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Perimeter base pallets are pallets with runners along all sides. This type of pallet is widely used in a number of industries as it helps spread a load of your stock evenly and allows the pallets to hold more weight.

As there are runners alongside the outlines of this pallet, it is extremely flexible and easy to move. At Exporta we stock Lightweight Rackable Plastic Pallets as well as Smooth Deck Hygiene Pallets with perimeter bases.

Interested in finding out more about our range of Perimeter Base Pallets or Plastic Pallets, have a read through our guide below. As one of the UK’s leading pallet manufacturers, we know everything there is to know about Perimeter Base Pallet design.



What is a Perimeter Base Pallet?

Perimeter base pallets fall under the Plastic Pallet category. You will find that the majority of Plastic Pallets which are sold at Exporta Global are flat transport structures that support goods whilst keeping them stable.

We are a sustainable business; this means that all of our Plastic Pallets are made from recycled plastic. We construct quality products that are both long lasting and durable. We offer Perimeter base pallets that will keep for many years and that will travel thousands of trips.

If you are looking for appropriate products which can be purchased alongside your goods, Exporta Global stock everything you will need. Find out more about the different types of products we offer in our Pallet Collars and Strapping sections.

What Do Perimeter Base Pallets Look Like?

Originally, the word perimeter comes from the Greek word "peri," which means "around", hence, why this product is called Perimeter base pallets. In most cases perimeter base has smooth deck pallet base. At Exporta we now sell pallets which have an anti-slip facility. Perimeter base pallets can also be used on racks.

One of the main advantages of this type of pallet is that they reduce product damage. The robust design of these pallets increases load stability, which is key for any business that is looking to improve their product handling strategy.

Become a more productive business with Exporta’s perimeter base pallets. Your fresh product handling strategy will improve operational productivity and will help your team with being more consistent when it comes to specification. Exporta’s perimeter base pallets are suitable for automated production and warehousing facilities.

The Benefits of Perimeter Base Pallets

There are many benefits of using Perimeter Base Pallets in your workspace. At Exporta we believe that there is a difference between doing something, and doing it well.  We can help your company effectively execute an efficient product handling strategy.

A well-organised company ensures that their business uses safe practices in regards to their goods and their employees.

We want to help your business decrease the time it spends handling products and improve its workflow levels. Using the most appropriate method of product handling will make you more resourceful and will save your business time and money in the long run.

By using Perimeter Base Pallets, you will reduce health & safety risks within your workforce. At Exporta we only use quality materials, this ensures that pallets can be handled safely on your side.

What Industries Use Perimeter Base Pallets?

This type of plastic pallet can be used in a number of industries due to its stability.  The Perimeter Pallet can ideally be used for storage and transport.

At Exporta, we recommend that you incorporate this type of plastic pallet if you are working with Consumer Goods, Beverages, Produce, Hardware and Electronics.

Don’t just take our word for it, our Plastic Pallets are used by companies across the UK, just check our customer testimonials.

By using Exporta Global pallets your business can reduce costs in company waste and transportation. You will find that your workspace will also become more organised by using our transportable Perimeter Base Pallets. Storage space is extremely valuable when it comes to logistics, our pallets can help you store your goods in a more effective way – creating extra room in your factory or warehouse.

How Is a Full Perimeter Base Pallet Transported?

The majority of warehouses and businesses transport this type of pallet using professional equipment (e.g. forklifts, pallet jacks, cranes and front loaders). Before these pallets are transported they should be secured with the appropriate wrapping.

We would advise our customers to purchase either shrink or stretch wrap for their plastic pallets. Once the pallets have been secured, buckles can then be added for extra protection. The more secure your pallets are the better. Strong pallets are easier to handle, transport and store. 


Product Details

We sell two types of Perimeter Base Pallets, smooth deck hygienic pallets, and lightweight rackable pallets. If you are unsure which pallet is most suitable for your business, give a member of our team a call today or chat to us now on live chat.

The type of pallet your business needs will depend on the products which you are handling, this may mean that your business will need a varied strategy when it comes to pallets.

Our Plastic Pallets team at Exporta recommend that whatever product handling strategy your business is using, the pallets you are using are up to scratch when it comes to value for money and safety standards. Our experts in product handling can help you pick between our wide range of plastic pallets.

Smooth Deck Hygiene Pallets


Make sure that you purchase this type of Perimeter Base Pallet if you are moving food or pharmaceuticals. This type of product works well for these industries as they have no recesses where contamination could occur. View the product specifications for this product below.

  • Standard Pallet – 1200mm x 1000mm - perimeter base
  • 160mm high
  • Weight 21.5kg
  • 7500kg static load
  • 1500kg dynamic load
  • 1250kg racking load
  • Grey HDPE material
  • 3 runner or perimeter base option available
  • Up to 5 years’ manufacturers guarantee


Lightweight Rackable Standard Plastic Pallet


A Rackable Plastic Pallet does exactly what it says on the tin. These space-saving pallets have both a “static” load capacity and a “rackable” load capacity. If you are looking to purchase a rackable perimeter base pallet, then call us to find out more about our Lightweight Rackable Standard Plastic Pallet or view the product specifications below.

  • Up to 3.2 Ton Static Load Limit. 1200x1000mm
  • 150mm High
  • Weight 10.2kg
  • Perimeter base
  • 3200kg static load
  • 2000kg dynamic load
  • 600kg racking load
  • Black recycled PE material


Our Range of Plastic Pallets

Perimeter Base Pallets are a type of plastic pallet. Plastic pallets come in a number of shapes and sizes; fortunately, Exporta Global team know everything there is to know about purchasing appropriate Plastic Pallets.

For years our team has been constructing plastic pallets that are suitable for every type of business. Since day one we have specialised in plastic pallets, which means our team of product handling experts have the ability to help you with your Pallet needs.

Our friendly team is on hand if you require help with your business product handling strategy. Your strategy should have a continuous strategy that will adapt to your business needs.  By effectively handling your products, it will help your business to maintain a steady workflow and expand at a quicker rate than before. Order one of our full perimeter base pallet ranges today.


The Advantages of Plastic Pallets

Every business is different; however, if you are wondering if plastic pallets can improve the operational side of your business, let’s have a look at just some of the ways a business can use product handling equipment such as Plastic Pallets:

  • Transporting loads
  • Internationally shipping items
  • Stacking and storing goods
  • Transport/Manoeuvring jobs

We have already discussed the benefits of using perimeter base pallets, however, there are several advantages of incorporating Plastic Pallets into your product handling strategy. At Exporta, we offer cost effective and extremely light pallets. Our solutions can help your business save on operational costs, e.g. labour and transportation fees.

Investing in plastic pallets will be worthwhile for your business in the long run. Due to Exporta’s plastic pallets having a clever design and structure, they can be handled easily by your workforce, making your business a more productive place.

Plastic Pallets also fight against the little things that you may not have thought about. Unlike other materials, plastic can maintain its strength through weathering, rot, chemicals and corrosion – meaning they can be used time and time again.

At Exporta we have thought through a number of problems which plastic pallets may face. Our lightweight pallets are also fire resistant, which means if the worst was to happen – they would still work efficiently.


Purchasing Plastic Pallets

Are you thinking about changing your supplier? We make things easy for our customers by constantly updating our website. Here you will find everything you need to know about the plastic pallets which we supply. If you are still unsure about something – talk to us now on live chat!

If you are thinking about purchasing your pallets today, have a think about the three capacities which we stock.

Dynamic Load – maximum weight that a Pallet can hold while being manoeuvred by a forklift.

Racking Load –maximum weight that a Pallet can hold without risking harm.

Static Load – maximum weight that a Pallet can hold when placed on a surface level which is solid.

At Exporta we stock a range of heavy duty pallets and lightweight pallet crates – get in touch with one of our experts, if you would like to find out more.

Reasons to use Plastic Pallets

Businesses across the UK are moving from normal wooden pallets to plastic pallets. Our new and improved plastic pallets are completely uniform which means that if you order more in a month or so, they will still be exactly the same size as the ones you purchased before.

Many businesses prefer to use our Plastic Pallets as they are extremely light. Purchasing lighter pallets will have a domino effect on your business transport costs. Other businesses simply prefer to use modern plastic pallets as there is no chance of handling problems such as splinters.

Did you know that a Plastic Pallet can hold up to 7,500kg? If you are interested, then get in touch with a member of our team today. There is no better place to purchase plastic pallets online. Our prices may be low, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on quality. We understand that our customers are extremely busy, that is why we send free samples straight to our customers’ business addresses.  If you would like a free sample, order yours online today!

Ordering Your Perimeter Base Pallets

What about pallet delivery? Planning on ordering your perimeter base pallets today? By using our website, tell us how many pallets you need, our e-commerce store will then inform you if these products are in stock. Order your Perimeter Pallets today before 3 pm and you will receive your order by next day delivery