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Large Plastic Storage Boxes

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Large Plastic Storage Boxes

Good Large Plastic Storage Boxes are hard to find. That's why at Exporta we've specialised in stocking only the sturdiest large plastic storage boxes. This means our boxes are tested to extremes in terms of the weight they can handle and the amount of abuse they can take. We have large plastic storage boxes from 400x300mm right up to 1200x1000mm in footprint. Our large format storage boxes include the strongest euro container on the market plus a pallet box with lid that can take 750KG. If you're in the market for a large plastic storage box, then look no further.

Plastic Storage Boxes

If you are looking for large plastic storage boxes, then you have come to the best place. Boxes small to large we have them all and one of our key specialties and best-selling products are our large plastic storage boxes. Businesses across the UK find our plastic storage boxes extremely durable.

If you are looking for large plastic storage containers, we have a number that can hold heavy weight. We process orders 24 hours a day and offer an extremely quick delivery service.

Browse through this section of our website and you will most likely find a variety of storage boxes big and small. This section of the website is dedicated purely to large storage boxes, however, we have lots of smaller boxes in stock.

Large Storage Boxes for Sale

Our company provides a wide variety of storage boxes in almost any colour and in a range of sizes for businesses from different industries across the UK. Our Exporta team guarantees you that you will find what you are looking for at our online store. We currently provide for the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Public Sector
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Defence

We not only sell large containers to businesses, we also sell our products to homeowners who are looking for storage boxes. Our large storage boxes can protect items during their time I storage and are much more durable than an average sized cardboard box.

Our products can be found in households, offices, and garages all over the country – due to their reliability and durability. If you order before 3 pm we can arrange next day delivery; should you require our products in a hurry.

As well as our wide range of storage boxes we have a huge variety of items which are a necessity in order to utilise these containers. Some of these include our pallets, pallet lids as well as our product movement items.

Large Euro Containers

In simple terms, a euro container is a versatile plastic box. This type of box is extremely versatile and is sometimes referred to as Euro Boxes or a Euro box. The main purpose of this type of box is that it can be used for storage and product movement.

These type of boxes are used in manufacturing, storage, and dispatching, making them an extremely versatile box. 

If you choose to order a selection of Euro Containers from Exporta they will be uniform in dimensions making them the perfect large container for product handling. As you will see in our large plastic storage box section euro container can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the small 20-litre variety up to huge 172-litre versions and more, make sure you check these out if you are looking for large plastic boxes.

Euro container lids, make the plastic boxes secure.  Euro containers can also be stacked which allows them to be easily stored and transported. If you are looking for plastic storage boxes with handles, then you should choose euro containers. There are many reasons why you would prefer to have handles on your plastic boxes, but many businesses prefer this as it makes them easier to transport and handle.

Euro containers are one of the most used large plastic storage boxes in the world.  Made from recycled plastic they are sturdy and hard wearing which makes them an obvious pick. A variety of colours of euro containers is available for large orders. The plastic used in our euro containers are acid and alkaline resistant.

Main Benefits of Large Euro Containers with Lids

  • Comes with hinged lid
  • Fully stackable even with lid
  • Highly durable euro container plastic box
  • Hygienic smooth walls for easy cleaning
  • Food Grade Polypropylene resistant to oil, acid, and alkali, cold and heat
  • Easy Handling, Ergonomic grip holes or shell handles
  • Excellent on conveyor systems

Large Storage Boxes with Lids

All of our boxes with lids comply with the highest standards of safety. Equally many can stack neatly on top of each other, even with their lids on. If you're looking for a versatile storage box with lid then look no further than our Attached lid containers.

We touched briefly on the importance of lids when it comes to product handling, however, if you are looking for sturdy storage boxes with lids then you've arrived at an appropriate destination. At Exporta we understand the needs for lids and as we only create sturdy storage boxes with available lids, we are one of the best choices for large storage boxes with lids in the UK.

You would be lying if you said that you did not want your storage boxes to last for a number of years. At Exporta, we create storage boxes that will last you a long time, not break on first use. So we only supply the strongest storage boxes money can buy. Our large storage boxes can come with clam lids or detachable lids.

Buy Exporta Large Attached Lid Containers

Browse through our selectiiion of large attached lid containers (also known as ALCs, crocodile boxes, lidded containers, tote boxes and blue boxes). You can purchase these boxes in all sizes at Exporta, however, we have selected the larger plastic boxes for this section of the shop.

Large attached lid containers are used by companies across the world and as the lid is attached to these crates, they are seen to be hugely versatile and efficient, especially if you want to save money on missing lids.

 We stock some of the biggest attached lid containers in the UK, all which have fold flat lids which make them extremely ergonomic. Exporta’s large attached lid containers can be used for a huge range of applications; either in storage, transportation or in production. Due to their durability, they have an impressive lifespan. Lids are available for rigid pallet boxes to make them completely closed and clean. Rigid Pallet Boxes are ideal for the food industry and pharmaceuticals.


What Are the Benefits of Using Large Attached Lid Containers?

  • Stackable - reduces freight costs
  • Nestable - reduces freight costs
  • Long life reusable container
  • Integral lids for strength and security
  • Lock option and opening detection
  • Reinforced flat base suitable for automation
  • Ergonomic handles on both sides
  • Removable card window
  • Heavy duty, durable
  • Food grade certification
  • Can be branded with logo
  • Available in colours virgin material
  • ESD grade can be supplied on request

Large Collapsible Crates for Sale  

Our Collapsible "Poly-Crate - 1230mm x 830mm x 945mm” can result in a reduction of up to 80% can save on costs for storage and transportation on empties. They are both robust and economic, offering a high circulation rate Payload 250kg. They also have a three-part design with integrated base insert Sliding bolts for drop down gate Positive fire assessment 100% recyclable".

Collapsible storage boxes are extremely useful. Almost any business could benefit from stocking collapsible storage boxes in their warehouse and if you plan on utilising the space that is available to your business, then make sure that you are purchasing the best product handling materials for your business.

First of all, any company which stores and delivers goods, should be investing in large plastic storage boxes that are collapsible. Not only are these boxes easy to use and they can be collapsed in order to be neatly stacked on top of one another.

A business can save money when they are using the best product handling materials. By collapsing your boxes on a their return journey you could be saving majorly on fuel costs and on return journeys back to be reloaded.

As we are experts in the product handling field Exporta only uses the best and most durable materials for our storage containers. If you are looking for a pallet box which will save you money as well as space, then Exporta’s collapsible pallet boxes are a must have purchased.

Buy Large Rigid Pallet Boxes

Exporta’s large rigid pallet box is for better handling of perishable goods. Our large plastic containers team say that it has superior feet and side strength. One of the large rigid pallet boxes measures at 1200mm x 1000mm x 760mm, this model, in particular, is ideal for transporting food and pharmaceuticals. This large has:

  • HUGE 700kg racking capacity
  • 3 Runners.
  • 700 KG Dynamic Load.
  • The strongest rigid pallet box on the market.
  • Passes Drop tests easily.
  • Reinforced sides.
  • 625 Litre Volume

Rigid Pallet Boxes are often referred to as Rigid Bulk Boxes and other times are known as Dolav boxes. These large plastic storage boxes are extremely sturdy and many businesses use them to hold build materials.

We have been selling these large plastic storage boxes for a number of years and Exporta Global offers our customers a huge load bearing capacity with the rigid pallet box. The Exporta Rigid Pallet Boxes are made from HDPE plastic and can hold up to a 750kg even on a rack.

Order Large Plastic Storage Boxes: Next Day Delivery

If you would like to order Large Plastic Storage Boxes online, then you can do this via our website. Our returning customers love that they have the ability to purchase their Large Storage Boxes and receive them by the next day.

Exporta Global provides next day delivery for all orders placed before 3pm. Our Large Plastic Storage Boxes are advantageous to any business with large-scale storage and shipping needs. We can help your business become more economical by saving space in your workspace.

With over 40 years of experience in the handling solutions industry, we at Exporta Global are confident that we can get you the product you need while providing advice on your purchase. Our team of friendly customer advisers are another reason why conducting business with us is a pleasurable experience from start to finish. From calling us over the phone to chatting to us via our live chat feature, we guarantee that any experience with our customer service staff will be a helpful one and leave you satisfied with our service. 

Good Large Plastic Storage Boxes are hard to find. That's why at Exporta we've specialised in stocking only the most sturdy large plastic storage boxes. This means our boxes are tested to extremes in terms of the weight they can handle and the amount of abuse they can take. We have large plastic storage boxes fromm 400x300mm right up too 1200x1000mm in foot print. Our large format storage boxes include the strongest euro container on the market plus a pallet box with lid than can take 750KG. If you're in the market for a large plastic storage box then look no further.