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Nestable Pallets

Nestable pallets can be used for the distribution of small goods and are used in the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Nestable Plastic Pallets tend to be lighter than Rackable Pallets; they have a lighter load capacity, but make up for this by being Nestable. This means they can be stored in smaller spaces and take up less room on any return journeys that your pallets may have. Nestable pallets are constructed with strong feet design which increases capacity. If you are looking to store something heavier, then try our rackable plastic pallets which can hold up to 5 tonnes.

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Buy Nestable Pallets Online

When it comes to Pallets, Exporta Global know a thing or two. We have been in the handling solutions business since the beginning and have built a foundation on selling Plastic Pallets to our clients and customers.

We are able to offer advice on your purchase, offer our expertise on the range of quality products and give assistance on anything that you need along the way. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask and we will be happy to help.


We offer a wide range of Plastic Pallets and are confident we can find the product to suit your requirements. From Nesting to Rackable, Heavy Duty to Hygiene, we offer them all and guarantee that they are of the highest standard in Pallets.

If you do wish to order a Pallet or any of the Exporta Global products, we will get it to you the day after you make the purchase. Our next day delivery is something we pride ourselves on and offer the service all year round. Not only do you get the best in handling products, you get them quickly without any hassles or headaches. If you are unsure of which type of Plastic Pallet you need, get in touch with us and we will make a suitable recommendation. Moving and storing goods is something that all businesses have to deal with, why not make sure you get the best service out there and let Exporta Global lead the way.

What Are Nestable Plastic Pallets?

If you are wondering which Plastic Pallet is suitable and have come across Nestable Pallets, have a read to get yourself in the know and to find out if they are right for you and whether you want to Buy Nestable Pallets. Nestable Pallets do exactly what they say, nest inside each other. The purpose of Nestable Pallets is to be more efficient in storage. The reason for considering these versatile pallets is that if you are getting the pallets back on a return journey they take up a lot less space as they nest inside each other. Nestable Plastic Pallets tend to be lighter than their Rackable Pallets. They have lighter load capacity but make up for this by way of being Nestable. This means they can be stored in smaller spaces and take up less room on any return journeys that your pallets may have. They act as a normal Plastic Pallet during use but are nested into each other once finished with to save space.

Nestable Pallets are a great solution to your Pallet needs and are used by many businesses in the public and private sector. Nestable Pallets can be used in transporting goods and are a common choice due to their space saving properties. Nestable Pallets are excellent in maintaining their structure and resistant to weathering, rot, corrosion and chemicals. The materials used in Nestable Pallets make it as reliable as they come and they can be reused for years without any problems. The lifespan of Nestable Pallets is a highly contributing factor behind their popularity as they can be used for a lifetime if maintained efficiently. There are not many handling solutions which can claim that they last as long as Nestable Pallets which is why they are a high in demand product. Act fast and make sure you get your hands on your Plastic Nestable Pallet to make sure that you get a storage and transportation product that you can rely on time after time. If you need any assistance in your process, give us a call and our friendly sales team will get you on the right track and have you satisfied that you chose Exporta Global.

What Are the Benefits of Nestable Pallets?

The benefits of Nestable Pallets over other Pallets is that they can be placed together when they are empty to save space in storage, transportation and anything else that they are used for. They exceed the number of pallets that can be stored together by a ratio of 4:1. This frees up floor space, storage room and makes a workplace neater and tidier. For example, in a warehouse, a stack of Nesting Pallets takes up a small percentage of space compared to Non-Nesting Pallets when not in use.

The cost is another advantage point when it comes to Nestable Pallets, with them being one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. This is due to the material that is used in manufacturing which is value in comparison to wooden pallets. The introduction of Exporta’s PLUS Pallet has become a popular choice since its release and continues to be in demand. The Nestable PLUS Pallet takes up to 25% more load capacity and comes with a host of features including the benefit of nesting 60 to stack rather than 52.

This saves you storage space in both your warehouse and your return trips. The PLUS Pallet is available in closed and open deck configurations and also with skids. It comes with angled feet to make it easy to lift out of the stack and also great for air freight. The PLUS Pallet is the Ultimate Nesting Pallet so why not have a look and see if it’s the one for you.

Which Nestable Pallets do Exporta Global Offer?

When it comes to Plastic Pallets, Exporta Global offer it all. With a product range that leads the way, we are sure you will find that Pallet that suits you and the job you need.

If you are unsure of which Nestable Pallet would be best suited, get in touch and we will make sure you get the right product. We will make sure the product you receive is the highest quality and will last you as long as you need it. The range of Nestable Pallets that we offer include;

  • Half-euro Nestable Plastic Pallet - 800x600mm - £7.58
  • Nestable Plastic Pallet - 600x400mm - £8.67
  • Nestable Euro Plastic Pallet - 1200x800mm - £9.54
  • PLUS Pallet - Ultimate Nesting Plastic Pallet - 1200x1000mm - £11.83
  • Nestable Plastic Pallet - 1200x1000mm - £11.83
  • Heavy Duty Nestable Euro Pallet Plastic - £14.50
  • PLUS Pallet Closed Deck - Ultimate Nesting Plastic Pallet - 1200x1000mm - £14.55
  • Smooth Deck Euro Pallet Plastic - 1200x800mm - £15.21
  • Heavy Duty Nestable Plastic Pallet - 1200x1000mmm - £15.26
  • Nestable Container Plastic Pallet - 1100x1100mm - £15.26
  • Nestable Container Plastic Pallet - 1200x1200mm - £30.52

The range of Nestable Plastic Pallets that we offer are all made from the best plastic available and come in the colour black/grey. They all vary in the loads that they are able to carry and differ in the amount that can be stored on them. They are all super lightweight and are easy to lift, manoeuvre and stack. The material used in manufacturing the Pallets is recycled PE which makes for safe and secure Pallets that are reliable, no matter the use. If you are unsure of any of the features that each Nesting Pallet offers, ask us and we will be more than happy to put our 40 years of knowledge to work and get you as informed as you need to be in regards to your Nestable Plastic Pallet purchase with Exporta Global.

Why Purchase Your Nestable Pallets from Exporta Global?

Handling Solutions is what we are experts in and knowing everything there is to our industry is something we pride ourselves on. From products to advice, we are as knowledgeable as they come and taking care of our customers is our highest priority. Exporta Global offer a wide range of products which are sure to catch the eye.

From Shelving to Containers, Crates to Storage Bins, Pallet Collars to Ratchet Straps, we offer it all and are confident in getting you the handling solution that you need. We are a market leader amongst our industry and have been known to one of the most reputable, well-established storage solution companies out there.

We guarantee products of the highest quality and customer service like no other. Conducting business through Exporta Global is an experience that will leave you satisfied and glad you got in touch. We offer competitive prices which means that you receive are value for money and that if you wish to order in bulk, your costs are still affordable and will keep you pleased with your purchase.

Exporta Global have been leading the handling and storage solution business for over 40 years. Our main focus is keeping our customers happy and coming back because of our unrivalled products and service. We have carried out our business for the last four decades all over the continent and continue to grow each and every year.

Working with our customers closely, giving advice and listening is the reason behind our success and we are confident this will continue regardless of the circumstance. We are able to offer our customers the best prices and source directly from the manufacturer. This is beneficial to our customers as we are able to stock our products and deliver them quickly without any disruptions.