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Plastic Pallets

Here at Exporta Global, we are experts when it comes to plastic pallets and are proud to stock the largest range of new plastic pallets for sale in the UK. Whatever your industry, you can find reusable plastic pallets to meet the specifications of every job requirement in our collection. We have a large range of plastic pallets to choose from, including container pallets and distribution pallets in a variety of sizes and load capacities. Once you’ve explored our plastic pallets, discover more options with our pallet boxes and pallet-related products, including pallet collars.

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Here at Exporta, we are home to the largest product range of plastic pallets for sale in the UK and offer some of the most competitive pallet prices on the market. We understand that almost all major businesses around the country require reusable plastic pallets in one form or another, and the need for plastic pallets can vary greatly by industry. Simply let us know for what purpose you need plastic pallets and we will recommend the type best suited for the job. Whether it’s a question you need answering or a product you need to purchase, we are more than happy to help.

Our plastic pallets for sale

We have a broad range of plastic pallets for sale in our collection, including:

  • Nestable Pallets – These pallets can nest inside one another. The cost to produce a Nestable pallet is usually anywhere between 50 and 80 percent lower than the cost to produce a stackable pallet.

  • Racking Pallets – A rackable plastic pallet is exactly that: a plastic pallet that you can place on pallet racking. If a plastic pallet is deemed rackable then it will have a “static” load capacity and a “rackable” load capacity.

  • Smooth Deck Pallets - You need smooth deck plastic pallets if you’re moving food or pharmaceuticals around, as they have no recesses where contamination could occur.

  • Euro Pallets - Euro pallets are commonly used across Europe, defined by their dimensions of 1200x800mm. Euro pallets can have the same attributes as other pallets i.e. a Euro pallet can also be a nestable pallet.

  • Heavy Duty Pallets - Heavy duty plastic pallets are pallets that can take a heavy load. These pallets can hold up to 7 TONS of weight on them. Heavy duty plastic pallets are generally used in heavy industry to move products around or store them off the ground.

  • Hygiene Pallets – Hygiene pallets are plastic pallets that provide an extremely clean surface, with very little places for ingress or contamination. Their unique design prevents any build-up of dirt.

  • PLUS Pallets – The Plus Pallet by Exporta Global is the class-leading next generation of nestable plastic pallets. This remarkable nestable pallet carries up to 25% more weight than its predecessor.

  • Display Pallets – Display pallets from Exporta are pallets that are built for putting products on display.

  • Half Euro Pallets – Half-Euro pallets are sized at 800x600mm and are used mainly for point of sale display, as they look more attractive than wooden equivalents.

  • Pallets with Feet – Pallets with feet come in a variety of configurations. The pallet feet slot into the top of each pallet when placed vertically on top.

  • Pallets with Runners – Pallets with runners are used when you need to spread the weight the pallet carries or when you need to put the pallet on racking. The runners on the pallet can be of 2, 3 or 5 varieties.

  • Perimeter-Based Pallets – Perimeter-based pallets are pallets with runners along all sides. These perimeter bases help spread the load evenly and allow them to hold more weight.

In addition, we have a range of container pallets and distribution pallets for you to explore, alongside pallet boxes and an extensive range of pallet related products, including pallet collars. Whatever you plastic pallet needs, Exporta has you covered.