Exporta - Specialist Suppliers to the Rubber Industry

Exporta - Specialist Suppliers to the Rubber Industry

What we can do for you!

We are specialist suppliers to the Rubber Industry with a focus on Product Handling and Load Securing for Inhouse, Dispatch and Export use.

Partnered with many companies throughout the UK ongoing, with our FAST DELIVERY and KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF, we help businesses become more efficient, compliant, and competitive.

Typical products in your industry include Plastic Pallets, Pallet Collars and Pallet BoxesHaving many options at our disposal we will have a product for you.

We've got the products for you!

These products are regularly used in the Rubber industry, we have years of experience providing these ranges and our team of experts are on hand to guide you through what’s available.

Plastic Pallets

Pallet Collars

Plastic Pallet Boxes

- Wide range of sizes

- Choose between nestable and rackable bases

- Recycled, hygiene and food grade material options

- Custom sizes & branding available

- Consistency in weight and strength, ideal

   for automated systems

- Great lightweight option for export shipping

- Reduce employee stretching injuries

- Create secure crates with pallet collars

- 100% sustainable wood

- Custom sizes & branding available

- Ideal for returnable packaging

- Keeps goods safe on pallets in racking

- Can be folded flat to save storage space

- Robust container suitable for bulk storage

- Collapsible and rigid box options

- Wheeled boxes available

- Added security with a lid

- Drop down gates reduce stretching

- Easy to wash & clean

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