strong build means that they can be stacked on top of each other saving on transport costs.

Why Use a Rigid Pallet Box Over Other Boxes and Pallet Crates?

If your business is in the food sector then, you should be investing in rigid pallet boxes. This is an excellent choice for anyone who is working in the food sector as these pallets have a larger racking capacity than the collapsible pallet boxes. Many businesses choose this type of pallet box as it can be used efficiently during transport. Another reason why these boxes are so popular is that they are smooth and can be cleaned easily. Its versatility makes it a popular choice as this box can come with feet or skids configuration making it the appropriate choice a number of working environments.

It is extremely worthwhile ordering these boxes as they can be double stacked for transport. If your business ships its goods worldwide then you will know that double stacking can mean huge savings in transport costs. Depending on the number of boxes you are buying, rigid pallet boxes can be a slightly cheaper option.

Exporta Poly-crates

Are you looking to purchase poly-crates for your business? At Exporta we have a selection of collapsible poly-crates. These poly-crates can also be referred to as magnum boxes and can result in a reduction of 80% in carriage costs if returning empties. Exporta have designed poly-crates are made of robust plastic. Poly-crates have a payload of up to 250KG. They are made up of a three-part design with an integrated base insert. Poly-crates have a drop down front gate.

Collapsible Pallet Boxes

Collapsible pallet boxes are a must have purchased for any business that is looking to save safely in their working area. Not only do Exporta collapsible pallet boxes fold when empty they could save you money on fuel on their return journey back to your workspace. Although these boxes are completely foldable, they still offer excellent internal capacity. At Exporta we only use the best materials for our product handling equipment, this means our collapsible boxes are extremely sturdy and will not collapse during use.


The Advantages of Collapsible Pallet Boxes

The great thing about collapsible pallet boxes is that they offer the rigidity of a normal pallet box, however, their flexibility means they can be collapsed at the side. The advantage of having folding pallet boxes is that they provide easy access to the contents of the pallet boxes.


Many businesses choose the option of a collapsible pallet box package, as these boxes can be stacked on top of each other. If you have dealt with pallet boxes in the past, then you will know that double stacking in a container can save you a significant sum. These boxes keep the goods which are inside of them save as they also can come with lids to make them around all axis. Our Exporta collapsible pallet boxes are extremely sturdy, which make them one of the best ways for moving your business’ goods.

Pallet Box Lid

Lids are an integral part of any pallet box strategy. At Exporta we create pallet Box lids which are made from heavy duty plastic. If your business intends to have an effective product handling strategy, then a lid should always be the finishing touch.

Our pallet box lids can be attached with strapping and also have the option of tamper evidence seals and locks. These Pallet box lids are made with durable material and will fit perfectly on top of your new pallet boxes. Purchased our heavy duty plastic crates with lids today for next day delivery.

Bulk Storage Containers: Pallet Boxes

Protecting your goods while they are in storage should be a top priority for your business, this means that you should invest in bulk storage containers that will secure your items for the time being.

Our pallet boxes are an excellent solution for those who are storing big and bulky items. At Exporta we have developed bulk storage containers that are extremely robust, one of the reasons why we receive such good feedback from our clients.

At Exporta we have a range of bulk storage containers for you to choose from and they come in a number of sizes. You will not find a better price for the pallets we provide and have lots of pallets in stock ready for next day shipping.

A number of our clients save space in their warehouse using our pallet boxes pallet boxes and storage containers. By ordering our boxes that come with feet or rails, you will gain easy access and maneuverability in your workspace. Browse through our selection of pallets today.

Ordering Your Pallet Boxes

At Exporta, we are extremely about product handling field. Our team of experts would be happy to help your business, chat to us on live chat now!

We provide blue chip companies with the correct solution. The Exporta team has knowledge across multiple sectors and a member would be happy to answer any of your questions over the phone. We value time and can help you resolve any product handling issues within your company.

We are fast! That is why we are the best pallet box supplier in the UK. Order online today before 12pm and receive next day delivery!