Euro Containers with Lids

Euro containers with lids are a secure way of storing and moving your goods. These large plastic boxes with hinged lids allow you to open and shut your Euro containers and gain access to any products inside. Exporta’s Euro containers with lids can also be fitted with tamper evident seals or alternatively these storage boxes with lids can also be locked to ensure your goods are safe and protected at all times. When using our Euro containers with lids you can stack each of these containers, creating a space saving solution for your workplace. In stacking your Euro containers, you can easily fit more products within your warehouse or transportation to maximise the efficiency of your business.

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2 Items
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What are Euro Containers?

Euro containers is a type of box or stacking container made of plastic. These industrial storage boxes are sometimes called a euro box and are used to store products. They are often used in the shipping or movement of goods. Euro containers can also be used with lids. These euro containers with lids are extremely versatile and are uniform in dimensions, which makes them ideal for all types of product handling. These storage boxes with attached lids come in a variety of sizes which hold different volumes of products. These can be large plastic boxes with hinged lids which can hold up to 172 litres. If you require something smaller Exporta have a wide range of sizes available.

Exporta’s Euro Containers with Lids

Exporta have two different sizes of lids. These Euro containers with lids come in two different colours: blue or grey. One of our lids is 400x300mm and is £3.76, the other is 600x400mm and is £4.85.

The Benefits of Using Euro Containers with Lids

There are many benefits to using these containers with lids attached, if you are currently using a euro container without a lid have a read through our benefits of using Euro containers with lids:

• Strong and Durable - All of Exporta’s euro containers with lids are made of high quality plastic materials. These large plastic boxes with hinged lids have been designed to have an extremely long lifespan. Exporta aim to provide high quality, durable products across all categories to save your business money in the long run.

• Compatibility – Our Euro container lids are all fully compliant with our Euro container products. Using Euro containers with lids means that you gain all the same benefits of using a Euro container but with the added protection these large plastic boxes with hinged lids provide.

• Moves Products with Ease – Euro containers with lids allow your products to move easily both in transit or simply just in your warehouse. The added benefit of being able to add a lock to these industrial storage boxes with lids means that you can move your products safely with ease. Having Euro containers with lids allows your products to be stacked on top of one another which makes them especially easy to store and transport.

• Resistant – All of Exporta’s Euro containers with lids are food grade compliant. This means that these storage boxes with attached lids repel oil, acid and alkali. They are also resistant to hot and cold, meaning that you can keep your products at a neutral temperature.

ESD Euro Containers with Lids

An ESD Euro container is one which is made from electrically conductive plastic which means it is safe for the use of transporting or storing electrical goods. An Electro Static Discharge Euro Container (it’s proper name) is made to euro specifications for automation purposes making them perfect for storing and transporting components. ESD is a flow of electricity between two surfaces if they come within close contact of each other. After this build up there is a kind of breakdown in electricity, often resulting in an actual spark. This can be detrimental to electrical components and can be very dangerous in areas where gas is present. This is where ESD Euro containers come in handy, they eliminate this problem making it safe to transport and store your electrical components. If your business stores or transports electrical goods, you will already be aware of the financial risk in doing this. You cannot afford for your goods to become damaged in transit. This is where Exporta’s ESD Euro containers with lids come in handy for this very reason, you can store your electrical goods in one of our ESD Euro containers and have the peace of mind that your products are safe any will not become damaged. If you would like more information about our ESD Euro containers, then give us a call or chat online and we can discuss your business needs and whether ESD Euro containers are right for your business.

Businesses who could Use Euro Containers with Lids

Due to the recycled plastic materials used in manufacturing these industrial storage boxes with lids, they are manufactured using Polypropylene making them resistant to oil, acid and alkali. They are also designed to be resistant to heat and cold, this makes them ideal for businesses in the food and beverage industry. If your business is in the food industry you will be aware that your products need to be uncontaminated from outside materials and kept at an appropriate temperature. Storage boxes with attached lids are a great way to ensure your products are covered but you would greatly benefit from using Euro containers with lids as they are designed to resist any outside materials, including ones like oil and acid which are definitely things you need to keep out of your food once manufactured or prepared. As previously mentioned, any electrical manufacture would benefit from using our ESD Euro containers with lids. There is a financial risk in shipping or moving high priced electrical items meaning that you need reliable storage boxes with lids in order to ensure your products are delivered efficiently and with no damage, protecting your margins as well as your reputation with your customers.

Companies Already Interested in Euro Containers with Lids

Due to the many benefits Euro containers with lids provide to companies in the food and beverage industries it’s no wonder that two of the largest multi-national companies in the country are considering the switch to Euro containers – Walmart and Tesco. Walmart, who own ASDA, and Tesco are the two largest supermarket retailers in the UK currently. Tesco alone accounts for around 28% of the UK supermarket market share, this is huge. In being such large well known retailers these supermarkets need storage boxes with hinged attached lids they can rely on to keep their products as fresh as possible for their consumers. Food grade plastic is made to make our Euro plastic containers with lids in order to keep the contents contamination free. Exporta include vented sides on all of our Euro containers in order to allow airflow and stop the build-up of moisture. This ensures that the produce kept inside has a longer lifespan, this is especially important for fresh fruit and vegetables which already have a relatively short lifespan. Here at Exporta we believe that this is a wise move for any food retailer who wants to take the freshness of their products seriously. With our Euro containers with lids we know they are made from the highest quality products and are fit for purpose to last for a long time. Due to the robustness of all our storage boxes with lids they can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear making them ideal for most businesses.

Why Buy Euro Containers with Lids from Exporta?

Since starting out our Euro containers have become a large part of what we do here at Exporta – and now with the addition of Euro containers with lids we can provide our customers with even more product handling solutions to maximise their efficiency. Due to being product handling solution specialists we have fast knowledge on the subject of all our products. If you feel that our Euro containers with lids aren’t suitable for your business needs, then one of our advisors can identify some more suitable product handling solutions for your business needs. Our advisors can tailor our products to your requirements and find a suitable product combination for your needs. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do and this is why our phone lines have extended opening times – from 6am through to 5pm. We understand that each industry has different demands and different needs and we are on hand to help with any questions you may have. Alternatively, if you would rather not call us we have a couple of other contact options available for your convenience – on our website there is a live chat option available to speak with an advisor or alternatively you can fill out an enquiry form which we will process and come back to you with an answer to your query.