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Storage Bins

Here at Exporta Global, we specialise in storage solutions, one of the most popular ways of storing goods is through plastic storage bins. We offer an extensive range of storage bins to suit a variety of needs, so we are confident we have the solution to your storage problems. We offer bins in a range of shapes, colours and sizes, which means you have a vast array of choices and are more likely to find a fit for your needs. Each of our plastic parts bins, whether you’re looking for small bins or larger plastic bins, benefit from an open-fronted and stackable design which can be easily combined with an adjustable storage bay. Speak to an expert now! Call 0800 294 4394.

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Storage Solutions are what we specialise in and one of the most popular ways of storing goods is through Plastic Storage Bins. Here at Exporta Global, we offer an extensive range of Storage Bins and are confident we have the solution to your storage problems. We offer Bins in a range of shapes, colours and sizes which means you have a better chance of getting the exact product that you had hoped for. Not only are we able to offer you the highest quality in products, we are here to offer you advice on your purchase and can give you recommendations based on our expert guidance. Get in touch and ask how we can help you and your storage requirements today. The products which we offer are the best on the market, we are confident that any Exporta product will last you a significant period over anything else out there. Not only are we able to offer you the best available products, we are able to get them to you without any hassles, the very next day after order. We pride ourselves on this and offer our next day delivery all year round no matter the circumstance.


We know that once you purchase your product, you want to put it to use immediately and with our delivery options, that is made an easy option. The best products out there in no time at all, simple. Storing and moving goods can be achieved through a variety of ways, all of which are covered with Exporta Global, we are able to provide you with the product you need to make sure you are not left disappointed. Have a look at our product range and find whatever it is you need to suit your requirements.


What are Storage Bins?

Storage Bins - Sometimes called (Small Parts Bins) - are exceptionally flexible plastic storage. Ranging in sizes that are appropriate for holding tiny items right up to sizes that can take multiple heavier items. These plastic storage bins provide excellent flexible storage options. Available in a huge range of sizes these bins can be configured together in a huge range of options and colours. Available colours include Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White. These small parts storage bins are available individually, in packs and in bundles with louvre panels. Small parts bins are used universally in workshops, warehouses, production, despatch. They can be seen everywhere. Our Small Parts Bins are of exceptionally high standard, with heavy duty plastic design ensuring the high lifespan.


How to best optimise your Storage Bins

There are many ways in which you can use Small Parts Storage Bins. They vary in size from ones that can hold business cards right up to bins that can hold a couple of heavy items each. Getting your storage configured correctly can really make a difference to your efficiency. There are a couple of ways you can achieve this. Firstly, we'd strongly recommend using Louvre panels. These panels allow you to affix your bins to a wall or board and easily move them around as necessary.


Secondly, if you use parts of different sizes, use a colour in a row or a column of the same size so you can easily see what bins have what size of products. Don’t mix sizes up on the same row or columns, if you do this your display and your efficiency will go right down. Exporta Global offers its small part storage bins to anywhere in Europe. They are highly versatile, coming in six sizes and five different colours. If you're looking for a storage solution for small parts, these small parts storage bins are the perfect solution for you.


Which types of Storage Bins are for sale with Exporta Global?

The product range which we offer here at Exporta is wide ranging and is designed to make sure that whatever the storage needs, we can offer a suitable product. Attached Lid Containers, Storage Boxes and Plastic Pallets are also available as similar products. The types of Plastic Storage Bins which we offer include;


Size 2 - Small Parts storage bins 165mm x 100mm x 75mm in size and available in yellow, green, blue, white and red. They can be stacked on top of each other and are useful for small items that need to be stored.

Size 3 - Small Parts storage bins 240mm x 150mm x 132mm in size and available in five colours. Cast in sturdy plastic these can stack on top of each other or can be used in conjunction with louvre panels built for Size 3 Storage Bins.

Size 4 - Small Parts storage bins 350mm x 205mm x 132mm in size and available in the same five colours as listed above. These bins are often used for medium sized items such as clothing.

Size 5 - Small Parts storage bins 350mm x 205mm x 182mm in size and available in five colours. These are the open fronted storage bins for storing small parts. These bins are commonly used to store items such as footballs.

Size 6 - Small Parts storage bins 375mm x 420mm x 182mm in size and available in five colours. These are the second largest storage bins we offer and can be used to store large items.

Size 7 - Small Parts storage bins 520mm x 310mm x 200mm in size and available in five colours. This is the largest type of storage bin that we offer. This option is used for extremely large items such as housing items that require large storage.

All of our products offered are available in the 5 mentioned colours and can be changed at the request of the customer. If you want to mix and match your bin colours, you are free to do so and we will be happy to suggest sizes in relation to your storage needs.


What are the benefits of buying Storage Bins?

Plastic containers or bins are often used in storage as they offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice among the nation.

These advantages in comparison to other storage items on the market. Have a look and find out why so many people are opting for plastic storage bins.

Durability – Storage Bins are renowned for their durability and their ability to withstand wear and tear, as well as external conditions. They have excellent strength due to the materials used in manufacturing and can last a lifetime if cared for appropriately. Their smooth surface repels moisture and chemicals and their stacking properties make them a great space saver.

Lightweight – Plastic Storage Bins are a great alternative to wooden bins which are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. Lightweight storage bins are easy to move and can be easily stacked, even with items inside.

Organisation – As with any storage solution, organisation is a great benefit of our products. You are able to neatly store your items and save space in the process. You are also able to stack the items to save even more space, all while remaining organised.

Cost – Storage Bins are a value for money alternative to items of storage which are costlier. Ranging from £1 to £10, all of our products are cost effective and will keep you saving money with Exporta.

Clutter-free - Most plastic storage bins and containers are stackable. The interlocking pieces can be rearranged to fit any space that needs extra storage. When each item in the inventory is organized systematically, it will keep all clutter out of sight.

Versatility - Plastic storage containers are ideal for any business with large-scale storage and shipping needs. They are commonly used by entities that deal with bakeries, seafood, confectionery, electronics and food processing.

Recyclability - Plastic storage containers are recyclable. They can turn out to be a worthy investment for any business.

Why purchase your Storage Bins from Exporta Global?

There are a tonne of reasons why you would want to purchase your storage solutions from Exporta Global. Whether it’s the products, prices, service or anything else, you can’t go wrong when buying from Exporta.

We offer a range of high-quality products, all of which can be seen online and are available for next day delivery. Our prices are some of the most competitive around, with any of our Storage Bins available for under £10. Prices that can’t be matched, products of the highest quality and unrivalled customer service, all reasons why buying Storage Bins from Exporta Global would be a wise choice.

Exporta have been specialising in handling solutions for the past 40 years and continue to grow and keep our customers satisfied. We hold a working relationship with our clients, customers and manufacturers to make sure that all parties are happy with us and the service we provide.

It’s what we pride ourselves on and we guarantee that any business conducted through Exporta Global will be of the highest order and importance. If it's Storage Bins that you need, Exporta Global is the place to go. We guarantee you the highest of quality products, most competitive prices and the best service around.

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