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Pallet Boxes

At Exporta, we produce a great selection of pallet boxes to be used on their own or with moveable pallets. Plastic pallet boxes allow for the easy movement and shipping of goods, allowing you to securely transfer products to where they need to be. We stock a range of plastic pallet boxes in various designs to suit your business needs. Rigid pallet boxes and ventilated pallet boxes are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries as they have a greater storage capacity and can be stacked safely. The sturdy collapsible pallet boxes can be folded when empty to save on storage space. Our Collapsible Cardboard Crates are versatile in their design and can be used by many different businesses in a variety of industries.

Here at Exporta, we stock a varied range of pallet boxes to suit your industry needs, from collapsible pallets that save space, to pallet boxes with wheels for easy maneuvering.  We stock high-quality, sturdy pallet boxes that allow the secure transportation and movement of a whole range of products. Exporta Global has everything you need to ensure your goods are packed safely and securely before shipping overseas or domestically. We’re also on hand to help guide you in making the right export decision with our live chat right here on our site. 

Pallet boxes

Our pallet boxes are designed to carry heavy items in transit and are built to fit into shipping containers without any loss of space. Our collapsible pallets and our metal crates can be quickly collapsed to provide extra storage space, while our pallet box lids are an essential addition to your pallet box. This added protection feature means that your products can remain completely sealed and protected during transit. Extremely strong and durable, our pallet box lids fit on top of our pallet boxes easily and securely, providing unbeatable all-round protection. 

Plastic pallet boxes

Our plastic pallet boxes are impervious to moisture, weak acids and alkalis and make a valuable and durable choice when it comes to storage. Recyclable and environmentally friendly, plastic pallet boxes make a safer alternative to wooden pallets as they provide fewer risks when manual handling, as there are no nails or splinters. Easy to wash and clean, plastic pallets are suitable for hygienic areas and the distribution of fresh produce. Here at Exporta, we have a vast selection of plastic pallets perfect for all your product handling needs.