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Picker Crate

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Picker Crates

Picker storage crates from Exporta are one of our most versatile options when it comes to storage crates. Here at Exporta Global, we have crates of all shapes and sizes, many of which fit the standard Euro footprint size – which means they are fully compatible with our other Euro products. Every one of Exporta’s crates are made to the highest standard which makes them highly durable and high quality. Our crates are all checked on a regular basis to ensure that they have been manufactured to the highest standard.

Who Would Use Picker Storage Crates?

If as a business you wish to make use of storage crates by stacking or nesting them on top of one another then our picker crates are perfect for you. Storage crates are by their very nature for the storage of goods – once items are stored in our picker crates they can become stackable plastic crates or nestable plastic storage crates. This means that once these storage crates are loaded they can either be stacked or nested on top of one another to create an effective storage solution for your workplace. The handles used in Exporta’s picker storage crates make them extremely easy to pick up – even when they are stacked!

Picker Storage Crates as an Alternative

Typically for the storage and movement of goods cardboard would be used. This was simply because it was so cheap. In recent times we have seen a massive movement towards storage crates as an alternative.  Storage crates provide a long lasting and economical solution when looking at the storage and movement of goods. Cardboard can often only be used once and in doing so goods can become easily damaged due to the lack of robustness in form. Cardboard is easily affected by the weather also – especially rain; in using plastic storage crates you are protected against the elements as they don’t disintegrate over a short period of time. If your business is seeking a storage solution which is built to last, then look no further than Exporta’s crates.

All of Exporta’s crates come ready assembled – no need for sellotape or having to take time to build up your boxes. Our storage crates are available for next day delivery when ordered before 3pm so you can find plastic crates for sale on our website that will be with you as soon as tomorrow.

Picker Crate – The V-Crate

The V-Crates, picker crates or field crates as they are sometimes known, are an extremely unique and versatile form of stackable plastic crates or nestable plastic crates. They have been supremely designed to allow maximum airflow making this strong storage crate ideal for light industrial and food environments. Although this crate is hugely popular amongst food producers it can also be seen in a variety of situations, including transport or for the storage of fabrics, other plastics etc.

Industries Which Use Picker Crates

Due to the unique design features of these ventilated crates they are ideal for the food industry. More often than not goods such as fresh fruit and vegetables need the air to pass through them whilst they are being stored. These ventilated plastic crates allow exactly that – they allow air to pass and avoid the growth of bacteria. This is why our picker storage crates are majorly found in environments which grow or supply food.

Another reason which makes these storage crates ideal for the food services industry is the fact that they are stackable plastic crates. This means that a baker could utilise the space they have available by stacking the crates on top of one another without the goods inside becoming damaged – which is paramount for any business. They are also extremely easy to clean and disinfect which is ideal for any business which must maintain a high standard of hygiene in their services.

We have seen a large number of the V-Crates within light industrial environments. Light industry can be identified as the production of smaller consumer goods. This could include clothing/footwear, food/drink or even pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products. These storage crates are perfect for light industry due to their versatility and weight – when empty, they are extremely lightweight and can be easily nested within one another to save your business plenty space. Even when loaded, these nestable crates can be nested on top of one another to maximise the space you have available whilst also protecting the products inside.

Although these stackable plastic crates are hugely popular amongst food producers and light industries, they can also be seen in a variety of situations including transport and for the storage of fabrics and other plastics etc.

Exporta’s Picker Crate

The picker crate, or V-Crate/ventilated plastic crates as they are sometimes referred to that Exporta offer have an 18.5L capacity. These ventilated crates are 600mmx400mmx100mm in size and only cost £7.14 each. This is a sensible investment for your business as it can provide your goods with protection whilst keeping your workplace organised and maximising the space you have available.

The Picker Crate is very versatile and can be used in a number of applications. This type of crate both stacks and nests. It is ideally used for picking and for the transportation of soft fruit and vegetables such as raspberries, mushrooms, strawberries, grapes etc. It is also used in the bakery markets due to the ability to nest the crates and not damage the lower level of products but can be used in a wide variety of light industrial applications also. With a unique innovative design, this picker crate has a 50% nesting ratio complemented with super ventilation. Because of this capability, these ventilated crates have a huge downward effect on cost and also the environment in return systems which will make you more efficient as a company. This V-Crate is manufactured from HDPE which means it can be washed which is vital especially in the food industry. It can be steam cleaned which is a very thorough way of cleaning plastic products. Being of a euro footprint this is compatible with other euro footprint transportation equipment and it can also fit neatly onto Euro and Standard pallets for shipping multiple crates of produce and moving around the factory internally.

Main Benefits of Exporta’s V-Crate

  • Stackable and Nestable – This is the headline benefit of Exporta’s V-Crate. Stackable plastic crates can allow you to save space in transport or your warehouse even when your storage crates are fully stocked. In being nestable they can be neatly stored when empty or even stacked when half full.
  • Super ventilated – These ventilated crates allow the free flow of air through your goods when they are within the V-Crate. This is especially crucial for many food producers as their products must be able to breathe whilst in storage or transit.
  • Colourful identification of stacking direction – Due to the design of Exporta’s V-Crate they look especially effective when stacked and you can easily identify the different levels if you alternate the colour direction on each level.
  • Ergonomic grip holes or shell handles for safe, easy handling – Exporta manufacture all of our products with you in mind. This is why we have included ergonomic grip holes on our crates – therefore you can move your crates safely with ease.  
  • Food grade polypropylene resistant to oil, acid and alkali and cold and heat – This is a vital feature for those involved in the food industry. As a business you cannot afford for your products to become contaminated by outside bodies – with Exporta’s V-Crate this is not an issue.

Exporta’s Other Plastic Crates

Exporta have a huge range of other crates available across our website. Therefore, if you decide that the V-Crate isn’t right for your business then have a look through some of the other crates available on our website – such as:

  • Bale Arm Crate – Our bale arm crate is perfect for heavy items as it has the strongest and most robust arms on the market today. These crates can be seen in many different types of business - from food manufacturers to retailers. This type of crate is ideal for transporting heavy items including frozen vegetables/meat or other types of groceries. Due to the stack and nest capability of these crates they can be placed on top of one another without damaging the goods within. You can also fold the stacking arms away on return journeys to allow the crates to be nested on top of one another.


  • Euro Crates - The Euro Crate is extremely diverse and could be used for a number of different things. Over the years this crate has evolved to store almost every type of fruit you can imagine. This is because it is an extremely reliable crate which farmers and retailers alike have become very fond of. Due to the range of sizes available these can be used to accommodate both small and larger items. They are often seen in light industrial markets as well as transportation due to the stacking capability of them. Like some of our other storage crates, our Euro crates have a euro footprint and can fit easily into our euro and standard size pallets.  


  • Folding Crate – These crates have an Ergo-Lock design which makes them extremely fast to put up and collapse. These are the industries’ fastest folding crates and hardly take up any room when stacked empty. They are ideal for anyone in the food industry or the farming of fruit and vegetables. This crate is ideal for moving farm produce and is easy, clean and strong enough to withstand a huge amount of wear and tear.


  • Poly-Crate -  These plastic crates are able to collapse, which can save your business on storage and transportation costs – in some cases up to 80%. These plastic crates are extremely robust and economical: they have a high circulation rate and a payload of 250kg. They have a 3-part design with a base insert and drop down gate. These crates are also environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable.


Why Buy Your V-Crate from Exporta?

Exporta Global are experts in product handling. As specialists in our field we are confident we have the right product for your business. All of our V-Crates are in stock and ready for next day delivery if you order before 3pm. Our Product Handling Solutions Fast Promise means that you can rest easy knowing that when needed, you can get your products as fast as possible. This is a service we provide all year round for our customers.

Other Products Which May Be of Interest to You

Perhaps storage crates aren’t for your business – or perhaps you already have storage crates and are wondering what other products Exporta have that could work with your crates. Looking through our website you will find information on all of our categories and individual products. Although storage crates and other storage items are a large part of what we do we also carry various other product handling solutions, including shelving, racking, matting and product movement goods.

Our product range is so extensive that you may very well find multiple products which could greatly benefit your business and improve your productivity and efficiency. Why not call us today or start a live chat to find out about the products that would benefit your business.