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Storage Boxes With Lids

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Storage Boxes With Lids

If you are looking for sturdy storage boxes with lids, then you've arrived at the correct place. We only specialise in the sturdy type of storage boxes with lids. We want your boxes to last you a long time, not break on first use. So we only supply the strongest storage boxes money can buy. You have options on our boxes to have clam lids or detachable lids. All of our boxes with lids comply with the highest standards of safety. Equally many can stack neatly on top of each other, even with their lids on. If you're looking for a versatile storage box with lid, then look no further than our Attached lid containers. These come with lids build on and can be stacked when in use and nested when not in use. If you're looking for the ultimate storage boxes with lids, then look at our euro containers. These are extremely strong and will take large weights and a lot of bashing around. If you need something bigger then look at our plastic pallet boxes. These super-sized boxes can hold up to 750KG each. For any questions on any of our Storage Boxes with Lids then please chat online or give us a call.

Buy Storage Boxes with Lids for Home     

Are you looking for storage boxes with lids for you home? Exporta not only sells industrial storage boxes with lids, we also sell storage boxes with lids that can be kept and stored in home and garages.

Our storage boxes with lids will provide you with a practical option if you are planning on moving home or are decluttering but not wanting to throw expensive items out. Our storage boxes with lids give you the option to keep your goods without having to through anything away. In most cases, when it comes to tidying up your home there always seems to be more stuff than there is space for. Make the move towards having a tidier home with our storage boxes. Exporta have an excellent selection of storage baskets and boxes to choose from and each of which will make an eye-catching addition to your home as well as providing a useful place for storing your belongings.

Our boxes with lids can be can be kept in storage and shelving units and it is your job to decide on which size suits your home. If this is your first time investing in industrial storage boxes and would like our expert opinion, feel free to chat to us via live chat. We have been working with these types of materials for a number of years and can help you choose the right box and amount for your home, enabling you to tidy everything away. For easy access, we also stock storage baskets and units with drawers so that you can find what you're looking for in moments.

At Exporta Global you'll find the ideal storage box with a lid. You are also guaranteed quality as we have perfected our storage boxes over the years. Tell us your requirements or browse through our online catalogue to find the perfect storage boxes for your home.

Buy Containers with Lids

 At Exporta Global we sell euro containers with lids. Many of our customers prefer storage boxes with lids as it is a secure way of storing and moving your goods. All of our storage boxes are different and tend to fall under different categories, however, with Exporta, these euro containers are made with hinged lids attached.

These boxes are incredibly useful as they can be opened and shut by a holder to gain access to any products inside. Another advantage of choosing Exporta’s Euro containers with lids is that they can also be locked to ensure your goods are safe and protected at all times.

When your business is not using Euro containers with lids, they can be stacked saving valuable space in your warehouse. Once your euro containers are stacked it means that you can easily fit more products within your warehouse or transportation to maximise the efficiency of your business.


Buy Euro Containers with Lids

A Euro container is a type of storage container and it can also be stacked. Some businesses refer to these boxes as euro boxes. It is common for businesses to use this type of box or one similar to and is used to store products. They are often used in the shipping or movement of goods.

Most businesses choose Euro containers that can also be used with lids, as this is the most secure choice. It is true that euro containers with lids are extremely versatile and are uniform in dimensions, which makes them ideal for all types of product handling.

Euro containers are only one type of storage box with attached lids and they come in a variety of sizes which hold different volumes of products. These can be large plastic boxes with hinged lids which can hold up to 172 litres. If you require something smaller Exporta have a wide range of sizes available. Find more euro storage containers here. 


The Benefits of Using Storage Boxes with Lids

There are many benefits to using Exporta containers with lids attached. If your business is looking for an efficient product handling method and you are currently using a euro container without a lid, it may be worth your while to read through our benefits of using storage containers with lids:

No matter what type of storage container you are buying for Exporta, our customers will always receive strong and durable boxes that can be used in all places and conditions. The majority of our storage containers with lids are made of high-quality plastic materials. The lids on these boxes are extremely long lasting and these large plastic boxes with hinged lids are designed to last for many years.

By choosing our storage boxes, you will be able to move Products with ease. This is one of the main benefits of choosing storage or Euro containers that have attachable lids as it is impossible for this type of lid to fall off during transit or storage. Many of our storage boxes with lids come with the added benefit of being able to add a lock to these industrial storage boxes with lids means that you can move your products safely with ease.

Storage boxes with lids are food grade compliant and you can purchase them now on the Exporta website. Storage boxes with lids, depending on the model you buy can repel oil, acid, and alkali, making them an excellent purchase if your boxes are facing transit. It is also common for these storage boxes to be resistant to hot and cold temperatures which mean that the products inside the boxes will not affect by the changing temperature.  If you are still unsure if you should choose storage boxes with lids, read through the list below:

  • Stackable
  • Nestable
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Long lasting reusable container
  • Strong, reliable lids for strength and security
  • Lock option
  • Opening detection Reinforced flat base suitable for automation
  • Ergonomic handles on both sides
  • Removable card window
  • Heavy duty, durable
  • Food grade certification
  • Can be branded with logo
  • Available in colours virgin material
  • ESD grade can be supplied on request

Storage Boxes with Lids for Sale

The reasons why many industries use ALC’s are their many advantages when it comes to storage. The advantages in comparison to other plastic storage solutions are varied and a big part of why many companies opt for Attached Lid Containers. The benefits of Attached Lid Containers include;

•    Fantastic Storage Capacity – Our containers are made to fit all shapes and sizes, simply choose the dimensions which will benefit your business the most. The majority of businesses which use these types of containers keep them for storage.

•    Easy to Handle – There is a reason why humans have been using crates for hundreds of years.  Once the goods are stored, they can be easily manoeuvred which makes them a popular choice for any means of transportation. The Containers can be reused for years and will last for long periods of time.

•    Attached Lid – Lids are a necessary when it comes to product handling and if it is attached it could save your business time and money on lost lids.

•    Sustainability – This type of box is always Plastic which means that it is extremely strong. Plastic is extremely durable and it can take a substantial amount of wear and tear. The longer your crates last the more sustainable your business is being, reusing plastics time and time again.

•    Popularity – If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Storage containers with lids are the most popular method of storage in the U.K which means that they are a trusted method of storing goods.

•    Branding – Would you like to see the name of your brand on top of or at the side of your container, this is a service which we can offer. Simply ask us on live chat or get in touch with the Exporta team at their headquarters.

There are many reasons why your business should choose storage containers with lids. Storage containers are the most used plastic storage containers in the U.K at the moment and their popularity will only continue in the future. A number of businesses use this type of equipment and their uses are extensive and varied. Both private and public sector continue to make use of them.

Buy Storage Boxes with Lids Online

If you would like to order Storage Boxes with lids online, then you can do this via our website. Our website can also tell you the price and if the item is in stock. If you do have any questions about our storage boxes with lids, then get in touch. At Exporta, we like to give our customers more and that is we send our Storage Boxes by next day delivery. Exporta Global provides next day delivery for all orders placed before 3 pm.

Our Plastic Storage Boxes with lids are the perfect choice for those who are looking to modernise their product handling and shipping needs. We can help your business become more economical by saving space in your workspace.

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Our business has over 40 decades of experience when it comes to product handling solutions, mainly the reason why we are so confident that we can find you the boxes or crates which would benefit your business the most.

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