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Pallet Collars

Pallet collars are used to protect your products while in a pallet, they provide easier transport of the pallet and can allow more products to be stored on pallets. Pallet collars can ensure that your warehouse is kept clean and orderly. The flexibility of the pallet collars means that they can be used with different types of pallets, including classic pallets and pallets with sides. This diversity makes pallet collars extremely popular. If you’re looking for plastic pallets, here at Exporta Global, we are experts when it comes to plastic pallets, and are proud to stock the largest range of new plastic pallets for sale in the UK. You’ll find distribution pallets, display pallets, food-grade hygiene pallets and more!  Speak to an expert now! Call 0800 294 4394.

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If you operate in a warehouse and find yourself around pallets regularly, then you need a pallet collar! This is a modern and highly efficient product handling solution for different types of products. The pallet sides work with compact, bulky and fragile products and work to protect them from damage.

Once pallets are full they become extremely heavy and hard to manoeuvre and the products within it can become easily damaged if not taken care of properly. Through installing pallet sides it should protect your pallet and the products inside. Whether this is a wooden collar or plastic one, you can be assured your pallet will be well looked after.

When transporting pallets, there is always a risk of accidents happening. With the growing popularity of container transportation solutions, the use of collars has increased in recent years. To provide a better solution to transportation opportunities for different types of products, both wooden and plastic pallet collars were introduced to the market and their success has been obvious.

How are pallet collars used?

Pallet collars are used to protect your products, provide easier transport of the pallet and allow more products to be stored at once. They ensure that your warehouse is kept clean and orderly and their flexibility means that they can be used with different types of pallets, including classic pallets. With this diversity, it’s no shock they’re so popular!

A single, wooden collar consists of up to six wooden or plastic boards, as well as six metallic hinges that hold the boards together, creating the collar. These hinges provide a collapsable function that helps save space – which is extremely important for successful logistics. With this, wooden collars are commonly used in many warehouses for their durability and ease of use.

Additions to your pallet sides

Pallet collars not only keep your pallet protected and easy to store, but you can add other products alongside them to make your pallet even safer. Additional products include:

  • Pallet Collar Lids
    Adding a lid to your pallet collar transforms your pallet into an enclosed crate and can act as shelving in a warehouse when the pallet is stored away. The lids are usually made from strong wood that slip onto the top of the pallet. The wood provides sturdy protection for the products inside the pallet.

    Attaching a lid to your pallet sides converts the full pallet into stackable containers for small, mixed or fragile pallets – making it easier for transport. They also provide a robust packaging solution that not only protects your products but also handles big loads with ease.

  • Pallet Collar Dividers
    Add flexibility to your pallet collars by adding a divider. Dividers are slats of wood that cordon off the space in the pallet allowing the internal space to be separated when the pallet collar is placed on the pallet. They are commonly used to separate fragile products that are delicate and easy to break.
    Our dividers come in a range of different sizes to ensure that they fit all pallet collars. They can be fitted on a width or length basis, making the most of the space and ensuring that the products are kept separate and safe.

  • Pallet Collar Stacking Corners
    Stacking corners are solid plastic corners that allow the stacking of one pallet of collars on top of another pallet of collars. The pallet stacking corners are completely robust and can be used on any pallet.

    Using a stacking corner can make it easier to store pallets in a warehouse and can keep them safe and together. Grouping same product pallets together with a stacking corner can make it easier during transportation. You will be able to group together and move specific pallets together at the same time; making it simpler for employees working in the warehouse whilst keeping the warehouse organised.

Benefits of Pallet Collars

Overall, there are many benefits to pallet collars that will make your life simpler. Operating in a warehouse with hundreds of products and pallets can take up a vast amount of space, making it difficult to find space for new products. The collars can optimise space in both the warehouse and transport when used correctly. They provide fast and easy handling, as well as easy assembling whilst ensuring easy and fast access to your stored goods.

Most collars can be disassembled and stored easily, saving you up to more than 80% of space! The collapsing function makes them easy to store when not in use. Although different types of products can be stored on pallets without the use of pallet sides, they can still be used in order to ensure safe multi-level storage.

Using pallet sides in your company warehouse provides the possibility to store more types of products on pallets which would usually be stored in classic wooden boxes. The use of different pallet collars, such as plastic ones, can allow for fragile products to be stored on pallets safely.

How Pallet Collars are constructed

The construction of pallet sides is key to the flexible uses they provide. For pallet collars to be beneficial to a business or warehouse, they need to be constructed with professionalism and high standards. Their simple and flexible construction allows them to stand out from other storage aids and transport solutions. The ability to adjust the height and size of the pallet sides make sure they suit your needs.

Standardisation of Pallet Collars

Standard pallet collars are usually manufactured in four different heights from 100mm to 400mm. By knowing the needed heights and combining them together can make it possible to match every single package to particular products easily and closely.

Customisation of Pallet Collars

To ensure that the pallet collars can be used with any pallet size or shape, customisation is carried out on them. In order to provide quality working conditions, it is possible to manufacture any custom height and size, allowing precise packaging for any type of products in pallets.

The hinges of the pallet sides can also be customised in order to provide modified space-saving solutions. Changing the hinges can ensure the possibility to change how the pallet collar is stored and used. For example, adapting the hinges can make it possible to open one side like a door, providing easier access to the products.

Materials used for Pallet Collars

There are two different types of pallet collars that are commonly used. The standard pallet collar is made out of wood. The wooden pallet collars are manufactured from plywood as it provides a high-quality finish. This type of wood will also be durable and long-lasting.

In addition to wooden collars, plastic collars are also used. They offer an alternative to the classic wooden pallet collars. Also known as OSB, the plastic pallet sides are durable and strong, protecting the products to the highest standard.

Risk Avoidance

When using pallet collars it is important to ensure that you are using them safely and efficiently. In order to form the needed packaging from the collars, it is important to remember that pallet collars from the same manufacturer should be stacked on one another. Although the majority of manufacturers use a standard size on all their pallet sides, it is important to remember that differences can occur.

No matter how small the difference is, accidents can happen. While manufacturers produce pallet collars to similar sizes, the technologies used can create differences. Avoid the risk and stick to the same manufacturer as such minor differences can cause significant safety issues when pallet collars are used.

What are Pallet Collars?

The pallet collar is a modern and efficient packaging solution for large, friable and compact products. A stronger and more durable alternative to wooden boxes, pallet collars are the perfect solution for storing, packing and shipping products which need to stay safe and secure.

How are Pallet Sides used?

They can be stacked, enabling flexibility with height, while the hinges allow the pallet collar to be collapsed when not in use. This is one of the main features that has contributed to their growing popularity, especially for space-conscious businesses. Their construction ensures that they can be adapted to suit different needs of workspaces. No assembly is required, they slot securely on top of pallets.

What are the benefits of using a Pallet Collar?

The unique design of the pallet sides is a great tool for saving space, whether this is in a warehouse or while in transport. Not only are they storage efficient, but they also prevent damage. By reducing the risk of damage to your pallets and products during transportation, you’ll have fewer replacements and repair costs in the long term, saving your business money.

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