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Metal Storage Box Accessories

Metal Storage Box Accessories

The main advantage of choosing metal storage boxes is that they are extremely durable. By and large, storage boxes that are made from steel or similar solid metals which usually last for years, which means that your business will save costs in the long run.  Not only that, if you are having something heavy to store theses metal shelving can take some smashes without breaking.

Metal Storage Box Accessories For Sale

All of the metal storage box accessories that we have for sale are on our website, this means that you can browse through and pick the accessories which you need the most. Many businesses decide to purchase their metal storage boxes and metal storage box accessories together.

We have metal storage boxes in all shapes and sizes, there are a number of reasons why you should choose metal storage boxes, not only are they suitable to be used in a number of environments they can be used to store a number of items. The following items can be used for warehousing, storage, production, manufacturing and hot works.

Metal Storage Box Parts Pan 130x130x100mm

  • Parts Pan 130x130x100mm
  • Stock visible when stacked
  • Spot welded construction from galvanised steel
  • Reinforced rim and stacking ledge

Metal Storage Box Parts Pan 255x130x100mm

  • Parts Pan 255x130x100mm
  • Stock visible when stacked
  • Spot welded construction from galvanised steel
  • Reinforced rim and stacking ledge

Metal Storage Box Slide On Lid 305x305mm

  • Slide On Lid 305x305mm
  • Easily Slides on to TotePan
  • Easy to use handle
  • Strong steel protects contents

Galvanised Metal Storage Boxes

If you are unfamiliar with the term “galvanised”, find more information about it here. Galvanizing is the chemical process where metal is dipped into molten zinc. The zinc sticks to the steel through a spontaneous electrochemical process. Once the zinc connects to the metal it results in a layer of zinc on top of the steel. The outcome of this has been that the silver/grey coating does not rust and prevents steel from rusting, this is the reason why many businesses choose our galvanised metal storage boxes.

Galvanised material does not need paint for protection, simply open up your metal boxes and use them!

Buy Metal Storage Boxes

Before you purchase your metal storage box accessories, you will need to choose between our range of metal storage boxes. We have metal storage box accessories for boxes of all shapes and sizes, made from quality materials.

There are many ways that you can use a metal storage box. Many businesses make sure that they have these boxes in stock to store and protect items. This type of box is an excellent choice for those who may be working outside as our galvanised metal boxes do not rust. Make sure that if you are buying metal boxes for the outside of your home, that you are purchasing galvanised metal boxes.

Metal Tool Boxes

If you are looking for metal tool boxes, purchasing one of our metal storage boxes is a great place to start. Exporta Global’s metal storage boxes would be perfect to use within the workplace. We design our metal storage boxes especially to ensure that they are ideal for the workplace. Warehouses and hot works make the best out of our metal storage boxes, as they are made to fit into these markets. Although, they can also be used in other manufacturing industries.

At Exporta, we understand that selecting the right tool box to store your tools is an important decision, however, if you are a construction company that is working in all weather conditions and environments make sure that you choose a tool box that is big enough to hold your tools, yet small enough to be taken on transit.

Durability and portability are two, very important considerations. At Exporta we have a range of metal storage boxes that can be used by a number of industries. If you are interested in buying metal storage boxes in bulk, all of our boxes are available to buy online.

At Exporta Global we offer some of the best metal storage boxes on the market. We understand your packing requirements and aim to meet them. We are well-versed product handling experts and only provide the best storage bins to our customers. You will find more about metal storage boxes under the "storage bins" section. 

What Can Metal Storage Boxes Be Used For?

Our metal storage boxes have been used in a number of different ways including:

  • Warehouses
  • Storage
  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Hot works

We offer four different types of metal storage boxes to suit all needs. Our metal storage boxes with a slide on lids are one of our most popular storage bins as they keep your belongings safe and secure with their lid. As well as this, our open front metal storage boxes are also popular due to the design functions. Making it easier to keep track of your belongings.

 If you are unsure what metal storage boxes can be used for, we can answer that question for you. Our experts here at Exporta Global, have vast and varied knowledge about storage solutions. Being well versed in all of our metal storage boxes. We can help you find the best storage bin for you! All of the storage boxes that we offer reach industry standards for the following purposes, as well as being widely used in a variety of ways:

Metal Storage Boxes For Warehouses

Our metal storage boxes are used for storage in warehouses across the country.  If you are looking for metal storage boxes to buy online, then we have lots to choose from. We believe that our metal storage boxes are the perfect solution to your storage problems.

Domestic Metal Storage Boxes  

If you are looking for metal storage boxes which you can use at home, Exporta metal boxes are exceptional when used for commercial and home use. Metal storage boxes are great if you are moving home and need to hold your belongings in storage for a matter of weeks or months. Unlike any other material, metal will protect your goods from all weather conditions, which will ease your mind during the removal process.

Contact us now for more information on our metal storage boxes. Our friendly staff would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about our storage bins.

Benefits of using Metal Storage Box Accessories

There are many benefits of buying metal storage box accessories from a product handling company. Before you purchase any of your accessories you are given the dimensions and details of every product, which means it is extremely hard to go wrong! With the correct accessories your business will be more efficient, simply add your accessories you need to your basket and receive them by 3 pm the next day!

Our metal storage boxes are completely reusable, at Exporta, we have been working towards becoming a more sustainable business for many years. You may have noticed that many industries are taking the green initiative, benefiting the environment, could your business be next. By changing to reusable metal storage boxes, both your business and the environment will benefit.

Metal containers are made with reusable design, meaning that your business is being more cost efficient without even realising it. They are great for reducing waste and give your industry multiple uses, which can benefit you overall. When a metal container is no longer useful, it can be easily recycled and turned into another metal container or can be produced into something else.

The durability of Exporta metal boxes it outstanding. Our metal boxes are welded together with a strong welded seam, which makes them almost bulletproof! If you plan on protecting and securing items within your workplace these boxes should be your go-to choice.

Metal Storage Box Accessories By Next Day Delivery

Our next day delivery service means that our business gets the products you needs as quickly as possible. We do not sacrifice security for the price as all of our goods are shipped securely.

 Once you have chosen your metal storage box accessories from our huge selection, it can be with you tomorrow! Simply order the goods you require by 3 pm and the order will be with you and at your warehouse the next day with our reliable next day delivery service.

We take pride in our Next Day Delivery service that we offer. Customers satisfaction is extremely important to us, and for this reason, we have made it out a mission to keep our customers happy. Order by 3 pm today and you can get your metal storage boxes the very next day. There is no need to wait a lifetime to storage your items. Live chat with us today for more information on our delivery service!

Choose Our Metal Storage Box Accessories

We hope that this guide to metal storage box accessories has been helpful, however, if you do have any questions, our live chat team are always on hand. All of our metal storage box accessories are crafted with high quality, durable metal that is meant to last. Meaning that they are great for holding a variety of products.

Give us a call today for more details about our metal storage box accessories. A member of our helpful team will be there to answer any questions that you might have about any of our products. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!

Metal Storage Box Accessories

Metal storage box accessories are used throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA and we can guarantee that you will not find any better quality metal storage boxes anywhere else! Our metal storage box accessories are an industry winner.

 They are extremely useful and needed in different industries. They are simple and easy storage bins that you are store anything you want in them. As well as this, with their non-toxic element, they are increasingly popular in the hot works industry as there is no need to worry about them in a compromising situation.