Plastic Pallet Collars

Plastic Pallet Collars are the ideal solution for reducing packaging weight while maintaining strength. Plastic Pallet Collars are easy to wash and clean. Plastic Pallet Collars are also suitable for outside storage and are widely used in industries like food and pharmaceuticals as they prevent product ingress.

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Plastic Pallet Collars for Different Pallet sizes

From £36.10 to £53.79

Flexi Crate Xtra - Half Euro Size 800x600mm

From £71.77 to £199.23

Flexi Crate Xtra - Euro Size 1200x800mm

From £121.00 to £299.24

Flexi Crate Xtra - Standard Size 1200x1000mm

From £137.02 to £320.13

Where should I use plastic pallet collars over other solutions?

We often get asked this question re: plastic pallet collars. There's a number of applications where plastic pallet collars are better than other product handling solutions. First up they have the dual personality of being both strong and light. So they can take a bit of bashing around but they're light enough for a single person to fit them and remove them.

Add to this that they're super smooth and won't snag on items, it all means they can be used where wooden collars or wooden crates won't work.

Because they are plastic these versatile collars can also be used outside, in the rain, without any fear of the materials being affected. Additionally, a lid can be attached to the topmost collar to provide extra protection.

Because they are plastic they have standard, uniform dimensions meaning you get the same size collar every time you order.

Lastly, they make excellent internal storage protectors, just fit them around pallets (wooden or plastic) and they'll give you added protection of any height from 200mm to 2 metres.

Plastic Pallet Collars are a really useful product handling tool.

What’s the difference between plastic pallet collars and wooden pallet collars?

As the first company to bring pallet collars into the UK market we're often asked what are the benefits of plastic pallet collars and wooden pallet collars. Which one is right for my application? Well, we thought it would be useful to put together the

Exporta Guide To Pallet Collars.

Pallet Collar Materials

First things first, wood is wood and plastic is plastic. The wooden collars are more sturdy but less expensive than their plastic counterparts.

Pallet Collar Weight

Obviously the wooden collars weigh more than the plastic collars. This has to be considered when reviewing the resources you're going to put into actually moving and using collars. Plastic collars can be easily shifted by a single person with minimal effort.


While both types of pallet collar provide great protection to products within their confines, what about the people who are using them? If you need the extra protection of the wooden collars then you should make sure your people are wearing gloves. While our wooden pallet collars are top of the range with chamfered edging (no one else does this) we'd still recommend gloves - there are galvanised hinges for solid operation.


Both sets of collars can be stacked on top of each other to give added height to what you can place around your products. Additionally, both sets can be double-stacked. So, vertically, you can have a plastic pallet, a number of collars with products within, then another plastic pallet on top with more collars and products. This means you could save thousands on transit costs.


This is where plastic pallet collars come out on top. They are extremely easy to clean and don't attract dust and dirt in the same way the wooden collars do. Wooden collars that get dirty tend to stay dirty.


Wood rots. It's a simple fact. If you leave the wooden collars outside they will get damp. If this is an issue for your contents then use plastic collars.


Both sets of collars can be stamped or marked with your brand to maximise exposure. Our preference, if brand is important in the application, is to go for plastic pallet collars as these give that little bit extra shine.


Well, this is all down to your application. If you're transporting fabrics then you'd want to use plastic, if you're transferring bits of metal, you'd want to use wooden pallet collars. If it doesn't matter to you if you use wood or plastic then wooden pallet collars are significantly more cost effective.

We hope you get what you want from our pallet collar guide. If you have any questions please do get in touch on 0800 294 4394.

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