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Within the plastic pallet product range which we offer, smooth deck pallets are one of the most frequently purchased items amongst customers. They are purchased by many industries amongst many businesses looking for storage and transportation solutions. When it comes to plastic pallets, smooth deck pallets are as reliable as they come. They are not only reliable but they are affordable and provide excellent value for money. This means that even if you are interested in buying in bulk, your costs are still affordable. As us about how smooth deck pallets could help you and we will recommend a suitable product for you.

The ultimate plastic pallet; smooth deck pallets are strong, tough and extremely hygienic. They are ideal for the storage, handling and distribution of food, pharmaceuticals and other products where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. Solid top pallets provide the most stable surface or deck for transporting and storing heavy product loads. They also comply with all applicable material handling standards. Their smooth surface allows for easy cleaning, making them a suitable choice for industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals, as well as any applications requiring sanitation and hygiene. Have a look below and find out why smooth deck pallets are one of our most popular products. If you have ever wondered ‘where can I get pallets’ or ‘how much is a pallet’ then look no further and do as so many have before and invest in smooth deck pallets.


What is a Smooth Deck Pallet?

Smooth Deck Pallets are exactly what they say they are, plastic pallets with a smooth, clean top to allow goods to be transported on and off with ease. They are common in the food industry as they offer a tidy balance when storing goods meaning that they can easily be transported without damaging the food on top. They are also regularly purchased as part of the pharmaceutical industry as they offer a level of hygiene which is appealing to those who have to maintain a certain level of cleanliness when it comes to storing and transporting goods.

The truth is if you are moving food or pharmaceuticals around you will almost always need a smooth deck pallet. They are lightweight and can be easily transported in either shipping or vehicle transfer. Smooth deck pallets are also easy to clean pallets which means that once the food or pharmaceuticals have been offloaded, they can be thoroughly cleaned to make sure that they can be reused again and again. The robustness of these pallets is impressive in comparison to other means of transport and storage systems. They are sturdy and strong meaning that they last for years without showing any signs of wear and tear.


The Popularity of Smooth Deck Pallets

Smooth deck pallets are also a popular option due to the material that they are made from. With any plastic pallet, the risk of splinters from wood is eradicated meaning that they are pleasant to handle and can be passed around without any issues. The recycled plastic means that they are easy to manoeuvre amongst staff and can be passed around a workforce without any great difficulty. Open deck pallets have their own features however smooth deck pallets are as useful due to the amount of benefits which are offered by their size and nature.

Smooth Deck Pallets are available in a variety of configurations as part of the Exporta Global product range. All of our plastic pallets are extremely durable, strong and reliable making them one of the most commonly purchased items from our product line. They are all also made from the same material, recycled plastic. This material reinforces the pallets and gives them the strength they need while still maintaining their lightweight properties. This means that they are safe to manoeuvre without risking damage to the goods, all while being easy to transfer on and off transport means.


What are the Benefits of Smooth Deck Pallets?

The benefits of smooth deck pallets are one of the main reasons why so many people become interested in purchasing them. They offer certain features which no other pallet or plastic pallets can lay claim to. Buy plastic pallets today and find out why they are one of the most popular storage and transport systems. Not only are they perfectly suited for certain types of businesses, they are popular out with those industries meaning that they are multi-purposeful and useful in a variety of environments and settings. This versatility makes them one of the most popular plastic pallets in the world and is a reason why so many of our customers commit to the choice of investing in a few of them. Now you know where to find pallets, have a look at the benefits of smooth deck pallet;


  • Easy to Handle - The nature of smooth deck pallets mean that the top is solid and flat in surface. This means that they are easy to load onto as well as offload from. Pallets which have lids or lips on them can often be problematic when it comes to loading on and off from, with the smooth deck pallet, this is never an issue. They are also useful in terms of automatic and manual handling equipment meaning that they accept industrial machinery such as forklifts. Their ease in terms of handling means that they are also lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.


  • Cleanliness – The level of hygiene which can be maintained as part of smooth deck pallets features is one of the main benefits and a reason why they attract so much attention. The surface which goods are placed on can be easily cleaned with almost any cleaning surface without causing any damage to the pallet. Pallets with a surface which have holes in them can be difficult at times. With the smooth deck pallets, this is no issue. They are quick and easy to clean which is an important aspect of food and pharmaceutical industries and a reason why they are popular in their respective industries.


  • Durability – As with all of our plastic pallets, the smooth deck pallet is made from recycled plastic meaning that they are as durable as any transport or storage product out there. The plastic which is used in the manufacturing process is the highest of quality meaning that they are extremely sturdy. They can last a very long time and have been known to last decades at a time without showing any signs of wear and tear. The durability of smooth deck pallets means that they can be reused by the same business thousands of times without needing to be reused.


  • High-Quality Materials – The polyphone plastic which is used is sourced from the highest quality sources. This contributes to the strength and durability of the product to ensure that they can be reused after years and years. As with all Exporta Global’s products, we only use the best materials available and are not interested in giving our customers anything less than what they deserve. This is why any production or manufacturing materials are used with the final product in mind to make sure that it is a strong storage and transport system that any of customers will have no issues with.  


  • Temperature Resistant -  The stress and strain which our smooth deck pallets can go through is substantial when compared to other means of transport and storage. The materials which they are made from mean that they can still maintain their form through the most extreme weather conditions. The smooth deck pallets are also UV degradation resistant meaning that UV will have no effect on the form of the product. Pallets are often shipped and transferred around the world through a variety of temperatures and weathers. This is no issue with the smooth deck pallet as it maintains its form regardless of the external circumstances.   


  • Static Load Rating – The amount of items that can be placed on top of a smooth deck pallet is another reason why it is popular amongst our customers. Our smooth deck pallets can handle as much as of 7500 kg of loading weight. This means that the weight can be evenly distributed on the pallet without any fears of collapsing or being too heavy to lift by industrial machinery. The weight which can be loaded onto a smooth deck pallet is impressive in terms of their size and handling vast amounts is never an issue.


  • Suited to Certain Industries – Although smooth deck pallets are suited to certain sectors and businesses, it does not mean that they cannot be used in other industries. Any business which has storage or transport endeavours would be well advised to invest in some sort of pallets. If smooth deck pallets fit the description of what you need then ask us how they could assist you. Smooth deck pallets are typically used within the food, agriculture, pharmaceutical and cleaning industries. Their easy to clean nature makes them a popular option meaning that any food or any other items are safe, secure, protected and kept in a consistent condition. 


  • No Splinters - Unlike timber pallets, there are no splinters or metal shards that could damage contents or injure personnel. With wooden pallets or wooden collar pallets, splinters can often become a pain and can be hazardous when transporting or manoeuvring. With plastic pallets, all edges and surfaces are smooth and will do no harm to a human that is lifting the pallet. This means no more splinters which is a guarantee with smooth deck pallets. All surfaces are easy to friendly to the touch of the workforce making them a hit amongst workers.


  • Liquid Resistant – With all of our plastic pallets, the materials used in production mean that they do not absorb liquid. This means that if anything is spilt onto the surface of the pallet or the pallet itself, it does not seep into the pallet and ruin the product. Any harmful liquids simply spill off of the pallet and therefore no goods are harmed. This means that nothing is damaged and the pallet itself goes unharmed. Accidents do happen, especially in an industrial pallet setting. Being able to rest easy knowing that the product you buy will go undamaged is something that many of our customers resonate with.


  • Structure – The structure of the smooth deck pallets is sturdy meaning that although they are flexible, they do not have too much give. This means that when they are being transported by forklifts or by staff, they are sturdy enough to be rigid, yet lightweight enough to be easy to manoeuvre. This minimal flex gives smooth deck pallets a good name in terms of being reliable when transporting goods but at the same time are easy to load and unload. The easy to grip handles are great for humans and are accepting of forklifts that wish to lift the pallets.


  • Recyclable – One thing which we pride ourselves on here at Exporta Global is the lifespan of our products. The products which we offer are built with the idea that they will be reused several thousand times. With this idea, we know that our pallets need to made from materials that can be recycled once their lifespan is over. With smooth deck pallets, this is precisely the case. All of our smooth deck pallets can be recycled once a customer or business is finished using them. This gives our customer base comfort knowing that we are doing our bit for the environment.


  • Anti-Slip Protection – Another benefit of smooth deck pallets is that the product is made from materials that are slip resistant. This means that any good which are being transferred should be safe and secured in place. When loading and unloading, the risk of slipping is also minimalised as goods will remain in the same place thanks to the surface of the deck.