Folding Crates

Folding crates provide a practical and functional means of storage that can be useful for a range of industries. Our selection of collapsible crates is available in various heights so that they can accommodate your storage needs. Reusable, long-lasting and certified food safe, our folding crates are multi-purpose and the ideal storage container for your business, easily stackable and even easier to clean they’re the top choice for all. Browse our full range of plastic crates and make the best choice to suit your company’s needs today.

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Folding Crates

Folding crates are well used through light industry and within the food sectors. They provide an excellent method of moving product and parts around. Their collapsible quality means that these plastic crates take up less space on a return journey.

The F-Crate Folding Crate is the fastest to collapse, the easiest to build up a folding crate and also can carry the most weight in class. Available in a variety of sizes these folding crates have ergo-grip patented technology to avoid handling injury. They can also have coloured markers for easy identification and can be transported internally on dollies. The F-Crate Folding Crate is a class leading plastic crate and should be top of your list if you're looking for flexible storage solutions.


Where Does the F-Crate Folding Crate Win Over Other Crates?

The F-Crate is a top of the range folding crate. This collapsible wonder is a class apart from other crates on the market and here's why.

It folds out in a jiffy. Actually better than a jiffy, it folds out in under 2 seconds compared with other crates. This leads to efficiency savings. Additionally, it folds flat in a quicker time. That's less than 2 seconds to fold flat from a standing start.

Thirdly, it has ergo-grip handles so when you are lifting this crate around then it's good to the hands.

The fourth thing that makes this crate so great is that when folded flat it is the thinnest crate within the class, so it takes up less storage space when not in use or on return journeys.

Lastly, it's a strong collapsible crate. It can take a bit of bashing and can hold heavy weights. All in all, the F-Crate Folding Collapsible crate is a market leader.

Plastic Folding Crates

Our plastic folding crates come in a variety of sizes. Whether you are looking for foldable or non-foldable models, Exporta Global cover a wealth of different applications.

If you have any questions about the sizes and shapes your business needs, chat to us now on live chat. A selection of our folding crates conforms to the standard Euro footprint size (commonly known as Euro crates). You will find these crates labelled in the folding crates section as these crates are perfect for automation.

All of our Exporta global crates are manufactured to the very highest standards. We also make sure that the plastic which is used to develop the base of our crates is checked on a regular basis. If you are wondering how your business could use Plastic Crates, then you will not have to look far. Business across the country use our foldable crates:

  • - In the food industry for storing and moving fruit
  • - In light industry for storing parts
  • - In the electrical industry for storage of spares
  • - In e-commerce, our plastic crates are used as an alternative to bins and trays

Crates from Exporta are used in a wide range of applications, order your selection today before 3 pm to guarantee our super-fast next day delivery service.

Advantages of the F-Crate Folding Crate

Did you know that the F-Crate can be built in less than 2 seconds?

We would highly recommend The F-Crate to anyone who is looking to purchase a reliable and sturdy folding crate. The F-Crate is a top of the range folding crate, which you can purchase at our online store today.

Our customers love this crate and many have said that it is a class apart from other crates on the market. This collapsible product handling solution is used in a number of industries and here's why:


  • - This long lasting crate folds out in a jiffy. It is the easiest foldable crate on the market and can fold out in under 2 seconds – that’s record time compared with other crates! The faster your employees can use your folding crates, the more efficient they will be. Investing in the best materials will lead to long-term savings in time and money.


  • - We create products that are designed for real people, that is why our foldable crates have ergo-grip handles. This makes sure that when someone is carrying one of your crates, it will not be as harsh on their hands. This will be extremely beneficial to your business, it allows workers to carry the crates for longer, increasing productivity.


  • - We have created folding crates that are made with a super slim design. There are many reasons for this, however, when folded flat it is the thinnest crate within the class, so it takes up less storage space when not in use or on return journeys.


  • - This crate may be collapsible, however, at Exporta we do not compromise. Our crates are built to last and the crate which you purchase is guaranteed to withstand pressure and heavy weights.


All in all, the F-Crate Folding Collapsible crate is a market leader not only in terms of collapsible crates but crates in general.

Our Folding Crate Range

Every business is different, for example, some may need more foldable crates than others, some may need Euro containers for shipping their goods and others may need a range of crates in different sizes. Below we have listed our full range of foldable crates, dimensions included. Find out more about each type of crate on their product page.

  • Foldable Crate (Collapsible) 600mm x 400mm x 115mm 23L
  • Foldable Crate (Collapsible) 600mm x 400mm x 150mm 31L
  • Foldable Crate (Collapsible) 600mm x 400mm x 185mm 39L
  • Foldable Crate (Collapsible) 600mm x 400mm x 219mm (Euro Container) 46L
  • Foldable Crate (Collapsible) 600mm x 400mm x 259mm 55L

Browse through our range of collapsible crates and order your selection today. Keep your eye on our daily deal section too!

Why Is the F-Crate So Popular?

The F-Crate features the Industry Leading Ergo-Lock feature. Thousands of businesses use this type of crate as it offers day-to-day efficiency. The Ergo-lock feature makes this crate super-quick to put up and collapse.  Another plus side of this function is that it reduces injuries within the workplace because it is so easy to handle!

An Easy to Use and Clean Folding Crate

As this model is one of the industry's flattest folding crates, you will save much more room in your warehouse and work spaces. You will find that this folding crate takes up very little room when it is stacked. Our folding crate selection can be easily cleaned, no matter what they have been used to store, which means you can use them time and time again.

Industrial Folding Crates

No matter what industry you work in, our foldable crates are perfect. In the past, we have had many customers purchasing our foldable crates for the food, farming and fruit produce industry. We believe that our foldable crates are the best when it comes to crates for moving farm produce.

Easy to Clean

Our folding crates are extremely easy to clean. They are also robust enough to endure travel, storage and for throwing around when you are finished with them. This is why our Exporta foldable crates are extremely useful to have in the work place.

When we talk about the role of the foldable crates, they make an important place not only for the residential but for the commercial purposes too.

Folding Storage Crates

Many businesses purchase folding crates purely for storage reasons, this is why crates must be strong enough to endure any weather condition.  A good crate has the ability to protect several items and goods.

Foldable Crates for Transit

In recent years, the production of crates has risen due to the demand for them. The world is now a much smaller place and deliveries from country to country are going much further than ever before; it is important that your crates protect your stock while they are in transit.

Buying Foldable Crates in Bulk

Many of our customers purchase our foldable crates in bulk. Our customers return to us to buy their product handling goods as they are never let down.

There are a number of reasons why you should purchase your foldable crates from a reputable product handling company. We have a huge team at the Exporta base who make sure that high-efficiency service is delivered every time. Our quick delivery service ensures that you can despatch your goods on time every time.

Another advantage of buying from us is that you know what you will get, just read our client testimonials. Many businesses may be offering crates, however, they will not offer the same quality as ours does. By offering continual competitive prices through a commitment to constant innovation and bulk buying, our business can help yours.

Stacking Your Collapsible Crates

When not in use, our containers collapse flat and provide excellent savings on both space and money for supply chain return. Stacking Crates has never been as easy. At Exporta we have a range of plastic crates that have the ability to stack on top of each other. Foldable crates can be stacked on top of each other to save space, making them one of the most versatile form of crates.

In most cases, you will find foldable crates stacked in a tower formation to be easily transported around or placed into storage. Remember that if you are finished with your foldable crates you can simply dismantle them and put them away until the next time they are required.

Eco-Friendly Product Solutions

In recent years, the number of customers asking us about our sustainability policy has increased massively. Exporta is extremely careful with how we source our material and we can only advise your business that it is too.

If you are looking to purchase foldable crates that will aid your business in its goal to become more sustainable then you have come to the right place. Whether your business is just starting up or has been running for a number of years, we have lots of designs and solutions that can help. Exporta Foldable Crates are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

If you are taking your first steps to be a more environmentally friendly business, it is worthwhile to remember every action that contributes to better a more sustainable country. We are pleased to say that by purchasing your goods at Exporta, you will be making a huge difference to the functionality of your business.

Sourcing Sustainable Products

When it comes to continually sourcing earth friendly products, Exporta can help your business. We have been using sustainable materials to make our plastic crates as well as foldable crates for a number of years, that is why we encourage all of our customers to shop with the environment in mind.

By choosing a recyclable product like our Foldable Crates your business is defining a purpose which helps to make the world a better place. Choosing eco-friendly product handling solutions will make a huge difference to the people who see your brand. Reducing environmental impacts or using sustainably sourced ingredients, you will help to make a difference.

Ordering Foldable Crates for Next Day Delivery

At Exporta, our goal is to provide businesses across the UK with the best product handling products. For years we have been stocking large quantities of popular products so that your company can keep its stock where it needs to be.

With time comes knowledge, that is why we are consistently improving our service offering, knowledge, and product range. Our unique range of collapsing and folding boxes is extensive with solutions for many applications; ask a member of our team on live chat how they work!

Have you worked with Foldable crates before and would like to purchase your next batch? You are in luck! Currently, all of our plastic crates are in stock and are ready for Next Day Delivery.

We offer all of our customers fast, reliable delivery on all of our product handling solutions. We can take orders your preferred way: telephone, fax, email or online ordering today!