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Rental Options - How does it work?

We have put together a new and innovative rental option for bulk purchases of our equipment such as plastic pallet, pallet boxes, poly crates, storage crates and containers. We recognise that even more so in current times that before the need to use capital and make investments prudently and wisely is required. To that end we have a new rental option that allows our products to be rented over a fixed term rather than purchased outright.

This allows us to provide our customers with maximum flexibility when it comes supporting their business requirements, they need replacement or new equipment for their operation or supply chain. Within the contract we can build in expected levels of loss or damage cover and replacements plus we can add on additional services such as washing, repair or refurbishment which will cover and mitigate the risk to the user.

Then at the end of the term we will collect and recycle the products with minimum hassle ready to start again or look at new solutions.


Main Advantages for Customers

The biggest advantage of rental is the company’s ability to continue to invest in the core business and retain Capex Funds for other value adding projects. This type of rental is usually reserved for robust and long-lasting reusable equipment that are used in “closed loop” supply chain operations or within factories and manufacturing environments.

The main advantages in taking out a rental option are:

·        Reduces the risk of full ownership and loss potential

·        Conserves capital for other investments

·        Releases and improves cash flow

·        Fixed rate financing, not subject to inflation

·        Terms can be flexible and of different durations

·        Improve ROI ratio and costs in the short term

·        Improves credit scoring

·        Makes accounting easier

Rental Illustration:

Here is an illustration of a typical straightforward rental of one of our products – in this case it is for 250 x Alpha Polycrates which would cost £46,178.50 to purchase outright. The rental option would take costs down to £1498 per month over a 3 year period.

Collapsible Pallet Box

- Highly versatile multi product container

- Simple to use folding system

- Available with feet or runners

- Reduce stretching injuries with folding sides

- Stackable, even when folded

- Huge load capacities

Dolav Compatible Pallet Boxes

- Hygienic solution for food produce handling

- Solid base and walls

- Two standard sizes

- Wide variety of colours

- Easy to wash & clean

- 3 moulded runners

Poly Crates

- Folding capacity reduces carriage costs

- 80% reduction capability on all sizes

- Strong, secure lids

- Innovative 3-part design

- Robust & economic

- 100% recyclable

Rigid Pallet Boxes

- Save on transport costs

- Variety of base types and side wall options

- Strong, stackable storage

- Food grade material

- Stackable, up to 4 high

- Lids available for added security