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Plastic Euro Pallets

Plastic Euro pallets (1200x800mm) are widely used across Europe due to their versatility and diversity. Within the Euro pallets category there are many other types of plastic pallet. This means that although it is a Euro pallet, it shares many similar attributes with our other pallets.

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Buy Plastic Euro Pallets


Plastic Euro pallets are widely used across Europe due to their versatility and diversity. Within the Euro pallets category there are many other types of plastic pallet. This means that although it is a Euro pallet, it shares many similar attributes with our other pallets. In this section of our website you may find a Euro pallet which is also nestable. A Euro pallet can also be rackable and un-rackable, one – trip or alternatively used in a return loop system. We will also provide you with more information on other products which work well with our Euro pallets – Euro containers and our collapsible crates.

Are Plastic Euro Pallets Right for your Business?

The chances are if you are looking to buy pallets then there will be something in this Euro pallet section which meets your requirements. This is due to the fact that there is such a broad range of pallets to choose from. No matter what type of industry you work within we are sure we have the right pallet for you, even if Euro pallets aren’t right for we have an extensive range of other pallets which could be more appropriate. Work in the food and beverage industry? Our hygiene pallets are ideal for this very industry. Due to the fact that our hygiene pallets are non – porous, meaning that they repel germs and bacteria. If you currently use wooden pallets in the food and beverage industry, then your products are more susceptible to growing bacteria and you are at a greater risk of losing margin due to spoiled products. If something spills on a wooden pallet the wood will absorb this and in turn, mould. With our plastic hygiene pallets this is not an issue, there is far less risk of dirt gathering and more than this, these plastic pallets are extremely easy to clean and disinfect after each use. If you are in the exporting industry or are involved in the shipping of heavy or high value goods, then you would benefit from using heavy duty euro pallets. For businesses looking to save space in their factory or warehouse then nestable pallets or rackable pallets are a great space saving solution. This is due to the fact that nestable pallets fit on top of one another when empty to save you space and rackable pallets can be stored on top of one another when loaded to create more organisation in your workspace.

Exporta’s Plastic Euro Pallets


Nestable Euro Pallet - £9.54

Heavy Duty Euro Pallets -Nestable - £14.50

Smooth Deck Euro Pallets - £15.21

Lightweight Rackable Euro Pallets - £27.25

Heavy Duty Euro Pallets – Rackable - £35

Heavy Duty Euro Pallets – Closed Deck Rackable - £42

Heavy Duty Euro Pallets – Rackable 1 Bar- £44

Heavy Duty Euro Pallets – Closed Deck Rackable 1 Bar - £51

Heavy Duty Euro Pallets – Rackable 2 Bar - £53

Heavy Duty Euro Pallets- Closed Deck Rackable 2 Bar - £60

Heavy Duty Euro Pallets- Rackable 3 Bar - £62

Heavy Duty Euro Pallets- Closed Deck Rackable 3 Bar - £69


We are sure that out of this extensive list of plastic euro pallets we have the right product for you. If you are unsure of which one would be most suitable for you then give us a call on our free number and one of our advisors can assist you in which pallet is right for you. Exporta also offer free samples on over 1,000 products and next day delivery if you order before 3pm so if you are looking to buy pallets call us today.


The Benefits of Using Plastic Euro Pallets


As with all of our other plastic pallets there are countless benefits to using euro pallets. If you are looking to buy pallets, you may already be aware of how it could benefit your business – however if you are currently unaware on whether pallets would benefit you then we have made a list of what we believe to be the main benefits of using plastic pallets – more specifically our different types of euro pallets:

Save Space – This is particularly true for our nestable Euro pallets and our rackable pallets. The main purpose of nestable pallets is to be more efficient in storage. Nestable pallets can save you space and money in transport costs on return journeys also. Nestable pallets are also fantastic in maintaining their structure over time and have a long lifespan. Rackable pallets are also particularly effective in saving space as they utilise pallet racking systems, these are steel beam structures which are built to support a large amount of weight and organise loaded pallets.

Improves Efficiency – Euro pallets reduce the need for man power and streamline tasks leading to improved efficiency. Lightweight euro pallets are extremely easy to move when empty therefore saving time on certain tasks and they will not require any additional help to move them, freeing up other employees for more tasks. Another pallet we provide which improves efficiency is our rackable Euro pallets. These are particularly efficient as once placed on the pallet racking they are easily accessible on either side of the structure. Those in the production or manufacturing industries benefit from this if their employees are constantly going in and out of the warehouse to look for items and store new ones. Pallets on a pallet racking system can be fetched quickly and safely with the use of a forklift even if one side of the pallet racking is blocked off.

Health & Safety – Nestable euro pallets and rackable euro pallets are easier to organise and keep off of the work floor. This can ultimately lead to less accidents in the workplace as there is less clutter and less pallets providing a trip hazard. When rackable pallets are in pallet racking they are completely out of the way and well organised. When nestable pallets are empty they can be easily nested inside one another, therefore keeping them out of the way.

Durability – All of Exporta’s pallets are built to last. We use the highest quality of materials in all our products. Our pallets are composed of recycled plastic and are in turn, completely recyclable once they have reached the end of their long life. Our heavy duty euro pallets are particularly long lasting, they are designed with durability in mind and are purpose built to hold a huge amount of weight. This is why they are ideal for any business which transports expensive goods or heavy items – you can rest easy knowing that you have a pallet that will not fail you.

Accessibility – Accessibility is crucial for many businesses as mentioned above, if you store a large volume of items in your business and constantly have employees seeking out items then pallet racking is a great way to organise your workspace. Pallets can be stored on various levels and easily labelled to allow your employees to access each euro pallet with ease.


Why Choose Exporta?


Never mind the vast number of pallets for sale at Exporta, or the hundreds of other products we offer free samples on. Exporta above all else are a company which combines expertise with honest advice. Our company mission is to not only provide our customers with products they need in a hurry, we also want to be on hand to answer any questions they may have or offer our advice on a solution that works for them. If you are looking to buy pallets, then we have a huge range of pallets for sale across a large number of categories. Therefore, if you can’t find the pallet you are looking for then you will undoubtedly find it close by on our website. If you need to buy pallets and are unsure on whether our products will work for you, why not order a free sample? We offer this service along with next day delivery if you order before 3pm. Our cheap pallet delivery is extremely reliable if you need your pallets in a hurry.


Other Products of Interest to You

There are a couple of products that our Euro pallets work well with. Our Euro pallets go hand in hand with our Euro containers. A Euro container is a plastic storage box used for the product movement and storage of goods in manufacturing, production and will often store items up until the delivery point. These Euro containers are extremely versatile due to the fact they are stackable on one of our Euro pallets. They are uniform in their measurements making them perfect for any automated systems or product handling. When looking at Exporta’s Euro containers we have a large range in a variety of sizes so we are sure we have the right one for you, to use with your Euro pallets.

Another item which you may want to consider with Euro pallets, or any pallet you buy, should be a pallet truck. Pallet trucks are used for product movement and they can hold a serious amount of weight. Once you have loaded your euro pallet it will of course be too heavy to move on its own. This is also a major health and safety issue if you are attempting to get employees to lift pallets. A pallet truck is a device which is used to raise a loaded pallet off the ground and allow it to be moved with ease. Exporta’s pallet trucks can carry up to 2500KG of weight when fully loaded and protect your employee’s health and safety when moving heavy loads. Pallet trucks improve efficiency by allowing the movement of products to take place quickly. A pallet truck is an economic investment for any small business which doesn’t utilise pallet racking and perhaps doesn’t have the need for a forklift but is still using pallets.

If you already utilise pallet trucks but need a way for your employees to perform tasks on a pallet whilst fully loaded; you may want to consider on of Exporta’s scissor hand pallet trucks. These are a similar device to that of a pallet truck except with the important additional feature that allows the pallet to be raised to a workable height. If employees are trying to carry out tasks on a pallet which is close to the ground; this provides a health and safety problem. A scissor hand pallet truck eliminates this problem and allows your pallets to be raised to a suitable height and lowered again when necessary.