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Distribution Pallets

The purpose of a plastic pallet, more specifically a distribution pallet is to provide a cost efficient workplace solution – usually when looking at industries including logistics and distribution. These plastic pallets are specifically designed to be strong enough to carry enormous weight and withstand general wear and tear along with being light enough to easily move by hand when empty.

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Who are Exporta Global?

Exporta Global are one of the industry experts, within the product handling field who specialise in providing blue chip businesses with efficient solutions in their workplace. We understand that every business is different and has different needs. No matter how diverse your business is, Exporta have the products to streamline and simplify your operations. All our products are made of the highest quality and are designed to last. This is why we have designed our products with you in mind, because at the end of the day our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our company mission is designed around our customers as we want to be the first choice for you, whether you are looking for a product in a hurry, you can take advantage of our next day delivery, or are just looking for honest advice on what is best for you and your business.

Buy Distribution Pallets Online

After specialising in pallets for some time now Exporta know a thing or two about the world of pallets and are involved in pallet manufacture to the highest quality. Indeed, if you are looking to buy distribution pallets online then Exporta’s experts are a great place to start. We can talk through with you the industry you are involved in and through this can identify which pallets might be appropriate for your business. This consultation can be done via a telephone call or alternatively through one of our other communication methods, which includes an online enquiry form or the live chat tool on our website. Alternatively, our website is a great place to start when looking for pallet options. If you are looking to buy pallets you may find it useful to have a look at our larger overview which has a breakdown of the types of pallets we provide or alternatively there are more in depth descriptions within each sub-category on the website.

We have an extensive list of pallets right here. Some of our other pallet options are:

  • Nestable Pallets
  • Racking Pallets
  • Heavy Duty Pallets
  • Plastic Euro Pallets
  • Smooth Deck Pallets
  • Hygiene Pallets
  • PLUS Pallets
  • Display Pallets
  • Half Euro Pallets
  • Pallets with Feet
  • Pallets with Runners
  • Perimeter Base Pallets 

Due to our extensive collection of pallets if you cannot find what you’re looking for on this page then head over to one of our other pallet sections and we are sure that you will find the product that is right for you.

What is the purpose of a distribution pallet?

The purpose of a plastic pallet, more specifically a distribution pallet is to provide a cost efficient workplace solution – usually when looking at industries including logistics and distribution. These plastic pallets are specifically designed to be strong enough to carry enormous weight and withstand general wear and tear along with being light enough to easily move by hand when empty.

Distribution pallets are an excellent solution to your pallet needs in the workplace. Particularly because our distribution pallets are nestable which basically means they can nest on top of one another. This saves massive space in the workplace as when empty they fit into one another to maximise space and efficiency. Our distribution pallets are made of strong recycled plastic which means they have a long lifespan so your money goes a lot further when you buy pallets through Exporta. The fact that our distribution pallets are nestable is a major benefit to anyone looking to buy pallets, as they tend to have a long lifespan and are excellent at maintaining their structure and are resistant to weathering and rot due to the materials used. Indeed, you could leave these plastic pallets outside for any length of time and it will not wear down its structure, unlike traditional wooden pallets which need replacing a lot more often. If you buy pallets from Exporta we only sell plastic pallets, this is because we know the benefits of plastic greatly outweigh those of wooden pallets and want to provide our customers with only the highest quality of plastic pallets.

Where can this product be used?

Due to the fact that a distribution pallet is made of plastic, it can be used in a variety of environments, including both indoors and outdoors. One major downside to wooden pallets is that they are highly susceptible to rotting and damage due to the elements. This is not an issue when using plastic pallets due to their composition so when looking to buy pallets you should often consider plastic pallets over wooden – especially if your industry is largely based outside.

The distribution pallet is useful for carrying medium loads and is mostly needed to stabilise goods. They can be used in larger scale transport applications including the transportation of goods from a warehouse to distributers, retailers or wholesalers.  

The Benefits of Distribution Pallets

If your business is in the industry of construction, logistics, or transportation then you are most likely already aware of the many benefits of using pallets. Firstly, pallets reduce the need for more manpower and greatly reduce your transportation costs. Beyond this there are various other benefits to Exporta’s distribution pallets include:

  • Multi-trip pallet designed to withstand the rigours of open/closed loop pooling systems
  • Easy fork lift entries when nested
  • Environmentally friendly, recycled and 100% recyclable
  • Superior design ensures better support of any type of goods and/or crates
  • Multiple included and additional anti-slip features and options
  • Easy to wash and clean


Who might use this product?

There are a large number of industries Exporta currently provide plastic pallets for including:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Public Sector
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Defence

These are just a limited number of industries in which these pallets can be used. Until recently wooden pallets have been the go to choice for many industries. However wooden pallets have several disadvantages which are particularly true for those in the food, pharmaceutical and export businesses. One industry in particular that would benefit from switching to plastic pallets is the food and beverage industry. This is an industry that has a big focus on health and safety as well as hygiene. If wooden pallets are used in this industry and there is any type of spillage; then it can allow bacteria to seep inside the wood and grow. Plastic pallets are more efficient and useful in this industry because they are non- porous and in particular, highly resistant. This means that plastic pallets will repel bacteria, mould and germs – all things that are detrimental to any food or beverage company and their product. Our plastic pallets are also extremely easy to clean and sanitise after each use – just one of their many benefits!   If you have an industry in mind and are wondering if plastic pallets are right for you then give Exporta a call and one of our advisors can give you advise on what would be best for your particular needs. Should you need your pallets delivered in a hurry we can arrange next day pallet delivery if you order before 3pm. This is a service we provide all year round for your convenience.

Distribution pallet product specification

Here at Exporta we have two different nestable distribution pallets available – one which is 1200 x 800mm and the other, which is slightly bigger at 1200 x 1000mm.

Key specifications for 1200 x 800mm

  • Product Code: 01-DP1280
  • Price: £17.42
  • Size (LxW): 1200x800mm
  • Height: 150mm
  • Weight: 8.5KG
  • Base Type: 9 Feet
  • Static Load: 3000KG
  • Dynamic Load: 1000KG
  • Material: PP/HDPE recycled or virgin
  • Colour: Black (recycled)


Key Specifications for 1200 x 1000mm:

  • Product Code: 01-DP1210
  • Price: £20.86
  • Size (LxW): 1200x1000mm
  • Height: 150mm
  • Weight: 10.8KG
  • Base Type: 9 Feet
  • Static Load: 3000KG
  • Dynamic Load: 1000KG
  • Material: PP/HDPE recycled or virgin
  • Colour: Black (recycled)

All of our pallets are made from recycled materials which in turn can be recycled at the end of our life. Although you may be aware of the various benefits pallets can add to your business you may have not thought about what to do when a pallet reaches the end of its lifecycle. Once these pallets have reached their end they can pose a large health and safety threat to your workplace and employees. In order to avoid injury or accidents in your workplace you should really consider recycling any old pallets you have lying around. Pallet recycling is now becoming a popular choice among business owners in these various

Why buy your distribution pallets from Exporta?

Since starting out pallets have formed a large part of what we do here at Exporta – hence why we have such a large variety of pallets on offer. This is also the reason behind our vast knowledge on the subject, this is a great excuse to take advantage of our knowledge on the topic. Our advisors can tailor our products to your requirements and find a suitable plastic pallet for your needs. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do and this is why our phone lines have extended opening times – from 6am through to 5pm. We understand that each industry has different demands and different needs and we are on hand to help with any questions you may have.

Alternatively, if you would rather not call us we have a couple of other contact options available for your convenience – on our website there is a live chat option available to speak with an advisor or alternatively you can fill out an enquiry form which we will process and come back to you with an answer to your query.

Other Exporta Products Which May Be Relevant For Your Needs

Exporta offer a vast number of products – why not take advantage of this and purchase products which are also necessary to your business that you may have not considered. If you need to buy pallets for your business, then you should also be looking into our pallet trucks and scissor hand pallet trucks, these products can transport your loaded pallets efficiently and safely whilst allowing your employees to work from the pallets at a raised, workable height.

Another product which is highly valuable and will maximise the life expectancy of your pallets are pallet corners. Exporta have a vast number of pallet corner options for your business – these can help protect your valuable cargo when on our pallets and will also help to protect the condition of your pallets.