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Half Euro Pallets

Half Euro Pallets (800x600mm) make a great alternative to Euro Pallets when used for displaying items. They tend to look more attractive than traditional wooden pallets. 

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Half Euro Pallets

Half Euro Pallets make a great alternative to Euro Pallets when used for displaying items. They tend to look more attractive than traditional wooden pallets. On this page we have provided both information on our half Euro pallets but also some of our other pallet products in case you spot something more relevant for your business.

Euro Pallets

Euro pallets are mainly used across Europe and the UK due to their versatility and diversity. Exporta have a huge range of Euro pallets as within the Euro pallet category there are a lot of other plastic pallet types. This simply means that although it falls under the Euro pallet category it may also have similar attributes to some of our other plastic pallets. Within our Euro pallet section, we have nestable Euro pallets, they can also be a rackable pallet or un-rackable pallet. They can be used on a one-trip basis or used in a return loop system.

The only difference between our Euro pallets and half Euro pallets is that they are half in size. the traditional Euro pallets are 1200x800mm whereas the half Euro pallets are 800x600mm.

Are Plastic Pallets Right for your Business?

The chances are if you are looking to buy pallets then there will be something in the pallet section of our website which meets your requirements. This is due to the fact that there is such a broad range of pallets to choose from. No matter what type of industry you work within we are sure we have the right pallet for you, even if half Euro pallets aren’t right for you we have an extensive range of other pallets which could be more appropriate. If you work in the food and beverage industry hygiene pallets could be ideal for your business. This is because hygiene pallets are non – porous, meaning that they are resistant to germs and bacteria making them more difficult to spread. Traditionally wooden pallets were used in all this industry but if you currently use wooden pallets and you are in the food and beverage industry, then your products are at risk of growing bacteria. This can lead to your products becoming spoiled and therefore your margins will suffer. If something is spilt on a wooden pallet the liquid will be absorbed by the wood and this will turn to mould eventually. Plastic hygiene pallets eliminate this problem as there is a lower risk of dirt gathering and more than this, plastic pallets are easily cleaned and disinfected. If your business exports goods or ships heavy, expensive items, then heavy duty euro pallets are ideal for your business. Nestable pallets or rackable pallets are great for any business looking to save space in their warehouse or workplace. Nestable pallets nest on top of one another whilst empty to save you space whereas rackable pallets can be stored on top of one another when they are loaded to allow you to organise your workplace effectively.

Exporta’s Half Euro Pallets

Here at Exporta we have two different types of half Euro pallet. The half Euro pallet size is the same on both of these models:

Half Euro Nestable Pallet

A nestable pallet does exactly what is described by the title, they nest inside one another in order to make an efficient storage solution. The purpose of a half euro nestable pallet is to be more efficient in storage. The reason to consider using a half euro nestable pallet is that if you are bringing pallets back on return journeys they take significantly less space up in transit. The half euro nestable pallet tends to be much lighter than other types of plastic pallets, due to being half the size and also the materials they are made of. In saying this they do have a lower load capacity but compensate for this by being nestable. In being nestable they can be stored in small spaces and take up less space on return trips. They act as a regular plastic pallet when used but are nested together when empty to save your business space. The product specifications for Exporta’s half Euro nestable pallets are:

• Nesting Plastic Pallet 800x600mm

• Nesting Height 55mm

• Lightweight – 2.5kg

• 6 feet

• 1000kg static load

• 500kg dynamic load

• Black recycled PE material

3 Runner Display Plastic Pallet

This half Euro plastic pallet makes a great display tool. Due to the Euro pallet size and specifications of this type of plastic pallet, it can be used in your workspace to display any items or projects to show off to potential clients or customers. The product specifications are:

• 135mm high 800x600 Plastic Pallet

• Lightweight – 3.7kg

• 3 runner feature

• allowing 4-way entry

• 1200kg static load

• 400kg dynamic load

• Black recycled PE material

The Benefits of Using Plastic Euro Pallets

You may decide that half Euro pallets aren’t quite right for your business needs, perhaps because of their half Euro pallet size. If they aren’t suitable there are our regular Euro pallets which carry with them many benefits due to the diverse range we carry. If you are going to buy pallets, you will already be aware of the many benefits pallets provide your business – however if you are currently unaware on whether using pallets could benefit you then we have compiled a list of the main benefits of using plastic pallets – more specifically Exporta’s various types of euro pallets:

They Help Your Business Save Space – The half Euro pallet which helps you achieve this is our nestable half Euro pallets or our rackable Euro pallets. This is because the main feature of a nestable pallet is to nest on top of its counterparts when empty and be more efficient in storage. In nesting on top of one another, these plastic pallets save you money on transport costs as they fit inside one another on return journeys. Nestable pallets tend to maintain their form over time and have an extremely long lifespan. Rackable pallets also create an effective space saving solution as they make use of pallet racking systems which are beam structures used to support huge amounts of weight and are used to organise pallets which have already been loaded.

They Help to Improve Efficiency – Euro pallets reduce the need for excess employees and improve efficiency by streamlining tasks. Lightweight euro pallets are easily moved whilst empty which saves time on some tasks and means they only require one person to move them at time. This can free up employees for different tasks to ensure maximum efficiency at all time. Another pallet Exporta sells which can improve efficiency in your business is our rackable Euro pallets. These prove their efficiency when used in conjunction with a pallet racking system. Once placed on the pallet racking they can hole enormous amounts of weight and allow you to store multiple loaded pallets on top of one another. The pallet racking also means that they are easily accessed on both sides of the racking. If your business is involved in the production or manufacturing of goods, you will most likely benefit from rackable pallets as your employees will be required to be going in and out of your warehouse to store and locate items. When using a pallet racking system, pallets are safely and efficiently fetched with the use of a forklift from either side of the racking.

They Improve Health & Safety – Both nestable euro pallets and rackable euro pallets are easily organised and can be kept off of the work floor. In keeping pallets clear of the workspace you can reduce the amount of accidents as there is a lower chance of people falling over them in an unnecessary accident. Pallets can provide a trip hazard when they are unloaded due to them being low to the ground and therefore outside of the line of sight when directly in front of employees. If rackable pallets are being kept in their racks, they are out of the way in the workplace and means employees can’t trip over them. Half Euro nestable pallets can be nested within one another, keeping them out of the way.

They are Built to Last – All of Exporta’s pallets are extremely durable and have been designed to last for as long as possible. Here at Exporta we use the highest quality of materials when producing all of our products. The pallets we produce are made of recycled plastic and are therefore, completely recyclable when you are finished with them. One type of pallet which is particularly durable is the heavy duty euro pallets; they are designed with longevity in mind and are therefore built to hold a huge amount of weight and have a long lifespan. This is what makes them ideal for those involved in the transportation of heavy or high value goods. You can rest easy knowing you have a pallet that is built to last and will not fail you.

They are Easily Accessible – Accessibility can be a vital factor for many different businesses, particularly those involved in the production or manufacturing industry. These types of businesses tend to have to store a large amount of goods at any given moment and need employees to be able to access products quickly and efficiently. Pallet racking makes this possible, it allows pallets to be organised and stored easily and are accessed from either sides of the racking.