Longspan Shelving

Here at Exporta, you can find a wide range of long span shelving to choose from, sometimes referred to as wide-span shelving. As a highly robust, durable and high-capacity storage solution, long span racking is an ideal choice for many industries. It is particularly well suited for the practical storage of hand-loaded items in warehouses, factories, workshops and large stockrooms. With a variety of sizes and shelf thicknesses to choose from in our range, you can find the long span racking that best suits your industry needs.

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8 Items
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As product handling experts, we understand how important shelving is. Take your time to browse through our longspan shelving range. We have hundreds of shelving options on our website, that can be yours tomorrow.

We have been creating shelving and product handling solutions for a number of years and we are that we have longspan shelving that will your needs. If you are unsure of which longspan shelving option will benefit your business the most, chat to us on live chat!

We can help your workplace make use of its shelving, as a market leader in product handling solutions, we offer our customer affordable longspan shelving options. We value your opinion, that is why we create the strongest, highest quality materials meaning that anything that is stored on the shelves is safe, secure and protected.

Exporta Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is sometimes referred to as wide-span shelving. This type of shelving is perfect if you plan using a heavy duty racking system for the practical storage of hand loaded items in warehouses, factories, workshops and large stockrooms.

The key to choosing Longspan shelving is that they should be easy to assemble, yet sturdy enough to hold your products. We recommended these shelves for storing individual items or boxed quantities of goods.

Long span shelving is sometimes referred to as wide span racking. This product offers a strong, versatile and cost-effective storage solution for your storeroom, warehouse or office. It is mainly used by businesses that don’t have the room for boxes and other storage materials. Shelving offers the best of both worlds and is perfect for a business with a  heavy duty racking system for warehouse storage of hand-loaded items.

At Exporta we have longspan shelving in a number of sizes. If you are unsure of which longspan shelving will be most suitable for your workplace, get in touch. We have shelving that will fit into almost any storage space.

Using Longspan Shelving

There are a number of ways you can use longspan shelving. In most cases, retailers use this style of racking to create storage levels that can store a variety of boxes, cartons and individual products.

Many of our clients have used long span racking to construct raised aisle two-tier shelving, the racking system's inherent strength and stability make it the perfect platform to create multi-level storage solutions. The system photographed (below-centre) was designed as a 1st stage base level for storing industrial euro boxes that could easily have an upper floor added when further storage capacity was required.

We are one of the UK's leading Longspan racking suppliers and we hold large stocks in our main warehouse. Buy online today for quick delivery or for large requirements please contact us for a bespoke quotation. If you need some help, we offer a free racking design service that can help you maximise your warehouse or stockroom space with our long span shelving systems.


What is Longspan Shelving?

Longspan industrial shelving isn’t high tech, however, it does offer strong and durable storage solutions for businesses with limited floor space. If your business requires high-capacity storage, but doesn’t have the budget or space for a full-scale racking system, then longspan shelving could be the perfect option for you.

If you have headed straight to the longspan shelving section, then you have most likely used this type pf product before. If you do not know what shelving does, then we can help you out. Whether you need shelving units for work, garage shelving for extra garage storage home or anything else, we know that we have the storage systems in place to match your requirements, our shelving team can help you pick the product which is most appropriate for your business.

The shelving which we offer is used to store items in a tiering system. Each unit which we offer varies in size and purpose so make sure that the product you choose is right for the job you need it for.

Ask us for our recommendations and we will happily advise you on your purchase. With any of the products which you receive from Exporta Global, you are guaranteed value for money and will not be left disappointed.


What are Shelving Units Used for?

Longspan shelving is mainly used as a storage shelving solution for larger good. Sometimes box storage is not cost effective and shelving is used as a heavy duty alternative which offers lots of benefits.

This type of shelf is used in businesses and can also be ideal for those who are looking for shelving for garages. The most common location where this type of shelf is used would be in offices and warehouses.

At Exporta Global we have hundreds of product handling solutions and if you are starting from scratch when it comes to product handling, we can help you create a flexible package that will be extremely beneficial to your business.

Longspan shelving is known for its high-quality build. This heavy duty shelf can store either light or bulky items. You can rest easy knowing that our industrial shelving units can withstand the demands of even the most challenging of work environments.

Choosing Industrial Shelving

For many businesses, affordable industrial shelving can change to the efficiency of a business. At Exporta, we do not compromise on quality, as our aim is to over the best quality products at the best prices.

First and foremost, our main priority is to develop industrial shelving that gives maximum durability. Shelving units are one of our most popular products as they can be used for almost anything. If you are unsure about the size and shape of longspan shelving which will be most beneficial to your business, then ask us!

Our advisors are available on live chat throughout the day. The great thing about working with our business is that we provide next day delivery on all heavy duty, industrial and warehouse. We understand that if you are working in a fast paced environment, 3-5 days is not good enough, that is why we offer next day delivery on all orders placed before 3 pm.


We like to think that our prices for warehouse shelving are competitive and affordable to all of our customers, that is why we are continually reviewing them, offering better deals than any of our product handling competitors. All our Shelving systems and storage solutions are cost-effective and high quality, making them ideal for use in the workplace, industrial and household environments.

We always carry such a large volume of stock we guarantee to get your order delivered to your site or warehouse quickly. Order your shelving order today by 3 pm and receive it tomorrow!

What are the Benefits of Shelving Units?

If you are changing your business storage system, then you should consider longspan shelving. Space costs money and we can help your business make the most of what space it has. Having a decent storage strategy will only improve the efficiency of your business.

We have all types of industrial and longspan shelving, browse through out options online or contact a member of our team for the best advice when it comes to product handling solutions. Many of our customers have little floor space, that is why they choose our longspan shelves as they offer better storage space. It is true that a business with the appropriate type of shelving is more organised. This makes finding and retrieving things easy for employees, which improves daily tasks.


What Type of Businesses Use Longspan Shelving?

Longspan shelving is extremely versatile as they come in a variety of sizes. Whether your business is big or small, you will be able to find shelving which is suitable for your business at Exporta Global.  Longspan shelving systems are used in offices, hospitals, shops and many other places that require additional storage space.

Many businesses choose this type of shelving as it is extremely long lasting. When it comes to product handling it is important to choose something that will last a lifetime. Your storage strategy should protect your goods, Not put them at risk.

We not only work with businesses, in fact, these shelves can be used for general use in the home. We are often asked if we provide garage shelving, or storeroom shelves and the answer is yes!  All the shelves in our shelving units can take heavy loads and come in a number of sizes and configurations.

The Advantages of Longspan Shelving

The main advantage of shelving systems is that they save on floor space. The great thing about Exporta shelving is that our secure shelves offer storage at a reasonable price, allowing you to save on storage units and extra warehouse space.

For years shelving systems have been used to reduce the number of accidents that take place in a workplace. A clean and tidy business us a safe one and by using longspan shelving your employees will be able to organise and store things in an efficient manner.

Longspan shelves tend to be made thick, which means they can hold more stock for a longer period of time. Exporta Longspan shelves were created to provide economical storage, strength, and rigidity.

Longspan Shelving at Exporta Global

We are one of the biggest product handling companies in the UK, therefore, we understand the importance of investing in sustainable, quality products that will be long lasting. If you plan on keeping your product handling materials for longer than a few weeks, then you must invest in the best materials.

Our Exporta Global products do not disappoint as all of our products are reliable and can be used for a number year. We have been creating handling solutions for over 40 years of expertise, then ask us what we could do for you.

We appreciate our customers and offer competitive price and whether you wish to order in bulk or not your costs are still affordable to your business. If you’re interested in working with us, get in touch! We have a member of our product handling solutions team aim to continue to do so for decades to come.

Keep it in mind that Exporta products are designed with the customer in mind, that is why we have something for every industry and business. If you are unsure of what products your business needs, we can help your business thrive with our expertise. We are happy to advise you on any decision and can make recommendations for the products that would best suit your requirements.

Give us a call, ask us on our live chat, have a browse through our website or get in touch however you wish, we will be there for you and will not be satisfied until you are with our service.