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Plastic Crates

Shipping crates have long been the container of choice for shipping; from storage crates for fresh fruit and vegetables, through to machine parts and industrial chemicals. At Exporta Global, we have a huge range of plastic crates, whether you need bale arm crates, folding crates or eurocrates. Plastic crates are particularly popular in industries such as warehousing, transportation, distribution and retail, because they are much more durable than cardboard boxes, plus they are waterproof, easily cleaned and nestable. Available in several sizes, you can rely on Exporta Global to take care of your product handling solutions.

Automation Crates

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Bale Arm Crates

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Folding Crates

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Stack/Nest Crates

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Shipping Crates

Crates have long been the backbone of the shipping industry. For decades they have been the container of choice for practically any product, from fresh fruit and veg through to machine parts and industrial chemicals.

Our plastic shipping crates are distinct from a wooden box based especially on how the carrying weight is rated. A wooden box is rated on the potential carry weight without the top installed, whereas a crate is rated on the carry weight with the top installed, i.e. all six sides present.

Plastic crates are extremely useful things to have around. They tend to be ventilated and therefore are great for holding food, as well as easy to clean. These plastic crates can be stacking, nesting, or both stacking and nesting. Crates can also be folding or foldable. Our folding crates allow you to save an incredible amount of space on return journeys and in your warehouse. This means when they are not in use they take up much less space.

Stacking crates sit on top of each other, normally slotting in slightly to make the tower that little bit more robust. Stacking crates can be set to go up to as tall as a 2m high stack and still be safe. Nesting crates slot right into each other when not in use. Stack nest crates do both. Eurocrates fit the euro footprint sizes of 400x300mm and 600x400mm.

Here at Exporta Global, we have a variety of different types of crates. Choose from the strong Bale Arm Crates - A-Crate, light Picking Crate - V-Crate, folding crates and our award-winning F-Crate which is a foldable crate for light industry, and the ever-useful Eurocrates.


Plastic Crates

We have a great range of plastic crates at Exporta Global, stocking a variety of shapes and sizes to cover a wealth of different applications. We have plastic crates of all shapes and sizes, many of which conform to the standard Euro footprint size (commonly known as Eurocrates); these crates are perfect for automation.


Our crates are manufactured to the very highest standards and the plastic in our crates is checked regularly to ensure flawless form, guaranteeing the best end product for our customers.


Plastic Crates from Exporta are used in a wide range of applications:


- In the food industry for storing and moving fruit

- In light industry for storing parts

- In the electrical industry for storage of spares

- In e-commerce, our plastic crates are used as an alternative to bins and trays.


Whether you’re looking for a robust plastic crate - our Bale Arm Crate has the strongest arms on the market – or you’re looking for a light crate for temporary storage, we’re confident we will stock the perfect plastic crate for you.


Additionally, all our plastic crates are in stock and ready for Next Day Delivery on our Product Handling Solutions FAST promise.


Storage Crates

Storage Crates from Exporta Global are ideal for storing a large selection of items, from food and pharmaceuticals to raw materials and machine parts. All of our crates come with our very own testing guarantee, plus our Storage Crates can be with you tomorrow thanks to our next day delivery services. That’s right, all the crates you see on our website are available straight from stock which means they can go out on a Next Day Delivery service directly to the destination you want them to go to, be it a home address or a business location. Our crates range from 400x300mm in size right up to the massive pallet crates that are famous for their use in the motor industry.


Exporta’s storage crates can also be branded with your very own brand mark, giving you brand representation throughout the entire process of manufacture to the client. Our manufacturing process is exact and ensures each crate is identical to the next one. Whether you’re looking to store a few parts or move larger items, Exporta Global’s storage crates are the storage crates that you should be looking to purchase.


Bale Arm Crates

Exporta's Bale Arm Crates - known as the A-Crate - are class-leading vented crates - sometimes called the Maxinest. They have the strongest stacking arm on the market - strengthened with injected fibreglass - meaning users can lift more weight with confidence. They come in a variety of sizes, from 20 Litre Bale Arm Crate to the 36.25 Litre, a true legend in its field. These crates are made of robust food-grade plastic and so can withstand the tough treatment they are likely to undergo. Equally applicable to storage, transport, and food, these crates are truly multi-purpose and will fill any role asked of them.

Exporta Bale Arm Crates are also Stack Nest configurable. So, when in use, they can be stacked on top of each other to maximise the available storage space. This also provides a clearance which gives excellent airflow. When not in use they can be nested together, taking up much less space in terms of storage and thus return trip transport costs. Truly, the A-Crate Bale Arm Crate from Exporta is a class-leading crate capable of propelling businesses to success around the globe.


The Eurocrates – which are available in multiple colours - offer tremendous flexibility in terms of moving produce around stores and in storage. Eurocrates are used extensively in food movement and production because they have excellent airflow, which means mould caused by dampness is kept to a minimum.

Eurocrates stack on top of each other and are robust enough for most environments, including farms, food production, light industry, and transport. Made from sturdy plastic, they have vents to allow the air to pass through. Exporta Global Eurocrates are also easily washed down, preventing a build-up of dirt and bacteria that could potentially ruin stock.


Buy Folding Crates

Folding crates are well used throughout the light industry and within the food sectors. They provide an excellent method of moving produce and parts around. Their collapsible quality means that these plastic crates can take up less space on a return journey. The F-Crate Folding Crate is the fastest to collapse, the easiest folding crate to build up; it can also carry the most weight in its class of crates.

Available in a variety of sizes these folding crates have ergo-grip patented technology to avoid handling injury. They can also have coloured markers for easy identification and can be transported internally on dollies. The F-Crate Folding Crate is a class-leading plastic crate and should be top of your list if you're looking for flexible storage solutions.


Advantages of the F-Crate Folding Crate

The F-Crate is a top of the range folding crate. This collapsible wonder is a class apart from other crates on the market and here's why:

- It folds out in a jiffy. Better than a jiffy, it folds out in under 2 seconds compared with other crates. This leads to efficiency savings.

- It folds flat in equally as impressive a time. That's less than 2 seconds to fold flat from a standing start.

- It’s designed for real people. It has ergo-grip handles so when you are lifting this crate around, then it's good to the hands, allowing workers to carry the crates for longer, increasing productivity.

- It has a super slim design. The fourth thing that makes this crate so great is that when folded flat it is the thinnest crate within the class, so it takes up less storage space when not in use or on return journeys.

- It's a robust collapsible crate. It can take a bit of bashing and can hold heavy weights.

All in all, the F-Crate Folding Collapsible crate is a market leader not only in terms of collapsible crates but crates in general.


Stacking Crates For Sale

Stacking Crates are plastic crates that can stack on top of each other. These crates can be stacked in a tower formation to be easily transported around or placed into storage. Exporta's stacking crates fit snugly and safely on top of each other. They can be combined with a dolly to then move them around on wheels for ease of transport, or they can be stacked onto pallets for the same purpose.

Additionally, they make excellent static storage as they all come with easy to use, ergonomic handles. Stacking crates are a completely flexible storage solution and should be considered when looking for light storage products. Stacking crates are widely used in the home, in light industry, for small parts storage, and inventory storage.


Nesting Crates

Nesting Crates are plastic crates that can nest inside each other when not in use to reduce the space they take up. Nesting Crates are used a lot in return trip scenarios where the crates are sent out fully loaded then returned empty. The percentage that they nest is important as this can have a direct effect on shipping costs, that's why nesting crates with the biggest nesting capacity are highly sought after.


Buy Nest Stack Crates

Stack Nest Crates are crates that are both stack and nest configurable. These crates stack when in use or filled with products and nest when not in use. Hence the name - stack nest crates. The stack nest crates come in a variety of sizes but are most common in the euro sizes of 400x300mm and 600x400mm with a variety of heights.

Their combination of stacking and nesting properties makes them extremely attractive to many companies, for obvious reasons. Order yours today and have it on your doorstep by as early as tomorrow, thanks to our fast delivery service—no need to wait around.

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