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PLUS Pallet

The PLUS Pallet with Exporta Global

The Plus Pallet by Exporta Global is the class leading next generation of nestable plastic pallets. This remarkable Nestable pallet carries up to 25% more weight than its predecessor, is 100% recyclable, has superior nesting quality, is easy to wash and clean, is optimised to fit air pallets, has an easy-attach mechanism for shrink wrap and is still super lightweight. The Plus Pallet is truly remarkable. Available with or without skids and also available with a smooth flat deck you can nest 60 of these in one stack compared to 52 of its predecessor meaning it takes up less space when not in use or on return trips. This pallet has a maximum load capacity of nearly 2 tonnes while static. Any of our plastic pallets for sale are designed to fit our customers’ requirements and the PLUS is no different.

The PLUS Pallet is the new leading plastic pallet for any company looking for a nestable plastic pallet. Unbeatable in design and practicality. When it comes to plastic pallets, we know a thing or two. Our aim is producing reliable consistent handling solutions. With this comes innovating and designing products which capture our customer’s attention. The PLUS pallet certainly achieves this as there is nothing out there which competes with our latest release. Have a read below to find out why you should be thinking about signing off on one of the most modem handling solutions on the market. The PLUS pallets closed deck is optional as well, depending on what you need. Custom pallets are what we are about and the PLUS is one of our most advanced products to date.


What are the Benefits of the PLUS Pallet?

There are several advantages when it comes to the PLUS pallets in comparison to other handling solutions. When it comes to storage and transportation options, the PLUS pallet really is at the forefront of the handling solutions industry. The benefits of the PLUS pallet make it one of the most popular items which we regularly sell to our customers. The PLUS pallet is suited to almost any industry which needs to store stock or ship goods. They are efficient in the space that they use meaning that costs are significantly lower in comparison to larger, bulkier methods of transportation. The benefits of the PLUS pallet include;

Lightweight Handling Solution – The PLUS pallet is one of the lightest pallets which we offer as part of our plastic pallet range. It is made with the concept of being light yet able to handle enormous loads when storing or transporting. The weight of the PLUS pallet is easy to lift from a workers point of view and can be easily manoeuvred in an industrial environment. They are also easily accessible to automatic machines which move the pallets around without any great difficulties. The weight of this product makes it a popular choice amongst our customers and clients and one of the bestselling products on offer. The pallet size is standard pallet size so you know that the weight is not affected.

Nesting Ability - Nestable Pallets do exactly what they say, nest inside each other. The purpose of Nestable Pallets is to be more efficient in storage. The reason for considering these versatile pallets is that if you are getting the pallets back on a return journey they take up a lot less space as they nest inside each other. This means they can be stored in smaller spaces and take up less room on any return journeys that your pallets may have. They act as a normal Plastic Pallet during use but are nested into each other once finished with to save space.

Easy to Clean – This is one of the main benefits of the PLUS pallet and a reason why so many decide to purchase a stack of them. Trying to clean a wooden pallet can be a difficult endeavour and can be a task which not many of us want to regularly have to undertake. The PLUS plastic pallet is extremely to easy to keep clean and maintain levels of hygiene throughout a journey. The surface is designed to be easy to clean and is receptive to cleaning materials meaning that the pallet goes unharmed. They are quick and easy to clean which is an important aspect of storage I an industrial setting.

Easy-Attach Mechanism – Most pallets at some point in time have to be shrink wrapped and finding a pallet which can maintain its form can be a difficult task. The PLUS pallet was designed with this in mind and features an easy to attach mechanism making the task an easy one for both worker and machine. This is yet another reason why the PLUS pallet is one of the most commonly purchased items which we sell here at Exporta Global. Ask us about how the easy to attach mechanism could benefit you and make any shrink wrapping exercise a hassle free one. If you want to buy a pallet that is designed with the customer in mind, the PLUS is the product for you.

Space Saver – The PLUS pallet is one of the best space savers on the market. As we mentioned above, you can nest 60 of these in one stack compared to 52 of its predecessor meaning it takes up less space when not in use or on return trips. Saving space is an important part of industrial business and finding ways to be efficient in how space is managed is of great importance to companies. With the space constraints that many companies are continuously facing, the demand for better storage is always increasing. There are different kinds of storage systems available for different environments, such as warehouses and factories. An ideal storage system should help to meet different needs such as taking up little floor space. The PLUS achieves this without any issues.

Innovative – The PLUS is unlike any other plastic pallet out there. They were designed with the customer in mind and are at the forefront of handling solution equipment. They are the next generation of nestable pallets and are the future of plastic pallets. With over 40 years of handling solution expertise, we know an innovative product when we see one and the PLUS pallet is just that. Have a look at our PLUS pallet featured video to why it one of the most creative handling solution options out there on the market.

Recyclable -  Pallet recycling is something which is important to us. The PLUS pallet is 100% recyclable. This means that once the product comes to the end of its lifespan it can be reused in another capacity. Doing our bit for the environment is something that we care greatly about and by making our plastic pallets recyclable, we are able to decrease the size of our carbon footprint. The materials which are used to manufacture the PLUS pallet is recycled plastics meaning that the recycling cycle continues even after the PLUS is no longer able for use. A circle of life of recycled plastics which is made use of for generations.

Quality Materials – The materials used in the production of the PLUS pallet are of the highest standard. The recycled polyethene plastic is a contributing factor in terms of strength and durability of the pallet. With all of all products, we only use the finest materials and source them from reliable suppliers. The quality of these materials is paramount to the strength and lifespan of our products which is why we place great emphasis on making sure we get it right, first time around. This is why any production or manufacturing materials are used with the final product in mind to make sure that it is a strong storage and transport system that any of customers will have no issues with.

Durability - As with all of our plastic pallets, the PLUS pallet is made from recycled plastic meaning that they are as durable as any transport or storage product out there. The durability of the PLUS pallet is sturdy meaning that although they are flexible, they do not have too much give. This minimal flex gives the PLUS pallet a good name in terms of being reliable when transporting goods but at the same time are easy to load and unload. The plastic which is used in the manufacturing process is the highest of quality meaning that they are extremely sturdy. They can last a very long time and have been known to last decades at a time without showing any signs of wear and tear. The durability of the plus pallet means that they can be reused by the same business thousands of times without needing to be reused. This is yet another reason why the PLUS pallet is one of the most reliable and popular pallets on the market today. Ask us more about the PLUS pallet and we will be happy to help you with your purchase.


Why Purchase Your PLUS Pallets from Exporta Global?

Plastic Pallets is an area of expertise which we a thing or two about. With over 40 years of industry knowledge, we know what customers want from their handling solutions and what is important. They are not interested in the little details they want to know the right product for the job at the right price. We offer advice on everything should you wish to find out more on your product purchase. Ask us anything about any of our products and our team will assist you with anything g you need to know. Handling Solutions is what we are experts in and knowing everything there is to our industry is something we pride ourselves on. From products to advice, we are as knowledgeable as they come and taking care of our customers is our highest priority. Buy pallets online from the U.Ks leading pallet manufacturer and we will work around the clock to meet your requirements.

Exporta Global offer a wide range of products which are sure to catch the eye of our customers and that’s what we pride ourselves on. From Shelving to Containers, Crates to Storage Bins, Pallet Collars to Ratchet Straps, we offer it all and are confident in getting you the handling solution that you need. A market leader in our industry, our aim is our customers. Providing them with the best products and service for the best price is what we work towards every day. Our product range is of the highest in quality and choice. Ask us which product would be best suited to the job which you have in mind and we will be glad to help you in your purchase. Your purchase matters greatly to us and making sure you have a pleasurable experience in dealing with us is of vital importance and the highest of priorities.

Give us a call today and find out more about our PLUS pallet and any other of our U.K pallet range. Our customer service team are friendly, fully trained and welcoming of any questions or queries which you may have regarding your purchase. They are able to make recommendations based on which of our products would be best suited to the industry that your business operates in or what job you need the product for. The PLUS pallet as part of the Exporta Global product range is one of the most up to date, convenient, creative and innovative handling solution products out there today. Get your hands on one today through our live chat, by calling or online and you won’t be disappointed in your decision. If you want to buy pallets from Exporta Global, get in touch and don’t look back.