Collapsible Cardboard Crates

These cardboard crates are pallet boxes made from very strong and robust 15mm or 25mm reinforced cardboard. Designed for air freight usage in mind, when combined with a lightweight nestable plastic pallet these crates can significantly reduce the volumetric cost of shipping by air. These crates are much lighter than any wooden or plastic crate and far stronger than any normal cardboard box. The toughest can take 500kg stacked on top and because they are collapsible, they can be shipped back to the source in stacks thus saving on return costs. They can be reused again and again and are more environmentally friendly when compared to single use cardboard boxes. If you are searching for pallets then you can browse the entire selection at Exporta.

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8 Items
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Collapsible cardboard crates act as a brilliant transportation solution for commercial spaces who move their produce via air freight. The lightweight materials in which the collapsible cardboard crates are crafted with reduce the cost of shipping by air drastically ensuring that you save money when transporting your goods. 

Robust and lightweight collapsible cardboard crates

The selection of cardboard crates available here at Exporta come in a range of wall sizes to suit your transportation or storage needs spanning from 15mm thick walls up to 25mm. The thickness of these walls means that the toughest can handle 500kg when stacked on top of one another. Despite being able to handle so much weight the boxes themselves are lightweight which means that you will save and reduce your distribution costs. 

Collapsible cardboard crates at Exporta

In comparison with a single-use cardboard box, the range is more environmentally friendly due to their ability to be used time after time. With each collapsible cardboard crate, you receive a folding wall, lid, base and base pallet. If you are searching for pallet collars to store your products then you can browse through the selection available here at Exporta.