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Here at Exporta Global, we know everything there is to know about Plastic Pallets. Having specialised in the plastic pallet product range since the beginning of Exporta, we are specialists and can help you with your Pallet needs. If it’s a question you need to be answered or a product you need to purchase, we are more than happy to help. Get in touch and we assist you through the process.

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Plastic Pallets

Here at Exporta Global, we know everything there is to know about Plastic Pallets. Having specialised in the plastic pallet product range since the beginning of Exporta, we are specialists and can help you with your Pallet needs. If it’s a question you need to be answered or a product you need to purchase, we are more than happy to help. Get in touch and we assist you through the process.

Exporta Global has the largest product range of Plastic Pallets in the UK, we also have some of the most competitive pallet prices on the market. We are able to deliver the pallets the next day after purchase. We offer this service 365 days a year to make sure if its Plastic Pallets you need, Exporta has you covered. We understand that the need for Plastic Pallets can cover a wide range of basis. Simply let us know what job you need the product for and we will recommend a suitable pallet that will best suit. We know that you want the process of moving products of any kind to be a hassle free experience with the goods remaining safe, secure and fit for the job. Almost all major businesses around the country require Plastic Pallets in one form or another, make sure you get exactly what you need from us when it comes to pallets and you won’t be disappointed. Choose Exporta Global for cheap pallet prices and the UK's largest selection of plastic pallets.

Our Guinness Wolrd Record - Not the 'Normal' Use for Plastic Pallets buta Novel one

What is a Plastic Pallet?

If you are unsure of the type of product you need, we are here to help. To make sure you know exactly what Plastic Pallets are and their most common uses, have a read below to find out if they are what you require. A Plastic Pallet is a flat transport structure that supports goods whilst keeping them stable. Plastic Pallets are made from recycled plastic and are extremely durable, often lasting thousands of trips when transporting goods. The range of Plastic Pallets which we offer include;

  • Nestable Pallets – These Pallets can nest inside one another. The cost to produce a Nestable pallet is usually anywhere between 50 and 80 percent lower than the cost to produce a stackable pallet.
  • Racking Pallets – A Rackable Plastic Pallet is exactly that. A Plastic Pallet that you can place on pallet racking. If a plastic pallet is deemed rackable then it will have a “static” load capacity and a “rackable” load capacity.
  • Smooth Deck Pallets - You need a smooth deck plastic pallet if you’re moving food or pharmaceuticals around. Smooth Deck Pallets also have no recesses where contamination could occur.
  • Euro Pallets - Euro Pallets are used across Europe. They are 1200x800mm in dimensions. But they can have the same attributes as other pallets - i.e. a Euro Pallet can also be a Nestable Pallet..
  • Heavy Duty Pallets - Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets are pallets that can take a heavy load. These pallets can hold up to 7 TONS of weight on them. Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets are generally used in heavy industry to move products around or store them off the ground.
  • Hygiene Pallets – Hygiene Pallets are plastic pallets that are super clean with very little places for ingress or contamination. Their very design prevents any build-up of dirt.
  • PLUS Pallets – The Plus Pallet by Exporta Global is the class leading next generation of Nestable plastic pallets. This remarkable Nestable Pallet carries up to 25% more weight than its predecessor,
  • Display Pallets – Display Pallets from Exporta are pallets that are built for putting products onto display - hence the name - Display Pallets.
  • Half Euro Pallets – Half-euro Pallets are sized at 800x600mm and are used mainly for point of sale display as they look much better than their wooden equivalents.
  • Pallets with Feet – Pallets with feet come in a variety of configurations. The Pallet feet slot into the top of each one two or more a placed vertically on top.
  • Pallets with Runners – Pallets with runners are used when you need to spread the weight the pallet carries or when you need to put the pallet on racking. The runners on the pallet can be of 2, 3 or 5 variety.
  • Perimeter-based Pallets – Perimeter base pallets are pallets with runners along all sides. These perimeter bases help spread the load evenly and allow them to hold more weight.

We also include an extensive range of Pallet related products such as Pallet Collars, Strapping and much more. If it’s anything in the world of Pallets, Exporta Global has you covered.

What are the Benefits of Plastic Pallets?

Plastic Pallets are a common choice when it comes to transporting goods due to their advantages over other forms of transportation. They are cost effective and extremely light weight which saves on labour and transportation fees. This makes them easy to handle, safe and environmentally friendly. They are excellent in maintaining their from through weathering, rot, chemicals and corrosion. They are easy to manoeuvre and can be easily sanitised and resistant to any odour which may be problematic. They are lightweight, fire resistant and generally have a long lifespan if maintained properly. They are easy to transport using forklifts, pallet jacks, cranes and front loaders. They can be wrapped in shrink or stretch wrap and secured using strapping and buckles. They offer efficiency when storing and transporting and are easy to handle.

Plastic Pallets are easy to stack and used by logistic companies around the UK as they reduce cost through waste, transport and are safe to manoeuvre. By storing efficiently, Plastic Pallets create valuable space in warehouses and factories. Their reusability has contributed to their popularity amongst operating environments and has seen them become one of the most effective transportation methods. The benefits of Plastic made Pallets are the reason why so many customers choose them and with Exporta, are always left satisfied.

What are Plastic Pallets used for?

The uses of Plastic Pallets are extensive and can be used in most transport and storage situations. Typical uses for Plastic Pallets include; transporting loads, internationally shipping items, stacking and storing goods and any other transport manoeuvring jobs. They can be used to transport small items such as electronics to pack a lot in to fill a Pallet. Alternatively, they can be used to transport large quantities and can be neatly stacked to save on floor space. We offer a wide range of Plastic Pallet. If you need to save space in your operating facility, Nestable Pallets are available. If you need to ship overseas, have a look at our Rackable Euro Pallets and our Smooth Deck Pallets. If Anti-Slip Pallets are what you need, we have them in stock and could them with you the very next day.

Plastic Pallets Tailored to Your Requirements

If you are interested in purchasing a Plastic Pallet of any kind, there are a few things to consider to make sure you get what you are after. Pallet specifications usually have three capacities which are

  • Dynamic Load – This is the maximum weight that a Pallet can accommodate while being manoeuvred by a forklift.
  • Racking Load – This refers to the maximum weight that a Pallet can accept without risking harm.
  • Static Load – This is the maximum weight that a Pallet can withstand when placed on a surface level which is solid.

Other considerations to take into account when purchasing Plastic Pallets include; the style of Pallet which you need. The styles which we offer are listed above and can be used in a variety of ways. The Deck which accompanies your Pallet is also something to consider as both open and closed decks are available. Closed desks can be beneficial when protecting loads and offer a superior level of hygiene. The temperature which the Pallets will be subject too is another consideration as they can be adversely affected in extreme conditions. Be sure to specify what your Pallet will be used for and we will recommend a suitable option. Whatever your needs, Exporta is here to meet your requirements and offer you the professional service that you deserve.

Reasons to use Plastic Pallets

There significant benefits of using Plastic Pallets in comparison to normal wooden pallets. A Plastic Pallet is completely uniform which means the conform to the same size every time they are used. They are also lighter in weight, reducing transport costs. They are easier to handle and less dangerous when it comes to splinters which can be a problem with wooden pallets. A Plastic Pallet can maintain weights of up to 7,500kg. Whatever your Pallet needs, Exporta will not be beaten o our pricing nor our selection. Our number one priority is to ensure you receive the correct Plastic Pallet for the job. Some Pallet companies offer you a choice of three pallets and let you decide. At Exporta, we cut out the confusion and take your requirements into consideration and offer you the best, most suited Plastic Pallet to satisfy your requirements. Once you tell us the job, we will work hard to guarantee a suitable product to make your life easier.

Find out more about Plastic Pallets

If you still have questions relating to Plastic Pallets or any Pallets, in particular, have a look at our Blog section and find 8 reasons you should switch to plastic pallets. If this still doesn’t satisfy your Pallet needs or you need more specific information relating to the job, have a look at our Plastic Pallet Guide as this will show you sizes of Plastic Pallets, weights, dimensions plus what load bearing they can have on the ground. Information on racking a Plastic Pallet and moving a loaded pallet around can also be found in this section. Samples are available on request. If you need any more advice relating to Pallets, get in touch and our Sales Team will be more than happy to help. Our pallet prices are all on our website but if you require further guidance on this then get in touch.