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Storage Containers

As product handling solution experts, we stock a vast range of storage containers to suit your business needs. Whatever your storage requirement, at Exporta Global, we have several industrial storage boxes to improve the efficient running of your workplace, as well as to help you utilise vital space. We supply storage solutions such as euro containers, plastic containers, crates and picking bins to a diverse range of industries. Whether you’re looking for large metal boxes for storing an array of warehouse items, or plastic containers to carry stock, here at Exporta we have a storing solution for you. Speak to an expert now! Call 0800 294 4394.

Euro Containers

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Attached Lid Containers

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Storage Bins

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Here at Exporta Global, we specialise in all things storage – especially storage containers. We have provided industrial storage boxes all over the UK to help facilitate the storage needs of almost any type of business. Whether you are looking for an open fronted storage container or plastic containers with lids, we have a full range of high quality, durable plastic storage containers available for immediate dispatch to you. Our product handling solutions FAST promise means that you could have your goods as soon as the next working day, if you order before 3pm. Currently our storage containers are being used in a variety of products and we supply every volume of products, dependant on our customer needs. This means that we can supply your business with one single storage container or right up to 400,000 items or more, whatever you need! Within this section of our website you will find many different storage container options, including drop down sides, open fronts, branded or unbranded and in a variety of colours. If you cannot find the storage containers you are looking for then get in touch with us and we will see what we can do for you!

Buy storage containers for the home 

Not only do Exporta Global supply industrial storage boxes for businesses but we also sell many storage containers which are perfect for use in the home. These plastic containers are perfect for storing goods in both the home and garage.

Our plastic storage containers provide a robust and trustworthy option if you are moving home or having a clear out in your home. When moving home it is often a problem that goods can become damaged or broken during the move, due to cheap cardboard boxes failing in their job. One cost effective way around this is to use plastic storage containers. These will allow you to move your belongings safely to their new home.

Even if you are simply trying to de-clutter your home, storage containers are a fantastic way to maximise the space available in your home or garage. These plastic storage containers can hold a whole variety of household items and can easily fit on shelves or in cupboards. Why not make the move towards a tidy home with storage containers from Exporta Global?

Here at Exporta Global, we have a whole range of plastic storage containers for a whole range of uses. Dependant on your needs you may require storage containers with open fronts that will allow you to collect items easily, or perhaps you need storage containers which have lids, allowing you to completely seal off all your belongings. These storage containers come in a variety of colours which will brighten up any home.

Our storage containers can easily be kept on most shelves and it is up to you to decide which size will suit your needs and home. If this is your first time buying plastic storage containers for your home and require assistance in deciding which ones are for you then feel free to contact us quickly on live chat whilst browsing. We are experts in storage products so can easily assist you in choosing the right ones for your home.

At Exporta Global you are guaranteed quality and a product which will last. Our goods are made using the best materials and we test the quality of all our products to ensure our customers are only receiving the best.

Buy industrial storage containers for business

As Product Handling Solution experts, we know what is best for different businesses to make themselves more efficient. Most businesses require a storage solution of some sort and at Exporta Global we have a number of industrial storage boxes which could assist your business in improving the storage it has available. We have supplied storage containers to almost every type of business, each one having different needs and requirements.

Some businesses prefer to use our Euro containers to allow them to have a complete storage system which is fully compliant with their Euro pallets and other Euro products. For other businesses it makes more sense to make use of our small parts storage bins which have open fronts. These allow you to get goods quickly and easily and are ideal for the storage of small items including nuts, bolts, screws or even cable ties! Our metal storage containers are ideal for warehousing or for use in production and manufacturing, not to mention hot works. For those looking for stackable containers which have a heavy load bearing then attached lid containers are a fantastic option.

Buy plastic storage containers with lids

For many it is a necessity to have their goods completely protected and one way to achieve this is by using plastic storage containers with lids. Many customers prefer storage containers with lids as an effective way to store and move their goods.

Our Euro containers with lids are incredibly useful as they can be easily opened and closed by a holder in order to gain access to any products inside. Another feature which makes these plastic storage containers popular with our customers is that they can be easily locked to ensure that the goods within are kept safe.

When being unused, these plastic storage containers can be easily stacked, saving you valuable space within your warehouse or business. Once these storage containers have been stacked you can fit far more items within your warehouse or transportation, in turn maximising the efficiency of your business.

The benefits of using storage containers with lids

There are many benefits to using Exporta Global’s storage containers with lids. This is what makes them one of our most popular storage options. If your business is currently seeking an effective product handling solution and are currently utilising storage containers without lids, then you may want to consider the benefits of switching to lids:

  • Stackable
  • Nestable
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Long lasting reusable container
  • Strong, reliable lids for strength and security
  • Lock option
  • Opening detection Reinforced flat base suitable for automation
  • Ergonomic handles on both sides
  • Removable card window
  • Heavy duty, durable
  • Food grade certification
  • Can be branded with logo
  • Available in colours virgin material
  • ESD grade can be supplied on request

Our Storage containers with lids are food grade compliant and you can purchase them now on the Exporta website. Storage containers with lids, depending on the model you buy, can repel oil, acid, and alkali, making them an excellent purchase if your boxes are facing transit. It is also common for these storage containers to be resistant to hot and cold temperatures which means that the products inside the boxes will not be affected by the changing temperature.  If you are still unsure if you should choose storage containers with lids, get in touch with us today for some guidance.

Storage Containers from Exporta Global 

No matter what type of storage container you buy from us, you are guaranteed quality in every product. Our different storage containers come in varying sizes and capacities. If you are unsure on the capacity your business requires then get in touch today and we can assist you in choosing a storage container that is right for you. The storage containers we supply are:

  • Small Parts Storage Bins -  These heavy duty, small parts storage bins are designed for the storing and picking of small parts and components. Featuring an open front, the goods inside can be accessible even when they are stacked, meaning you can effectively use the space you have available. These come in a variety of fun colours and can stack and fit onto louvre panels to provide tidy, convenient and out-of-the-way storage.
  • Euro Stacking Containers – These handy storage containers are food grade compatible, are heavy duty making them highly durable. Our Euro stacking containers are so versatile that they are suitable for a whole range of uses including storage and product transport. These storage containers are often used in automated processes. This product also has the handy option of adding a lid on.
  • Metal Storage Boxes – Our metal storage boxes come in a whole range of sizes and capacities. Made from galvanised steel they are ideal for the warehousing, storage, production and manufacturing and hot works. We also have open fronted metal pans which allow ease of access to products inside.
  • ALCs – Our attached lid containers have fold flat sides which mean they take up less storage space when stacked. The strong plastic they are manufactured from means they can take more load. These are industry leading storage containers which are fully stackable and closable. 

Why buy storage containers from Exporta?

No matter what type of storage containers you are looking to buy from Exporta Global, you will always receive strong and durable industrial storage boxes which can be used in almost every type of business. By choosing storage containers from Exporta Global you are able to move your products with ease.

Having been in business for over 40 years we have become the Product Handling Solution specialists. This is especially true for storage containers, they have become somewhat of our bread and butter. No matter what your business does, we will have the storage containers you need to maximise the efficiency of your business. Whether this be plastic containers or metal ones, we will have the solution for you.

At Exporta Global you are guaranteed product quality when you buy storage containers. This is because we only manufacture our products using the highest quality materials and rigorously test the quality of our products to make sure our customers receive the best products. Not only are our storage containers highly durable, they are also excellent value for money. This is what keeps our customers coming back.

If you would like to order Storage Boxes online, then you can do this via our website. Our website can also tell you the price and if the item is in stock. If you do have any questions about our storage containers in stock, then get in touch. At Exporta, we like to give our customers more and that means we can send our storage containers by next day delivery. Exporta Global provides next day delivery for all orders placed before 3 pm.

Our industrial storage boxes are the perfect choice for those who are looking to modernise their product handling and shipping needs. We can help your business become more economical by saving space in your workspace.

About Exporta Global

Our business has over 40 decades of experience when it comes to product handling solutions, this is the main reason we are so confident that we can find you the boxes or crates which would benefit your business the most.

We love answering your questions and our team of friendly customer advisors can help you with everything from delivery options to the products that you are looking at. We process orders 24 hours a day, have a live chat function and advisors that you can speak to over the phone.

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