Bale Arm Crates

Bale arm crates are ideal for supermarket use; easily stackable and manufactured to reduce the movement of products; our bale arm containers provide a safe, hygienic way to manoeuvre and store fresh produce and more. Transport a range of grocery goods with our bale arm crates which can easily be nested, meaning they can be useful from manufacturing to point-of-sale, keeping products safely stored. Check out our full range of plastic crates and find the best, reliable choice for your business today.

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4 Items
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At Exporta, we create the strongest bale arm crates that are available to purchase online. We understand your packing requirements and as product handling experts, we offer the best storage solutions. We will even send you bale arm crates to your desired location.

Theses crates are used by leading supermarkets. The great thing about this type of crate is that it is extremely versatile. Our Exporta bale arm crates stack when bars are raised and nest when bars are lowered, saving valuable storage space. There are many advantages of choosing this type of crate:


  • It has comfortable handholds on short sides.
  • Practical label areas on all sides.
  • A card holder on short sides, which is beneficial to many businesses, especially supermarkets.
  • This type of crate is excellent for fresh foods as it is ventilated on sides and base for airflow.


Choosing Exporta’s Bale Arm Crates

Would you like to order Exporta's Bale Arm Crates? Order today before 3 pm for next day delivery! Our bale arm crates offer value for money as well as strength. This type of crate is often referred to as the A-Crate.

Bale arm crates are used in the UK, Europe and the U.S are they are class leading vented crates - sometimes called the Maxinest. We can safely say that our Exporta Bale Arm crates have the STRONGEST ARM on the market, one of the reasons why they are so desirable.

What’s the secret to their success? Our bale arm crates are super successful thanks to their build. Each of our bale arm crates is - injected fibreglass- meaning users can lift more weight with confidence. This is the perfect crate to purchase in bulk as it comes in a variety of sizes.

Bale Crates for Industry Use

Our Bale Crates from Exporta Global come in a variety of applications. No matter what industry you work in, we can help you find crates of all shapes and sizes. It is not just our bale arm crates that are manufactured to the very highest standards, we also have plastic crates that are constantly being upgraded and improved to comply with the appropriate standards.

Crates from Exporta are used in wide range of applications –


  • In the food industry for storing and moving fruit
  • In light industry for storing parts
  • In the electrical industry for storage of spares
  • In e-commerce, our plastic crates are used as an alternative to bins and trays.

A strong plastic crate will give your business better value for money- not only is a Bale Arm Crate extremely versatile it has the strongest arms on the market. If you are unsure which type of crate will suit your business best, get in touch! No matter what your business sells, we can help you choose the most appropriate product for product handling.

Bale Arm Containers

Our bale arm containers are made of robust food grade plastic. This type of crate has the potential to last for years and can withstand tough treatment. The shape of this crate also serves it well as it can be used for storage, transport and food sales, making it one of the most versatile crates available to purchase from Exporta.  

Supermarkets often choose bale arm crates as they are stackable and very robust, making them an excellent investment in the long run. They offer easy handling due to their lightweight structure, making life a little easier for staff members and employees.

This type of crate is the ideal solution for logistics as it can be used anywhere from the warehouse, manufacturing locations to the shop floor!

Businesses within the food sector choose this type of crate as their build helps them to resist moisture, fungi, insects and they are also impervious to acid, solvents, fats and odours.

Storage Crates

Bale arm crates also fall under the Storage Crates by Exporta Global. Our selection of bale arm crates can be used to store a large selection of items. You will be pleased to know that all of our crates come with our testing guarantee. Storage Crates from Exporta Global are ideal for storing a large selection of items, from food and pharmaceuticals to raw materials and machine parts.

 At Exporta we do not cut corners with anything that we do, that is why all of the crates you see in our storage crate category are available straight from stock which means they can go out on a Next Day Delivery service straight to the destination you want them to go to.

If you are unsure if bale arm crates are the bright choice for you, our crates range from 400x300mm in size right up to the massive pallet crates that are used quite significantly in the motor industry.

Branding Your Storage Crates

We have a great range of plastic crates at Exporta Global. Our storage crates can also be branded with your very own brand mark. Their manufacturing process is exact and ensures each crate is identical to the next one. Ideal for automated systems. Whether you’re looking to store a few parts or move larger items, Exporta Global’s storage crates are the storage crates that you should be looking to purchase.


Recycling Your Bale Arm Crates

 Exporta Bale Arm Crates are recyclable and environmentally friendly. Remember that every action that contributes to better sustainability is helpful no matter how unimportant it may seem, that is why you should always purchase your materials from a sustainable vendor such as Exporta.

At Exporta we are committed to continually sourcing earth friendly products. We encourage all of our customers to shop with the environment in mind. Little changes could make a big difference to the way people think about your business.

These days consumers have high demands for companies to address social and environmental issues. Recent studies have even suggested a third of consumers prefer sustainable brands.

A Sustainable Living brand is a brand that has integrated sustainability not only into its purpose – in other words, its marketing platform – but also into its products, that is why you should always choose crates which can be recycled.

By choosing a recyclable product like our Bale Arm Crates your business is contributing to making the world a better place. Choosing eco-friendly product handling solutions will make a huge difference to the people who see your brand. Reducing environmental impacts or using sustainably sourced ingredients, you will help to make a difference.

What Can Bale Arm Crates Be Used For?

If you are wondering if Bale Arm Crates are suitable for your business, then we would be happy to help you. All of our crates reach industry standards for the following purposes and are widely used in a variety of ways:

  • On shop floors
  • In supermarkets
  • Delivery manufacturing and processing
  • Meat and fish processing factories and storage
  • General storage

They are also constructed to last and can be used to store a variety of foods and other products, including fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, pre-packaged meats and grocery equipment.

When Will I Need a Euro Container Dolly For My Bale Arm Crates?

If you want to streamline tasks and improve the efficiency in your workplace, then purchase a Euro container dolly. When it comes to product handling Euro containers dollies are fantastic for the safe transportation of products.  The job of the euro container dolly is to improve mobilisation.  By putting a bale arm crate onto a euro container dolly, you suddenly make the immobile mobile – this means tasks will be completed more efficiently.

 Any businesses which use Euro containers currently, or are thinking of purchasing some for the storage of goods should also consider a dolly cart. Once full, containers can become extremely heavy and it then becomes unsafe for employees to carry them or attempt to move them far. If this is the case for your workplace, then you should invest in an Exporta 4-wheel dolly.

Which Dolly Is Suitable for A Bale Arm Crate?

At Exporta  Bale Arm Crates are suitable for use in conveyor systems and also work with our Container Dolly. This is a super strong dolly and can be delivered alongside bale arm crates. When it comes to dollies, we make them so that they are as strong as stacking containers.

Our Euro Container Dolly 600mm x 400mm is the perfect product handling solution for those who need to move products between locations within your premises or warehouses.

These sturdy dollies can also be hooked together to form a train for movement of larger amounts of euro containers. This type of dolly can only be described as tough as it is extremely durable.

The Exporta A-Crate

Exporta Bale Arm Crates are also Stack Nest configurable. So when in use they can be stacked on top of each other. This provides a clearance which gives excellent air flow. When not in use they can be nested together, taking up much less space in terms of storage or return trip transport. Truly, the A-Crate Bale Arm Crate from Exporta is a class leading crate


Stacking Crates

At Exporta we have a number of stacking crates for sale. In general, this type of crate is plastic and has the ability to be stacked securely between crates. Crates are extremely useful and can be used for day to day operations.

In most cases, crates tend to be ventilated, which makes them great for holding food. The main things that you should look for when you are purchasing your crates are that they should be easy to clean and stack.

When it comes to bale arm crates, you will generally see this type of crate in a tower formation. Due to the versatility of this crate, many businesses choose this type of crate. The main benefit of stacking crates is that they can easily be transported around or placed into storage.

Our crates are used across the UK as they fit snugly and safely on top of each other. When purchasing your stacking crates and bale arm crates, you may want to purchase wheels so they can be moved to your warehouse and business premises. This type of crate can be stacked onto pallets for the same purpose.

Are you looking to save space as well as money?  When stacking crates are not in use, they take up much less space as they sit on top of each other. Stacking crates can be set to go up to as tall as a 2m high stack and still be safe. Nesting crates slot right into each other when not in use

The Benefits of Bale Arm Crates

Additionally, they make excellent static storage as they all come with easy to use, ergonomic handles. Stacking crates are a completely flexible storage solution and should be considered when looking for light storage products. Stacking crates are widely used in the home, in light industry, for small parts storage, and for inventory storage.


Ordering Bale Arm Crates

Our vision is to be the type of company that stocks large quantities of popular products and moves them on swiftly by consistently improving our service offering, knowledge, and product range.

Have you worked with bale arm crates before and would like to purchase your next batch? You are in luck! Currently, all of our plastic crates are in stock and are ready for Next Day Delivery. We offer all of our customers fast, reliable delivery on all of our Product Handling Solutions.