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Collapsible Pallet Box

Collapsible Pallet Boxes give you the rigidity of a normal pallet box but the flexibility of collapsible sides. The folding pallet box capability allows the sides to drop down allowing easy access to the contents within. On a return journey, they have a significant impact on reducing the return costs due to their collapsible sides.

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Collapsible Pallet Boxes give you the rigidity of a normal pallet box but the flexibility of collapsible sides. The folding pallet box capability allows the sides to drop down allowing easy access to the contents within. On a return journey, they have a significant impact on reducing the return costs due to their collapsible sides.

It’s fairly easy to understand how collapsible pallet box works, in fact, says the name of this product says it all. Our collapsible pallet boxes are ideal for storing and transporting small and large volumes. There are a number of reasons why your business would need pallet boxes.  Collapsible pallet boxes are used across the world as transport boxes for a number of items.

At Exporta we create collapsible pallet boxes that are robust, heavy duty, stackable and easy to transport.


Using Collapsible Pallet Boxes

Collapsible Pallet Boxes are extremely easy to use. At Exporta, we create product handling solutions that will eliminate any product handling problems. If your businesses use pallet boxes then you will know that a pallet is a flat tool which is used to transport, store and rack your businesses goods.

It is vital that your business is using professional product handling materials and before your business invests in materials such as collapsible pallet boxes, it may be worth your while to browse through all of our pallet box options. Collapsible Pallet Boxes are one of our most popular products as this type of equipment is a foundation in transporting goods for businesses. The easier your boxes are to handle, the more efficient your business will be.

Order your pallet boxes online today before 3 pm for free delivery! We are one of the only product handling companies online that provide this service, and we can guarantee that your pallet boxes will arrive at you in no time at all.


Cost-Effective Pallet Boxes

Our business provides large-scale storage and shipping solutions. Our products are quality made at the best prices, making us one of the most cost-effective product handling businesses.

The purpose of storage containers is that they can be used for both storing and shipping bulk items, however, they should also be practical when they are not in use. Companies can save a good deal of money by choosing pallet boxes which can be collapsed when needed, however, they are strong enough to withstand temperamental weather conditions.

Buying Collapsible pallet boxes means that your business can hide away any unused pallet boxes that may be taking up space when they are in storage. A product handling company is the best place to buy these types of goods as they fully understand the design of collapsible pallet.

Any business that needs to store and ship large quantities of goods can benefit from using collapsible pallet boxes.

Start saving money with Exporta Collapsible Pallet Boxes today.

The Benefits of Collapsible Pallet Boxes

Bring your business into the 21st century with Exporta Pallet boxes and pallets. It is true that palletised products can be moved more quickly than by the manual handling of individual palletised cartons.


There are many benefits of using pallet boxes and pallets. Here is just a few:

  • Quicker turnaround of delivery vehicle and increasing operational efficiency of transport equipment
  • Reduced labour which means reduced costs when it comes to staffing
  • Reduced risk of worker injury
  • Goods in pallet boxes are well protected therefore fewer damages will occur
  • Pallet boxes can be moved more efficiently and stored more efficiently in warehouses


Find out more about our pallet boxes from a member of our team. Many companies choose the option of a collapsible pallet box package, as these boxes can be stacked on top of each other. If you have dealt with pallet boxes in the past, then you will know that double stacking in a container can save you a significant sum.

Our collapsible pallet boxes keep the goods which are inside of them save as they also can come with lids to make them around all axis. Our Exporta collapsible pallet boxes are extremely sturdy, which make them one of the best ways for moving your business’ goods.


Why Use a Collapsible Pallet Bin Storage Container?

If you are looking for collapsible pallet box, then you probably are looking for a storage container which will give you the best of both worlds. There are numerous advantages to using collapsible pallet boxes over other types of storage containers. Collapsible pallet boxes fold down offering better storage space, packing and cheaper shipping costs, reduced costs and transportability.

A number of our clients save space in their warehouse using our pallet boxes pallet boxes and storage containers. By ordering our boxes that come with feet or rails, you will gain easy access and maneuverability in your workspace. Browse through our selection of pallets today.


Storage Space

The main benefit that collapsible pallet boxes offer is that they allow more space when collapsed. This is an excellent choice if your business wants to space inside of your warehouse or storage area. Spaces cost money and we can help you make the most of your area with our collapsible pallet boxes.

Many businesses opt for collapsible pallet boxes as they take up less space when they are collapsed, freeing up storage space for other items when the containers are not in use. Simply fold the pallet boxes in and save space immediately.

Packing A Collapsible Pallet Box and Shipping Costs 

Pallet bins, in general, are protective containers that often preclude the need to find packing solutions that adequately safeguard products. Their rigid materials are capable of keeping products safe on long and bumpy journeys. Collapsible pallet bins offer the added bonus of reducing return shipping costs. The receiver can fold the bins up to take up less space for the return journey, lowering shipping company rates. Collapsible pallet bins can, therefore, reduce both packing and shipping costs.

Reuse Collapsible Pallet Crates

We make Collapsible Pallet Crates that can be used for years and years.

Our customers buy our Collapsible Pallet Crates in bulk as they are the best available online. We can ensure you that collapsible pallet boxes are extremely durable. Once you make the investment, you will reduce the cost of purchasing new storage containers on a regular basis.


Bulk Buy Collapsible Pallet Boxes

The more pallet boxes which you purchase, the more money you will save. All of our prices are on our website, this saves you time when you are browsing through the product handling solutions. Protecting your goods should be at the top of the agenda for any business, this means that you should invest in bulk collapsible pallet boxes.

We would recommend our collapsible pallet boxes for those who are storing big and bulky items. Our collapsible pallet boxes are all-rounders and at Exporta we have developed bulk storage containers that are extremely robust, one of the reasons why we receive such good feedback from our clients.


Our collapsible pallet boxes are designed to last long journeys and periods in storage. All of the collapsible pallet boxes are designed so that they are easy to handle manually.

Product Security

The main purpose of a Collapsible Pallet Box is that it offers good protection for products when the walls are in the up position. Even though these pallet boxes collapsible, they offer strong protection and withstand temperatures and weather conditions. These pallet boxes make sure that the products inside maintain their integrity.

Collapsible Pallet Box Lids

At Exporta we have a range of bulk storage containers for you to choose from and they come in a number of sizes. You will not find a better price for the pallets we provide and have lots of pallets in stock ready for next day shipping.

Make sure that you are using Collapsible Pallet Box Lids. A lid secures the Collapsible Pallet Box and will reduce the chance of the box spilling. The lids can also be removed from these boxes so that they can stack.

 The purpose of a lid is to protect the items inside. Lids do make bins slightly less space-efficient, however, they are well worth the investment. Lids are often sold separately, therefore if you do require more lids, then this can be arranged.

Exporta Collapsible Pallet Boxes

Collapsible pallet boxes from industrial storage goods suppliers are long lasting and will give you value for money. Our easy to use website makes finding and purchasing the right pallet boxes for your business incredibly easy. Nowadays many businesses are moving towards online suppliers as it is quicker to locate the products they need online.

We sell hundreds of pallets every day, and our customers appreciate that we are extremely about product handling field. Our team of experts would be happy to help your business, chat to us on live chat now!

Exporta provides blue chip companies with the correct solution. We have the knowledge which is needed when it comes to the creation of product handling solutions, therefore, if you have any questions we would be happy to answer any of your questions over the phone.

Our aim is to make your business more efficient and as we value time, our team can help you resolve any product handling issues within your company.


Ordering Collapsible Pallet Boxes Online

If you would like to order Collapsible pallet boxes online, then you can do this via our website. Our returning customers love that they have the ability to purchase their collapsible pallet boxes and receive them by the next.

Exporta Global provides next day delivery for all orders placed before 3 pm. Our pallet boxes are advantageous to any business with large-scale storage and shipping needs. We can help your business become more economical by saving space in your workspace.

The great thing about collapsible pallet boxes is that they reduce packing and shipping costs, they are reusable and they make items more transportable! The purpose of our pallets is that they protect products for storage and shipping.

Our experts can help you understand the advantages of collapsible pallet boxes and if you have any questions about these products, please get in touch via live chat. Picking the right pallet boxes for your business is important and as we have thousands to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your options.

Once you choose collapsible pallets from Exporta, you will never look back. Collapsible pallet boxes suit the storage and shipping needs of every business. Remember, always buy your pallet boxes from a reliable source. Pallet boxes are worse a good investment and we can help you successfully purchase the Collapsible pallet boxes they need on the site.

If you are looking for a business that offers fast delivery and quality design, order today! We the best collapsible pallet box supplier in the UK. Order online today before 12 pm and receive next day delivery!