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Pallet Deck/ Pallet Decking

One of the biggest challenges many companies face is developing a cost effective storage facility which can provide them with the flexibility to store all of their products whilst also maximising the capacity they have available. This can be a particular issue for companies which receive varying types of pallet or have individual products they need to store separate from pallets. A solution to this problem is pallet racking and decking.

When it comes to the handling and packaging industry, racking and decking are some of the most common. The majority of businesses need to store goods and this is where racking comes in. Unfortunately racking only accommodates certain sizes and types of pallets, meaning that you are restricted in what can be stored on them, this is where pallet rack decking comes in. If you invest in a solid racking and decking system you are able to avoid the problems what can come with a poor racking system.

If your business utilises pallets of varying sizes or pallets with feet then you would greatly benefit from the use of a pallet deck. Our pallet deck options take all the hassle out of the challenges you face from using different types of pallets by providing a solid platform across your racking for all of your products, whether they are on pallets or not.

A Pallet deck can run the full length of your racking and can be used to the full height of your racking too. This means that you are able to cover the entire area of racking with a surface if need be or simply cover a partial area, dependant on your needs.

If you kit out your warehouse using a wood pallet deck, wire mesh decking or the solid steel decking that Exporta supplies and also switch to plastic nestable pallets you could see a return on your investment in a matter of months depending on the number of trips your pallets make.

What is Pallet Rack Decking?

Pallet rack decking is a type of surface which can be placed on top of your pallet racking to provide a type of shelf for goods to sit on. It provides a solution to the problem of using multiple different types of pallet as you must typically have a specific type of pallet to use with racking. This means that no matter what type of pallets your business utilises, you could store your goods quickly and easily with pallet rack decking.

Not only this, pallet rack decking can be used to store non-palletised items also, meaning that you can store pallets and other storage items together or separately, whatever your business needs.

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to maximise the storage space they have available and pallet racking and decking are a fantastic way to store your goods whilst taking up minimal space in your workplace.

Pallet rack decking is simply fitted on top of your racking system to create an instant shelf to store goods on. Pallet racking can be adapted to fit almost any situation, therefore no matter how much space you have available in your workplace we will have an option for you. Our pallet rack decking is easy to set up and take apart, meaning that you can use a combination of racking and decking fairly easily.

Who Would Use a Pallet Deck?

Pallet rack decking could be beneficial for a number of different types of business. In being the market leader in product handling solutions, we have provided racking and decking solutions to many business across a number or diverse industries.

Any business which wishes to maximise the storage they have available could benefit from the use of pallet rack decking. The benefit from using pallet rack decking is that you can store more than just pallets on them. Once in place, a pallet deck can provide a shelf-like system by which you can store crates, boxes and many other goods.

A pallet decking system will ensure that your goods are kept out of the way and are neatly organised, ensuring that goods are easily stored. In turn this can lead to increased productivity and efficiency by making it easier for employees to located and retrieve goods.

Pallet Deck Options from Exporta Global

Here at Exporta Global we certainly don’t live by a ‘one-size fits all’ attitude. We are aware of our customers varying needs and the differing demands of their businesses. It is for this reason that we strive to provide a number of options when it comes to our pallet deck options. The following pallet rack decking options we have available are:

  • Wood Pallet Deck/Decking – our open and closed board wood pallet deck products come in sizes to fit all common pallet racking beam lengths and are mad of thick high quality softwood. A wood pallet deck also allows the storage of non-palletised products.
  • Solid Steel Pallet Decking – Our solid steel pallet decking options are suitable for food and pharmaceutical environments and can be used for picking areas where a flat smooth surface is preferred.
  • Wire Mesh Decking – Our wire mesh decking has been manufactured by welding mesh to steel support bars for strength. Wire mesh decking adds versatility to your business whilst also providing superior support for your products.

If you require any further information about our pallet rack decking then get in touch with a member of our team today, we could provide you with advise on what type of pallet rack decking would be best for your business, whether it be a wood pallet deck, solid steel pallet decking or wire mesh decking.

Sizes of Pallet Deck

There are various sizes of pallet decking for the various sizes of industrial racking that is commonly used in warehousing.

  • 900mm frame depth and 1090mm wide
  • 900mm frame depth and 1340mm wide
  • 1100mm frame depth and 1090mm wide
  • 1100mm frame depth and 1340mm wide

Pallet decking is also useful for stacking boxes on. So products that aren't on pallets can be easily stored. You can buy pallet rack decking online with Exporta Global.

The Benefits of Using a Pallet Deck

Pallet rack decking has become so popular amongst our customers due to the extensive benefits they bring with them, when used in conjunction with our pallet racking systems you can experience the following benefits:

  • Save on Space – pallet rack decking can save an incredible amount of space in your workplace. When used with pallet racking they take up minimal space whilst providing an increased area for you to store goods in your workplace. Multiple levels of pallet rack decking mean that you can almost triple the storage space you may currently have available.
  • Increase Workplace Safety – Due to goods being kept out of the way of the warehouse floor you can greatly improve the safety of your workplace. Goods left out can provide a trip hazard for employees, by utilising pallet rack decking you can keep goods stored safely out of the way.
  • Versatility – Unlike pallet racking, pallet rack decking can store all kinds of goods, not just simply pallets. They can also store different kinds of pallets, so if your business stores goods in a number of different ways you can use these with a pallet deck product from Exporta.
  • Durability – Our pallet rack decking, whether it be steel or a wood pallet deck, they are extremely hard-wearing and durable. They withstand a high amount of wear and tear and a significant amount of weight. This means that no matter what your business is used to storing you can rely on Exporta Global’s pallet rack decking to support your products.
  • Accessibility – When storing products, it is important to make them accessible to employees and easy to find. Pallet rack decking allows you to organise your products easily and our systems mean that your employees can access products from either side and either end of our pallet rack decking.
  • Convenience – Pallet racking and decking is a convenient system for almost any workplace. It is set up for efficiency and delivers without any hassle. They are designed to help companies store more stuff and achieve tasks quicker whilst increasing the safety of your workplace.


Why Choose Exporta Global?

When you purchase from Exporta Global you are guaranteed the highest quality products. We ensure our product quality is the highest it can be across all of our product categories by rigorously testing all of our goods before they are sold. This way you can rest easy knowing you have a product that is not only going to perform well but is also going to last you for a long time.

For over 40 years we have strived to provide our customers with not only high quality products but also excellent value for money. We have been the market leader in product handling solutions for a long time and that is something we don’t expect to change any time soon.

We pride ourselves in our approach to how we do business – we listen to and work closely with our customers to ensure that we deliver on our promises. Not only this but we aim to give all our customers impartial advice on what they may need to improve on their business efficiency, no sales tactics just good honest advice.

If you would like to know more about our pallet rack decking or any other products which would benefit your business, then get in touch with our advisors today.

Product Handling Solution Specialists

Exporta Global have been in business for over 40 years and in doing so have become the market leader in product handling solutions. This is largely down to our extensive product knowledge and industry experience, not to mention the superior quality of our products. When you purchase a pallet deck system from Exporta Global you are buying from a brand you can trust.

No matter what your business does, we will have a product handling solution to improve the way you do business. After all, most businesses aim to make themselves more efficient and productive and Exporta Global can help you achieve this.

Across our website you will find a vast range of products to choose from, it is likely that we will have more than one type of product which would help your business and all of our products are available for next day delivery when you purchase before 3pm.