Our range of hypacages is the ideal alternative to the old fashioned wooden pallet. Contemporary product transportation requires something more reliable, eco-friendly and durable. Our hypacage pallets are the solution to all of these problems; stackable, secure, lightweight, and with in-built side hatches, these cages provide functionality and ease to any business. Practical for a variety of industries, the hypacage is versatile from manoeuvring products to POS. Compare it to the rest of our storage containers today and choose the best option for your company.

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 Buy Hypacages

A hypacage is a versatile, durable, lightweight, and stackable alternative to traditional moving and handling products such as storage bins and wooden pallets. It has a dual use due to its flexible nature, giving it added advantages over other products in the area.

What is the purpose of the Hypacage Unit?

We live in the 21st century, a time when we are more aware than ever the effects that business and transport are having on our local and global environments. Wooden pallet crates require logging to happen, and the pallets themselves are not long lasting. This results in wooden pallets being environmentally unfriendly; the amount of energy needed to create a wooden pallet. This, combined with the fact that a business must be constantly buying new pallets to replace damaged and broken pallets, has a real impact on the environment.

Your business can get round this when you to Exporta Global to buy hypacages. These hypacage units provides the same sort of durable storage that older storage units offer, but with its own pallet mounting made out of metal. Lightweight and corrosion resistant, the Hypacage unit is a very useful addition to any company that deals with long term or short term storage of bulk items. It’s high-walled sides ensure the safety of any goods or products that are stored inside, and keep them in place during transit.

There are side hatches that can be dropped to allow easier loading and unloading of the hypacage, then secured for transit. This makes your worker’s lives easier and reduced the possibility of accidents in the workplace. This is beneficial for both you and your employees; your employees will feel safer and more comfortable in their working environment, and you as an employer mitigate risk towards your employees, in turn reducing the amount of liability and potential legal cases that you may have brought against you.

The stackable aspect of the Hypacage means that they can be flat packed and stored neatly when not in use. By flat packing your hypacages, you save space in storage, which in turn saves money. The less space used, the lower the amount of space required, so the smaller the storage the facility and associated costs.

Where Can the Hypacage Be Used?

Storage locations such as this can be easily utilized in order to keep items that are usually mounted on wooden pallets. The Hypacage unit is a good alternative to traditional storage options. Using these storage options can be superior to using traditional storage methods because of the amount of weight these Hypacage units can hold as well as their ability to be stacked easily because of their reinforced rim.

A hypacage is used in the same fashion as a pallet, for the storage and movement of products and goods. Anywhere that you might see a pallet, wooden or otherwise, is where you would see a hypacage in use. From shop floors to shipping containers, hypacages versatility allows them to fit into any situation and provide a solution to any storage requirements.

Using a hypacage is more superior than other, more traditional methods as the amount of weight that a hypacage unit can hold is far greater than that or a typical wooden pallet. Their reinforced structure allows for

Examples of Hypacage Industries

  • Hypacages in Shipping. Gone are the golden years of the wooden pallet. As technology and the world advance, so too must the product movement solutions that we use. The metal wire mesh hypacage is fast becoming a favourite in the product movement and storage worlds, with shipping being no different. Their durability and flexibility make them perfect for an industry that puts constant strain on the equipment used within it, and by being easily stackable when not in use, these hypacages do not get in the way once they have completed their delivery.

Hypacages in Retail. Hypacages can fufil a dual role in retail. They can be used in inventory for the storage of products, or they can be used as POS on the shop floor to store good that to be easily accessible to customers. Their resilience and light weight means they can be moved easily without suffering any damage, mitigating the chance of breaking a hypacage.

Hypacage Unit Specifications

The Hypacage unit are wire formed units that are completely collapsible. There is wire infill along all sides as well as along the base. On the longer side is a half-drop gate that allows for easy access to the contents. These units can handle up to 1500kg of weight. The collapsibility of these units makes them very efficient since they can conserve space when not in use. This makes them ideal for return journeys. All units are electroplated in zinc to increase resistance to corrosion and give them a smooth finish.

Hypacage stackable mesh cage pallets come in 2 convenient sizes to suit the needs of warehouses and shops. Depending on the model, they can be stacked 4 or 5 high. One of the greatest advantages to using these cages is that they fold completely flat, enabling better storage. Both standard and heavy duty designs are available to suit the diverse needs of many warehouses.

Both types have an electro zinc-plated finish that allows them to withstand ordinary wear for much longer. The mesh sides and base on each unit help keep all of the products secure, even when they have to be moved across a large floor space. Both types feature half drop gates that make it much easier to load and unload, especially when larger boxes are concerned. The 2 types are both very compact when folded, with one measuring 230mm and the other measuring 280mm.

Warehouses always benefit from being able to transport their stock very effectively. These pallets are one of the best alternatives to other sorts of carts that don't always work nearly as efficiently. Workers will be able to work more productively with this better solution.

Key Features

  • 2 different sizes, suitable for varying needs
  • Stackable to help save space
  • Design allows them to fold completely flat
  • Mini size has a 350kg capacity
  • Standard size has a 600kg capacity
  • Zinc-plated finish resists ordinary wear better
  • Gate automatically latches on the standard sizes
  • 230mm and 280mm thickness ensures easier storage

The Benefits When You Buy Hypacage Pallets

There are a multitude of benefits that hypacage pallet provides to both employers and employees, making is a popular choice across any industry that requires slip-free matting. Hypacage pallet could be the product choice for you for the following reasons:

  • Hypacage pallet is a highly versatile product. Hypacage pallet is useful in a range of different situations. Not only can they be used in product movement for the transportation of goods from A to B, they can be a display on a shop floor, or a temporary dump for rubbish in a worksite. The possibilities of usage for hypacage pallets are endless.
  • They reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. Their durability and high holding weight means that a hypacage can safely store a large amount of goods or products without breaking, reducing the number of injuries caused by wear and tear of storage products.
  • They improve the overall health and safety of a workplace. Their intelligent design, including the drop hatches that allow ease of access at any time, make the hypacage the modern solution to an age old problem – stacked pallets. Hypacages remove from the workplace the teetering tower of a highly stacked pallet and replace it with a safe, high-sided, easily accessible storage product.

Other Types of Storage Product from Exporta

At Exporta Global, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” attitude towards industrial goods and products. We understand the vast differences between all of our customers and their respective industries, which is why we have a whole range of matting options for businesses to choose from. Therefore, if oil-resistant matting isn’t the right choice for your situation, you can find the correct type of matting from the list below:

  • Nestable PalletsPerfect a stacking storage solution, nestable pallets may the solution you spacing problems.
  • Heavy Duty PalletsThese pallets have been designed for use in heavy business, and are durable and resilient for use in such businesses.
  • Racking PalletsThese pallets are designed specifically for use in racking systems.

Health and safety should be an important factor for every business and matting is a fantastic way to improve the health and safety in your business. Here at Exporta Global, all of our movement products are designed with health and safety in mind and is manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure a superior end product. This ensure you get the best possible end product delivered to your businesses working environment.

Get in touch today to find out how matting from Exporta Global could improve your workplace. Our expert advisors are on hand to help you through your decision making process. Benefit from years of experience when you shop with Exporta Global.

Why Choose Exporta Global When Buying Hypacage pallet

As a consumer and a business owner, you will be well aware of the importance of quality when selling and purchasing products, goods, or services. At Exporta Global, you can be assured that what you buy is only of the highest quality.

Not only are our oil resistant matting products of superior quality but they are also competitively priced, making them a winner with our customers. If you are wondering if oil resistant matting is right for your business or the other products which may benefit you then get in touch with us today. You can fill out an enquiry form on our website, start a live chat or give us a call to speak to our knowledgeable and helpful staff.

The Market Leaders in Matting Products

Having been in business for over 40 years we have become the market leader in the product handling field. Our extensive knowledge of our products and the industries they are best served in is what has set us apart from our competitors. Not only can we provide your business with high quality anti-slip matting but we could provide many more products suitable for your business. We have over 1,000 products across our website so no matter what your business does, we will have solutions that could improve the productivity and efficiency of your business.

We listen to our customers closely and provide honest advice as opposed to hard sales tactics, this is what makes us a firm favourite with our customers. If you require more information about our anti-slip flooring, are wondering what the best slip resistant mats for your business would be or whether they are the right option for your business then why not chat with us today, we could give you some suggestions on the best products for your business.