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Display Pallets

The purpose for display pallets is exactly what it sounds like: the displaying of products or goods, either in a warehouse or in store, on a pallet display. A good display pallet is durable, reusable, structurally sound, and easy to manoeuvre and clean.

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Buy Display Pallets Online

When it comes to the area of plastic pallets, be they display pallets or otherwise, Exporta Global are market experts. We have been in the handling, loading, and packaging business for quite some time now and have built a business foundation on selling Plastic Pallets of all forms to our customers and business clients. Warehouse pallets in particular are something we have years of experience with.

We are able to offer advice and assistance on any purchase regarding display pallets, provide expertise in any relevant areas, and generally give assistance along the way with any issues you may have. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to help with any queries future and existing customers may have.

We have a variety of different display pallets available for purchase. When you buy display pallets online through Exporta Global, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality of product available alongside an expert delivery service and after-purchase care.

If you do decide to go with a leading industry expert and order display pallets from Exporta Global, we will make sure it is delivered to you the day after your purchase. Or next day delivery is something we pride ourselves on. As a result, we offer the service all year round, meaning that whether it’s snowing or whether sunshine is splitting the leaves, you will get your display pallets in as fast a time as possible. Not only to get the best of products available in the pallet industry, you also get them as fast as possible without any worries or complications.

If you are unsure as to which kind of display pallet you need, get in touch with us here at Exporta Global and we will be able to provide you with guidance. The moving of and storing of goods is something that all physical businesses need to deal with, so why not make sure you receive the best service around and let Export Global lead you through the process of buying display pallets online. Warehouse pallets are something we know plenty about, so we can provide expert knowledge and opinions.

What Are Display Pallets?

If you are wondering which display pallet is suitable and have come across display pallets, read on to find out more and find out which is right for your purpose and whether or not you want to buy display pallets. The purpose for display pallets is exactly what it sounds like: the displaying of products or goods, either in a warehouse or in store, on a pallet display. A good display pallet is durable, reusable, structurally sound, and easy to manoeuvre and clean. The aim is to keep products neatly presentable or storable off a floor, minimising potential damage to both the products and floor. They serve a dual purpose of acting as a live pallet display for products, often in larger open plan wholesale warehouses. In terms of providing a function as warehouse pallets, our products are second to none.

The majority of the display pallets for pallet displays sold by Export Global are nestable to some degree. Nestable pallets means that the display pallets are able to be snugly stacked on top of each other when not in use as a pallet display for presenting goods or products. The reason for considering these versatile and functional pallets it that if you are transporting you display pallets from location to location, they can be stacked on top and, to a degree, within each other to take up less room. This in turn means that each trip can take more display pallets on each run, reducing the number of runs required and as such, saving the company money on transport and logistics.

Nestable plastic pallets, be they display pallets or any other variety of plastic pallet, tend to have lighter stacking loads than their rackable pallet counterparts. They make up for this through their stacking nature; it is a case of sacrificing load weight for functionality. During use, they act as a normal pallet display, but when not in use can be stacked so save storage room and reduce the risk of accidents, for example from clutter within a warehouse.

Display pallets are a great solution for many businesses product displays needs, especially for selling displays that require large volumes of products available for selection by prospective customers. Their durability translates into a longer lifetime in terms of use as a pallet display. By ensuring that all our display pallets have a long product lifespan, we have ensured that our customers are getting the best value for money as well as the best available product on their market.

Act now and make sure you get your hands on the required number of display pallets for your needs. Our display pallets are reliable and great value for money. If you have any questions, give our friendly sales team a call and we will be happy to talk you through the process or answer any queries you may have.

What Display Pallets Do Export Global Offer?

When it comes to display pallets, Exporta Global offer several different solutions. With a product range of display pallets that encompasses a variety of different industry requirements, we are certain you will find a suitable pallet for a pallet display within our range.

After reading over the range of display pallets on offer, if you are still unsure then get in touch today and we can talk over your business needs and point you in the right direction in terms of display pallets for your needs. We will ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality and suitable to your individual needs.

The range of display pallets on offer includes:

  • Half-euro Nestable Plastic Pallet - 800x600mm - £7.58
  • Nestable Plastic Pallet - 600x400mm - £8.67
  • 3 Runner Display Plastic Pallet 800x600mm - £16.30

All of these are perfect for acting as a pallet display for products. They possess structural integrity and durability to mitigate the chance of accidents and ensure that they will last as long as needed for your purpose.

The range of display pallets that we offer are all made from the best high grade plastic available and come in black or grey. The load capacity varies between display pallets, so make sure you select the right display pallet for your intended purpose. If you have any questions or queries as to how to select the right product to act as a pallet display, contact us now to find out more about each pallet. With 40 years of knowledge in the pallet, packing, and storage industry, we have the skills and knowledge to answer any uncertainties you may have.

What Display Pallets Are Available From Export Global?

Exporta Global sell three different plastic pallets that are suitable for pallet displays: The Half-Euro Nestable Plastic Pallet, the Nestable Plastic Pallet, and the 3 Runner Display Plastic Pallet. Each has different product specifications and uses, so should you have any uncertainty, you can call, e-mail, or get in touch through our live chat today.


The product specifications for the display pallets sold by Exporta Global can be found below:

Half-Euro Nestable Plastic Pallet 800x600mm

The main details for the Half-Euro Nestable Plastic Pallet are as follows:

Nesting Plastic Pallet 800x600mm

  • Nesting Height 55mm
  • Lightweight – 2.5kg
  • 6 feet
  • 1000kg static load
  • 500kg dynamic load
  • Black recycled PE material


Nestable Plastic Pallet 600x400mm

The main details for the Nestable Plastic Pallet 600x400mm are as follows:

  • Small Heavy Duty Nestable Plastic Pallet 600x400mm
  • Nesting height 140mm high
  • 4 Standing Feet
  • Static Load 250Kg
  • Dynamic Load 250Kg
  • Super Lightweight Export Plastic Pallet


3 Runner Display Plastic Pallet 800x600mm

The main details for the 3 Runner Display Plastic Pallet 800x600mm are as follows:

  • 135mm high 800x600 Plastic Pallet
  • Lightweight – 3.7kg
  • 3 runner feature
  • Allows 4-way entry
  • 1200kg static load
  • 400kg dynamic load
  • Black recycled PE material


Why Purchase Your Warehouse Pallets From Export Global?

We are experts in handling solutions and know everything there is to know about our industry, a fact that we are proud on. We are confident in marketing ourselves as industry leaders and specialists in all things pallet related. From products to business solutions regarding handling solutions, we are as knowledgeable, if not more so, than any other company in the business of handling solutions. We offer a wide range of products that will certainly contain a solution to your specific need, especially if you are looking for suitable warehouse pallets.

From dunnage bags to racking shelves, crates to pallets, pallet collars to ratchet straps, we offer everything a business could need for the storage, display, and transportation of goods. We are a market leader amongst our industry and have been known to one of the most reputable, well-established storage solution companies out there.

We guarantee products of only the highest quality, delivered with customer service like no other in the industry. When you conduct business with Exporta Global, you are conducting business with a company of 40 years’ experience, resulting in a transaction and overall purchasing experience that will leave you satisfied with your choice of company. By offering competitive prices , we ensure that you receive value for money on all your warehouse pallet purchases with us. If you order in bulk, we will ensure that your costs are still affordable and that you are content with choosing us as wholesale pallet suppliers.

Exporta Global has been leading the handling, storage, and transport solution business for over 40 years. Our main focus is keeping our customers, whether new or existing, happy, with the aim of turning new customers into repeat customers by delivery premium customer service and competitive prices on all the products, display pallets or otherwise, that we stock. We have completed business all over the UK and abroad for the last four decades and have grown each consecutive year. If this doesn’t say we are good at what we do, nothing else will.

The reason for our continued success is our focus on our client’s needs. By giving advice, providing open and clear communication, and delivering the best products available on the market, we have built a business centred around customer satisfaction. Call us today to find out how we here at Exporta Global can provide you with the perfect display pallet solution.