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Plastic pallets in all their forms are a major part of what we provide as products here at Exporta Global. We have been dealing with the handling, packing, and loading industries for many years now and have developed a solid foundation of business based around uk pallets and shelving and racking. As a pallet company, we have developed our skills and knowledge within the industry over 40 years of involvement in the business. The result is an efficient, knowledge uk pallet business with a focus on the customer, be they retail or wholesale customers for warehouse pallets.

Pallets in general are split into two different support categories: pallets with feet and pallets with runners. Feet, in this case, are free standing separate supports that hold the uk pallets off the floor at key positions, providing structural integrity and load balancing as they do so. We are able to offer assistance on any purchase regarding pallets with feet as well as knowledge in related areas. If you have any questions regarding plastic pallets in general or pallets with feet in specific, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We love to hear from our customers here at Exporta Global.

We have a range of pallets with feet here at Exporta Global available for purchase, so make sure you choose the right uk pallets by getting in touch and speaking with one our highly experienced and well trained customer service staff. When you buy pallets online through Exporta Global, you receive the highest quality uk pallets available on the national market combined with an expert delivery service and top-notch after purchase customer support.

When you purchase pallets with feet through Exporta Global, you are joining myriad other pallet purchasers nationwide who have chosen to go with an industry leader in pallets with feet. On top of the expert knowledge, you will be provided with a quality customer service experience as well as cheap pallet delivery. Not only is the delivery price heavily competitive, it is also next day delivery 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our next day delivery is something that we are proud to provide at Exporta Global, as we belief that every purchase should be worry free and expedient. Not only do we sell the top quality uk pallets available on the market, we do so with a service that allows our customers to receive them as quickly as possible without any worries or headaches. With cheap pallet delivery at a market competitive price, this is achievable through Exporta Global.

What Are Pallets With Feet?

As mentioned previously, there are two main categories to uk pallets: pallets with feet and pallets with runners. A foot is an individual support structure, essentially the same as a table leg. Uk pallet feet, however, tend to be shorter and thicker than you would normally find on a standard table or other item of furniture with a leg, hence the term “foot”. The second kind of uk pallet sold by the standard pallet company is a pallet with runners.

Pallets with feet fulfil slightly different purposes to pallets with runners; they tend to be for heavier products, as they provide a stronger support base and durability. Nestable pallets are also easier to design and produce with legs, making pallets with legs a more common feature of nestable pallets.

Pallets with feet are a perfect type of pallet for warehouse pallets, as they keep products off the ground while providing strong structural support for heavy or large amounts of products. The sturdiness of the uk pallet with legs minimises the likelihood of a pallet with feet buckling under the weight of stacked goods or after repeated use.

The majority of plastic pallets, including those with feet, sold by Exporta Global are nestable to at least some degree. A nestable pallet is a pallet that can be neatly and tightly stacked together to reduce the amount of room required to store such uk pallets when not in use. One ideal example of this is when the pallets with feet are being transported from location to location. By nesting pallets, more pallets can be transferred at a time, reducing the number of trips and transports required to move the pallets with feet from A to B. This in turns reduces the operational costs attached to transportation and logistics of pallets with feet, saving a business considerable money.

Pallets with feet are a perfect solution for many of the problems businesses face today: strong enough to bear loads (up to the pallet load capacity) with the support of that weight spread over the base of the pallet with feet and a low centre of gravity, they are incredibly difficult to topple when used properly. Combine this with the nesting feature discussed earlier and you have a uk pallet well suited to heavy duty industries.

Act now and make sure you get your hands on the necessary amount of pallets with feet required for your specific need. Our pallets with feet are reliable and great value for money; you will be hard pushed to find a better price anywhere within the UK from any other pallet company. Should you have any questions regarding pallets with feet whatsoever, get in touch today and one of our friendly customer support advisors will discuss your need and guide you towards the perfect UK pallet solution for what you require.

The Export Global Pallets With Feet Range

We stock a range of pallets with feet here at Exporta Global. This means that no matter what your need, we will have a uk pallet appropriate for it.

After reading over the range of pallets with feet on offer, if you are still unsure then get in touch today and we can talk over your business needs and point you in the right direction in terms of pallets with feet for your needs. We will ensure that the product you receive is of the highest quality and suitable to your individual needs.

Nestable Pallets With Feet

Every one of the pallets with feet that we sell are nestable pallets, meaing they can be stacked snugly to save space, either in storage or while in transit. The nestable pallets with feet come in a variety of sizes and load bearing capacities, so no matter what your requirements are, we are comfortable knowing that we have a pallet with feet suitable for your needs.

Sizes Available:

  • 600x400mm
  • 800x600mm
  • 1100x1100mm
  • 1200x800mm
  • 1200x1000mm
  • 1200x1200mm

Closed Desk Pallets With Feet

For industries requiring a closed desk pallet, Exporta Global have the perfect solution: the Plus Pallet Closed Desk – Ultimate Nesting Plastic Pallet 1200x1000mm. This pallet is perfect for industries where cleanliness is key. By having a smooth top, smooth deck pallets allow for ease of cleaning and hygiene maintenance, a crucial part of keeping in line with HSE regulations.

Plus Pallet Closed Deck - Ultimate Nesting Plastic Pallet 1200x1000mm



The Closed Deck PLUS Pallet from Exporta Global is the Ultimate Close Deck Nesting Plastic Pallet. A next generation of plastic pallet this pallet has a host of features.

PLUS Pallet Key Features

  • Up to 25% stronger. Can carry 25% more weight
  • Easy attach facility for shrink wrap
  • Stronger, less flex design
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Optimised to fit air pallets
  • Super Lightweight but strong
  • Amazing 1800KG capacity
  • Super-nesting capability 60 in a stack over 52
  • Closed deck, runners and skids available

Technical Spec

  • Size (LxW) 1200 x 1000mm
  • Height 132mm
  • Weight 7.1kg
  • Deck type Closed
  • Base type 9 feet
  • Maximum load—Static 1800kg
  • Maximum load—Dynamic 1000kg
  • Pallets per stack 60
  • Material PP

Why Purchase Your Pallets With Feet From Exporta Global?

When it comes to pallets with feet, Exporta Global is an industry leading expert. We are knowledge on handling solutions and know everything there is to know, a fact we are particularly proud of. When it comes to Exporta Global’s image as a handling solution specialist, we are comfortable in the fact that we can handle any question or situation that may arise. We offer a wide range of products, including pallets with feet, from which you will be able to find a solution to your specific needs.

We guarantee our pallets with feet are of the highest quality and are comfortable putting our name to them. When you conduct business with Exporta Global, you are dealing with 40 years of experience in the handling solutions industry. This means that we know what our customers want, even if they themselves are not sure. We have seen every use for pallets in our time so can point you in the right direction for your requirements. Our pallets with feet are competitively priced, resulting in our customers receiving value for money on every purchase that they make. Should you choose to order in bulk, we will ensure that the costs are reasonable and that you are content to choose us as your pallets with feet wholesale supplier.

The reason for our continued success after 40 years of trading is our focus on our clients and their needs. By providing top end customer service, offering expert advice and guidance, alongside delivering the best products on the market, we have built a business regarded as an industry leader in handling solutions. Call us today to find out how we can provide your with a perfect Pallets with Feet buying experience.