Pallet Racking

Here at Exporta, you can find a variety of pallet racking systems to help you transform your warehouse. Our warehouse pallet racking systems are a highly efficient addition to any large workspace and make picking and storage as easy and convenient as possible. Our pallet racking systems come in a range of available sizes to choose from and our collection also includes starter bays, extension bays, frames and levels. Got an enquiry? Our projects team are always on hand to help. 

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The range of pallet racking systems available at Exporta allow for easy and efficient handling of stock and could be the solution to picking the storage within your warehouse. The industrial racking system comes in a range of tiered structures and caters up to four levels high.  

Pallet Racking to fit the size of your warehouse

Here at Exporta, we have a range of pallet racking systems to fit the size of your warehouse. Whether you are a smaller business with storage issues or a larger one with a vast warehouse, Exporta has a racking system for you. Larger warehouses often have difficulty storing and locating their products, but with warehouse pallet racking, an easy to find system could be introduced to speed workloads and increase productivity. 

Easy to assemble a pallet racking system that can be used anywhere


Our selection of pallet racking systems are easy to assemble and are suitable for forklifts. Pallet racking systems can be installed inside a warehouse or in outdoor installations, cool storage spaces and even freezers. Ensure that your warehouse is safe with protective barriers from Exporta.