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Exporta Plastic Pallets September Promotion
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The key benefits of plastic...

Ideal for Export – exempt from ISPM15 regulations and accepted in all countries without the need of a heat treatment certificate!

Lighter – saving up to £40/pallet on airfreight costs and reduces amount of CO2 emissions in transport of goods!

Hygienic – no dirt or dust ingress into factory, and no contamination issues which is ideal for food and Pharmaceutical industries!

Easier to Handle – lighter for safer manual handling and no sharp edges or splinters!

Easy to Clean – can be steam cleaned or washed!

Space Saving - up to 70 pallets a stack in nesting pallets!

Consistency of Size – ideal for automated systems!

Consistency of Strength – plastic pallets come out of a mould and specification sheet provided to guarantee tested load capacities!

Environmentally Friendly – made from recycled plastic, which can be recycled yet again!

Durability – Maximise return on investment, ideal for pool closed loop pallet networks and last more than 10 years!

Impervious to Moisture – unlike wooden pallets they will not absorb moisture which increases weight, mould and deterioration of pallets and causes moisture damage in shipping containers!

Aesthetically Pleasing – delivering your goods on quality pallets will enhance your brand and can be used in point of sale displays!

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