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Here at Exporta, we have a range of pallets available for your needs – the selection is extensive and we are here to explain the different types of pallets that we have for your business. The diverse range on offer can be used for various functions and it is important to know which kind of pallet best suits your needs before purchasing. We have pallets that are made from various materials and we will guide you as to which type of pallet is suitable for your workplace whether you are looking for a pallet to store goods in your warehouse or for the medical industry. 

Recycled material pallets

As the name suggests these pallets are manufactured from recycled materials and are environmentally responsible and a sustainable alternative to wood pallets. The pallets are long-lasting and their impressive lifespan will ensure that you do not have to purchase numerous pallets ensuring that you are saving costs. The pallets come in a variety of sizes and racking loads to suit your needs and are ideal for every industry. Within our selection of recycled material pallets, the racking load spans from 300kg all the way up to an impressive 1250kg load-bearing capability.  Recycled material pallets can be recycled once you are finished with the product ensuring that your business stays environmentally clean and conscious. 

Virgin Material Pallets 

Virgin plastic pallets are manufactured from virgin HDPE which is strong, durable and will stand the test of time within your commercial space. Virgin material pallets can handle high impact and are suitable for automation, return and pooling logistics systems and other workspaces. These types of pallets can be used in areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance including food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Within the selection of products you will find pallets which are rackable to save valuable space in your warehouse as well as a range of sizes up to 1200x1000mm.

Open Deck Pallets

Open deck pallets are the ideal type of pallet for shipping products without the risk of spillages damaging the products. The open perforated surface will ensure that any liquids are drained away including rain or snow for those items which are transported in harsh conditions. Open deck pallets are manufactured from plastic which makes them easy to transport. The material quality ensures that shipping will be lightweight so you will save on shipping costs when using open deck pallets. The pallets can hold huge load capacities up to 1250kg and will remain robust and will stand the test of time. 

Closed Deck Pallets 

Closed deck pallets are perfect for securing those heavy loads that you need to transport. The designs are meant to withstand the rigours of open and closed loop pooling systems – closed deck pallets are designed to last and can handle vigorous operations. When nested closed deck pallets can be easily entered by a forklift which allows for smooth operations and will make your processes more efficient. Ideal for goods movement, these pallets can be used in any industry. The range of closed deck pallets varies in price starting at under £25 up to £100-200.

Nestable Pallets 

Perfect for the distribution of small goods, nestable pallets are ideal for use in pharmaceutical, food and manufacturing industries. Features of the nestable pallet include the ability for them to be nested into one another which saves valuable space in the warehouse or commercial space. Nestable pallets are also lightweight so can be transported easily. Although nestable pallets are strong and can hold up to 1,000kg they are not meant to hold excessive amounts of weight. Here at Exporta, we have a range of sizes for you to choose from to suit your needs and the capabilities of your working environment. 

Rackable Pallets 

Designed to hold heavy loads, rackable pallets are the perfect transportation solution for commercial and industrial settings which need heavy items moving. The strong and safe designs are the perfect storage solution for your warehouse and within our range of rackable pallets here at Exporta, you will find pallets in varying sizes to suit the needs and requirements of your warehouse space. Rackable pallets are handy for transporting boxes as well as for cross-docking operations and are used in the meat processing industry frequently. The designs are recyclable and will last for a long period of time which will help you save costs. 

Heavy Duty Pallets 

Are you searching for a pallet which is designed to hold heavy loads? Heavy duty pallets are exactly what you need. The selection of pallets available can hold loads of up to 7.5 tonnes and have a robust design which can be modified by adding up to 3 steel bars per pallet to increase dynamic and racking strength. Heavy duty pallets will cover most industries including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food, storage and engineering businesses. If you are transporting lighter goods then it would be wise to choose a different type of pallet as the weight of heavy duty pallets can see transportation prices increase. 

Lightweight Pallets 

If you are searching for a pallet which will reduce your transportation shipping costs then lightweight pallets will be the ones that you should invest in. The lightweight but highly durable designs are easy to transport, handle and can be stacked and carried on top of one another. Easy to wash, reusable and nestable the selection of lightweight pallets are ideal for any commercial spaces. The range of lightweight pallets can be bought in bulk or individually depending upon your needs. 

American Pallets 

Different countries have different regulations and requirements regarding their transportation of goods. Within our selection of American pallets, you will find a selection of GMA pallets in which you can transport your goods. The pallets are nestable and will ensure the reliable and safe transportation of your goods.