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Stackable Crates

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Stack Nest Crates

Stack Nest Crates are crates that both stack and nest. These crates stack when in use or filled with products and nest when not in use. Hence the name - stack nest crates. The stack nest crates come in a variety of sizes but are most common in the euro sizes of 400x300mm and 600x400mm sizes with a variety of heights.

Our Stack Nest Crates range contains strong, durable containers that can be used for many different applications.

A number of industries use this type of crates and are commonly used in the catering industry due to material which they are made of. If you own a business that is involved with engineering, bars work, restaurant/food delivery, storage or the transportation of goods, it will be worth your while investing in stack nest crates

Our selection of Stack Nest Crates

We are experts when it comes to product handling solutions – we have been helping businesses across the UK for a number of years. We understand that different businesses require different solutions, that is why we have a huge range when it comes to Stacking and Nesting Containers.

Our role is to help your business secure massive savings and save space when it comes to storage and transportation. We have created products which can help your business become more flexible when it is handling and transporting goods.

For example, empty stack nest containers can be stacked into one another to save space in a delivery vehicle, return transport or warehouse. Not only does this save your business money, but it will save time on handling too.

How to Handle Stack Nest Crates?

This is a question we are often asked, and it is an important one. There are different ways in which you can handle and transport stack nest crates. First of all, a selection of our industrial stack nest crates come with a strong bale arm. Many businesses find these crates extremely useful as they can be carried easily as well as securely stacked when loaded with contents.

 Once you are finished using bale arm crates they can then be folded down to allow containers to be nested when empty for space savings.

A number of our stack nest containers can also be manoeuvred safely with dollies. By using dollies your workforce will become more efficient. By purchasing crates that can work with dollies your business will work better when it comes to storage flexibility

How to Use Stack Nest Crates?

As the name suggests, stack nest crates can be securely stacked as well as nested. The main benefit of this type of crate is that it saves space. These containers have multiple purposes and are used across most major industries for storage and distribution.

What Can Exporta Stack Nest Be Used for?

Due to the versatility of these crates, they can be used in a number of ways. How you use your crates will depend on which industry you come from. For example, if you were working in catering or hospitality then you can use our stack/nest crates to

  • Display goods, Transporting foods such as prepacked meats
  • Distribute goods such as prepacked Fish
  • Store goods
  • Cool chain distribution

There are a number of ways this type of container can be used; they are also extremely beneficial when working with textiles. Clothing manufacturers and retailers use this type of crate to transport and store stock from store to store, store to the shop floor and from the manufacturers to the store.

Our crates are all checked on a regular basis to ensure that they have been manufactured to the highest standard. Browse through our range of stack nest crates today to see which one is the best fit for your business.

Stack Nest Picker Crates

Have you looked through our range of picker crates? When it comes to stack nest crates, you are spoiled for choice here at Exporta. If you have decided on using picker crates, then you have made a great decision as they are one of our most versatile options when it comes to stack nest crates.

We have a diverse range of crates here at Exporta Global, with a huge selection of crates in all shapes and sizes. We are constantly keeping up with industry standards, that is why many of our picker crates fit the standard Euro footprint size. We make sure these products are fully compatible with our other Euro products.

If you have never purchased our crates before then we encourage you to read through our customer testimonials. With Exporta Global, what you see is what you get, every one of Exporta’s crates are made to the highest standard which makes them highly durable and high quality.

- Picker Crate - V-Crate - 600mm x 400mm x 100mm - 18.5L

Stack Nest Bale Arm Crates

When it comes to stack nest crate options, bale arm containers are extremely popular. We sell thousands of this product every year as it is one of the most widely used pieces of product handling equipment.

At Exporta we have something for every business due to the versatility of our Exporta Global products. The Bale Arm Crates from Exporta Global come in a variety of applications. No matter what industry you work in, we can help you find crates of all shapes and sizes.

No matter what you are looking for, whether it is bale arm crates or not, our crates are manufactured to the very highest standards. Browse through our range of plastic crates today and order online for next day delivery.

-          Bale Arm Crate - BLUE - A-Crate - 600mm x 400mm x 167mm - 28L

-          Bale Arm Crate GREEN - A-Crate - 600mm x 400mm x 167mm - 28L

-          Bale Arm Crate - GREEN - A-Crate - 600mm x 400mm x 199mm - 36.25L

-          Bale Arm Crate - BLUE - A-Crate - 600mm x 400mm x 199mm - 36.25L

Our Bale Arm crates come in a range of different colours, see our full selection in the Bale Arm Crate category.


Stack Nest Attached Lid Containers

Our stack nest containers really do come in all shapes and sizes. We have selected a wide range of stack nest crates for you to order online.  If you are still unsure if you are buying the right type of stacking crate for your business, then we would be happy to talk you through your options on live chat.

We are the number one shopping destination when it comes to containers as our team are extremely well versed in all aspects of Containers and are happy to help you with your purchase.

We work with attached lid containers and different types of stack nest containers every day, that is why we are able to offer advice on all aspects of storage containers. Choosing the best crates for your business can be time-consuming, that is why we can give you all of the answers you will need via our live chat function. Save time by asking us questions you need to be answered. We can also give you a bespoke quote – which can help your company decide on the product handling equipment it needs today.

If you are looking for any answers about our collection of Stack Nest Attached Lid Containers, have a look through our extensive range of Attached Lid Containers and find out which one best suits your requirements. The products which we offer at Exporta Global are of the highest quality and can be reused for years. 


-          ALC (Attached Lid Container) 600mm x 400mm x 250mm Blue Box 45L

-          ALC (Attached Lid Container) 600mm x 400mm x 340mm Blue Box 60L

-          ALC (Attached Lid Container) PRO 600x400x340mm (60L)

-          ALC (Attached Lid Container) PRO 600x400x400mm (70L)


Our Range of Stacking and Nestable Crates

At Exporta Global we have a whole range of crates for you to choose from. We provide a wide range of stack nesting crates, as well as stacking containers in a number of shapes and sizes.

As we have mentioned stacking crates are most commonly used in the catering industry, however, Exporta Global has a selection which can be used for all types of storage and distribution. When you browse through our range of stack nest crates you will realise that each of these storage crates has different attributes that will match your needs.

There are many reasons why your business should move towards our sustainable stack-nest crates. Modern businesses are moving away from disposable packaging, that is why we have created storage containers that can be used over and over again.

Our crates help customers to comply with packaging waste legislation. We would encourage all of our customers to reduce carbon footprint and save money by using our stack-nest crates.

Buy Crates from Exporta

Are you looking to buy crates that are the best in the industry? Then you have come to the best place. All of our Stacking and Nesting Plastic Boxes are manufactured to the highest standard. At Exporta we ensure that we are creating a high-quality product, at the best price. We value our customers, that is why we are always updating our website with the best prices and deals.

Variety is also important to us, that is why our plastic nesting boxes come in many colours and sizes We are constantly updating our range of crates, making sure that we always have the products you need in stock.

Ordering Stack Nest Crates

We want to offer all of our customers the best customer care when it comes to ordering their stack nest crates. We have been working in the product handling sector for a number of years now, that is why we know everything there is to know about the best product handling products.

For years we have been stocking and delivering large quantities of popular products to businesses across the UK, making sure that companies can keep its stock where it needs to be. As you will know, with time comes knowledge, that is why we are consistently improving our service offering, knowledge, and a top of the range line of products.

Next Day Delivery Stack Nest Crates

Our unique range of stack nest crates boxes is extensive with solutions for many applications; ask a member of our team on live chat how they work!

Have you worked with stack nest crates before and would like to purchase your next batch? You are in luck! Currently, all of our plastic crates are in stock and are ready for Next Day Delivery.

How does our next day delivery service work? Our high-efficiency service ensures you can despatch your goods on time; order before 3 pm to receive your goods by next day delivery. We eliminate pick up stress and send your goods straight to your premises securely.

We offer all of our customers fast, reliable delivery on all of our product handling solutions. We can take orders your preferred way - telephone, fax, email or online ordering today!