Storage Boxes & Crates

As Product Handling Solution experts, we know what is best for different businesses to make themselves more efficient. Most business require a storage solution of some sort and at Exporta Global we have a number of industrial storage boxes which could assist your business in improving the storage it has available. We have supplied storage containers to almost every type of business, each one having different needs and requirements.

We have Euro Containers, Picking Bins, Small Parts Bins, Eurocrates, Folding Crates, Bale Arm Crates, Picker Crates, Stillages, Hypacages and Fireproof Storage. Anything you need to store, we have the crate or container for you. Do you want to add your brand or get a custom colour? No problem, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with a quote! 

Euro Containers

Euro containers are a versatile storage box, sometimes called a Eurobox or Euro bins. They are used for storage and product movement from goods in, through manufacturing, storage and right through to dispatch at the far end. Euro Containers are uniform in dimensions meaning they are ideal for automated manufacturing systems or for product handling.


Picking Bins

Highly durable, heavy duty, long life reusable Euro Containers with a wide front opening to allow access to contents even when stacked or between shelf levels. A versatile range of heights and footprints with ergonomic open or closed handles. Perfect for use as pick bins individually or combined in to a picking wall. 

Small Parts Bins

Storage Solutions are what we specialise in and one of the most popular ways of storing goods is through Plastic Storage Bins. Here at Exporta Global, we offer an extensive range of Storage Bins and are confident we have the solution to your storage problems. We offer Bins in a range of shapes, colours and sizes which means you have a better chance of getting the exact product that you had hoped for.


Attached Lid Containers

Tote Boxes or Attached Lid Containers come under a variety of names. They are sometimes referred to as ALC’s, Lidded Boxes, Crocodile Boxes, Tote Boxes and Blue Boxes. The purpose of the Containers remains consistent; they are used to store goods. The uses of ALC’s are varied as they can be used in a variety of ways. From moving goods, storing goods, transportation and many more ways.



The Eurocrate is a versatile crate and it can be used in a number of applications. This crate was originally produced to serve the date sector, however during the years it has expanded to be used in the picking of cherry-tomatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms and many other vegetables. It is a reliable crate that growers are very fond of. We have two sizes available, these crates neatly stack and they are fully ventilated, even when stacked.


Folding Crates

Do you find yourself wasting valuable storage space when your crates lie empty? If so, a folding crate is the answer. These crates fold flat when not in use, they then stack neatly until they are needed again. This concept can also save you money in return carriage costs! We have a variety of sizes available. Ergonomic handles make folding these crates flat simple and easy.


Picker Crates

The picker crate is very versatile and can be used in a number of applications. The crate stacks and nests! it is widely used for picking and transportation of soft fruit and vegetables. The clever colour coded system makes stacking and nesting these crates easy. These crates are fully ventilated, even when stacked and nested. These crates save you space when not in use with a 50% nesting capacity.


Bale Arm Crates

Bale Arm Crates can both stack and nest. Our Bale Arm Crates lead the industry with the strongest arms on the market! Bale Arm Crates are ideal for transporting fresh or frozen produce. When nesting, the arms of these crates neatly fold away, when stacking, these arms fold in to position. They can hold a remarkable weight. These crates are ventilated while stacking. 



Our range of Stillages (Cage pallets) is class leading. Stillages lets you store and move goods in an efficient manner by stacking multiple pallets on top of each other without any weight on the goods stored within. Ideal if you're transporting cardboard boxes around. For some this would mean halving their transport costs - those that are shipping in containers. Stillages can be stacked on top of each other and come with or without caging.


Tote Pans

Tote Pans are secure rectangular or square metal boxes. Available with slide on lids, these boxes are 'fireproof'. They are ideal when working with hot objects. Ergonomic handles make moving these pans simple. Brackets at each corner allow these pans to stack on top of each other. We have a wide range of sizes available with lids to fit any size you choose. We also have dividers available.


Open Fronted Metal Storage Bins

Open fronted metal storage bins are ideal for warehouse storage, production and hot works. The bins can handle extremely high temperatures, they are in fact 'fireproof'. This means you can place white hot items within these bins without concern for damage. They can also be used to store standard items in a situation where tougher bins are required. These bins neatly stack on top of each other.



 These Hypacage units provides the same sort of durable storage that older storage units offer, but with its own pallet mounting made out of metal. Lightweight and corrosion resistant, the Hypacage unit is a very useful addition to any company that deals with long term or short term storage of bulk items. It’s high-walled sides ensure the safety of any goods or products that are stored inside, and keep them in place during transit. The Hypacage folds flat to save space and money in return trips.