Buying Racking from Exporta Global


What is Racking?

Racking is one of the most common and popular products in the handling industry with almost all businesses requiring some sort of shelving or racking. Racking is a structure composed of upright frames which store materials by shelving them. Boxes, crates, cartons and many more items can be stored in racking to save space and neatly store goods. The structures are welded and bolted together to make sure that they are reliable and sturdy. The come in different shapes, sizes and builds and can be used for almost any storage job.

The term ‘racking’ describes a fixed or adjustable skeletal framework, designed to support loads. They are widely used in warehouses due to the advantages it brings over floor storage and it provides easy access and retrieval of goods. There are many different types of racking systems which Exporta Global offer, have a look to find out if you find a suitable racking system for your business.  


Racking from Exporta Global

Industrial Racking from Exporta Global comes in a number of formats and load bearing weights. Our industrial racking is available in a multitude of configurations. This means our racking can fit any situation required. We have vast experience in providing racking solutions to Blue Chip Industrial companies. Whether you're looking for Pallet Racking, Heavy Duty Shelving, a full racking system for your warehouse or some long span shelving we have the expertise and the knowledge to provide the ideal racking solution for you.

A great option to businesses that have to prioritise the amount of space their goods take up, racking can be organised along the walls of a premises or around a building to act as a tidy storage unit which takes up minimal room. All the Racking options which Exporta Global offer from Rivet Racking to Widespan Racking is heavy duty racking that can be easily assembled to give you a strong storage system. They can all be put together with very basic instructions and can be adjusted to fit just about any space you can think with.

Racking is a popular option with our customer’s thanks to their space saving properties which is often a problem which companies face when storing or stocking their product range. The multi-tiered system means that goods can be stored efficiently which means that vast amounts can be stored at any given time without any issues. Whatever type of racking you need, let Exporta Global be the solution to your storage problems.


What are the Benefits of Racking?

The reason why so many businesses enquire about racking is due to the benefits which they offer a business, their workers and anyone else involved. Racking along with shelving has become an imperative storing system to keep workplaces, safe, productive and organised. The benefits of racking include; 


  • Space Saving - One big benefit of racking is that it is a great space saver. As these storage systems have several racks one over the other, companies can get extra storage space without using up too much floor space. The way the racks are constructed allows businesses to make up of the vertical space instead of valuable floor space. Any opportunity to save space and still accomplish your goals is always welcomed. The way that racking systems are set up makes it possible for forklifts to reach up into the air and bring down pallets whenever they need one. The stacking ability of the racks is what saves space and will save money.


  • Safety - This is another benefit of racking. With Racking systems, organisation becomes easy and this can reduce accidents in the work place as well. The racks are constructed of high quality materials and then tested extensively to ensure they are stable and can handle the weight of most goods. Ask us about positioning and use of the racking system to maximize safety and minimize injuries and mishaps.


  • Durability - Racking systems are also very sturdy and this makes them ideal for storing all kinds of goods, whether they are heavy or light. The high quality steel and joining materials used with racking systems ensures that you will be able to use them for many years. They are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of any goods going in and being taken out, and to hold the weight of any item which are being stored.



  • Accessibility - The way that racking systems are set up makes them easily accessible from both ends and on either side. Accessibility is a big factor when production in a manufacturing plant may be at risk. It’s important for workers to be able to manoeuvre around the racks with relative ease, so that they can get what they need precisely when they need it. Employee productivity and efficiency is also increased as racks make finding and retrieving goods quick and easy.


  • Convenience - A racking system is also a convenient system for almost any workplace. It is set up for efficiency and delivers without any hassle. They are designed to help companies store more stuff, get things done faster and increase the safety factor all at the same time.



What Types of Racking Do Exporta Global Offer?

As with most of our products, we offer a wide range of high quality, reliable products which can be easily purchased by our customers. Our Racking range is no different and with Exporta, you know that any product is manufactured with the best materials available to ensure that they can be used for years to come. The range of racking which we currently offer is split into three types, however, we are always adding to our range so don’t be afraid to ask what we have in stock. Better yet, have a look through our product pages and see the benefits and features of everything which we offer. The racking systems of Exporta Global include;


Rivet Racking

Rivet Racking from Exporta Global is heavy duty racking you can put together without any tools. This rivet racking can be put together with very basic instructions and can be adjusted to fit just about any space you can think with. Rivet Racking offers incredible value for money, whilst offering incredible strength and rigidity. 

The Rivet Racking system is simple to build with all parts being tapped together without any problems. The rack and shelves are joined via the heavy duty rivet and keyhole slot which offers a simple and effective way to assemble the racking. All shelving racks come with 4 levels which have a central deck support on bays. Have a look through our rivet racking systems to find which product is the one for you.


Widespan Racking

Widespan Racking is heavy duty industrial racking that has a wider span for taking wider loads. The widespan racking available is of superior quality and can take extremely heavy loads over a large width.

The widespan racking system for manual picking is based on the person-to-product principle, designed for large and heavy goods. Versatile and makes excellent use of the height of the premises. The amount of storage which can be kept inside widespan systems are one the biggest reasons that businesses use them. Getting your hands on a few is a common decision and something which many storage companies look into.


Pallet Decking

If your warehouse experiences lots of different sizes of pallets or you're increasing being shipped one-trip or plastic pallets with feet then you should consider looking into pallet decking. These wooden slats take all the hassle out of the challenges you can face with different types of pallets by providing a solid platform across your racking for all your products, whether on pallets or not, to sit. Pallet decking can run the full length of your racking and can be used to the full height of your racking too.

If you deck out your warehouse using the wooden pallet decking that Exporta supplies, then switch to plastic Nestable pallets you could see a return on your investment in a matter of months depending on the number of trips your pallets make. There are various sizes of pallet decking for the various sizes of industrial racking that is commonly used in warehousing. Pallet decking is also useful for stacking boxes on. So products that aren't on pallets can be easily stored. You can buy pallet decking online with Exporta Global easily and without any problems with your purchase.


Why You Should Buy Your Racking System from Exporta Global

Follow in the footsteps of thousands of businesses around the country that have reaped the benefits of purchasing racking systems through Exporta Global. Not only do you end up with a product that is the best on the market, you have the pleasure of dealing with our friendly customer service team. They are happy to answer any question or query which you may have about racking and will guide you through the process. Rest easy knowing that you are dealing with a handling solutions business that has over 40 years of experience in the field and can offer anything you need. If its handling solutions, we have you covered.

Starter and extension bays loading capacities are optimised to manufacturer calculations for performance and economy. Some configurations may have additional levels added whilst some may require upgraded components. For full information, or for technical advice, questions and design and installation services/quotation, please call Tel. 0800 294 4 394