Choose from any of our metal stillages here at Exporta Global and provide any warehouse or factory with a safe means to transport goods. Our selection of stillages includes fully collapsible options that offer a practical efficiency to your storage space, while still providing you with a premium quality way to manoeuvre goods. Fitted with half drop gates, our stillages are ideal for the smooth movement of products to get them from A to Z safely and securely. Check out our full range of metal storage boxes available online today.

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  • Now From £232.20 (inc. VAT) Was £258.00 (inc. VAT) | Save £25.80 (inc. VAT)
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Exporta Global are one of the UK’s largest stillage manufacturers. We have been selling stillages for a number of years, however, we do appreciate that there are many people in manufacturing and business who have never had to purchase stillage before. If you are unfamiliar with the term stillages read more about them below.

We have hundreds of pictures of stillages on our websites and if you would like to speak to someone we would be happy to chat to you over the phone or via live chat. We sell thousands of products on our website, therefore it should be noted that there is a huge range of stillage available. Simply ask a member of our team what stillage is best for your business and they will get back to you with an honest expert opinion.

Our range of Stillage (Cage pallets) is class leading. Stillage lets you store and move goods in an efficient manner by stacking multiple pallets on top of each other without any weight on the goods stored within. Ideal if you're transporting cardboard boxes around. For some this would mean halving their transport costs - those that are shipping in containers Stillages can be stacked on top of each other and come with or without caging. A stillage can have drop gates or can be open sided. Stillage is definitely worth considering if you want to shift more boxes.

What are stillages?

If you have never come across a Stillage in a warehouse or workplace before, then you have come to the perfect place for an explanation. We work with thousands of product handling tools and we know them like the back of our hand!

This piece of equipment uses a cage or solid sides, to give support to other materials in the warehouse. In most cases a stillage is stackable, some are galvanised to ensure durability, or coasters to allow for easy movement.

More often than not stillages are used to transport goods safely. The purpose of a stillage is that it doesn’t damage the goods it holds during this time as it eases the process of loading and unloading large numbers of products to transfer them to another truck.

A stillage can also be used for transportation from a truck to a warehouse. Stillages are often used by those who in the glass industry. In most cases, A-frame stillages are used to provide support to sheets of glass which are being transported. Stillages makes this process more efficient, for example, the piece of glass can be strapped to the A-frame, which leans inward. By using a stillage, it is less likely the sheets of glass will break or crack.

What else can a stillage be used for? Good question. Businesses across the UK use stillages as a recycling unit. As a stillage is a large metal box, it is an excellent choice for industrial waste which needs to be binned or recycled. Once the businesses have filled the stillage they can then move it at a later date.

Who We Work With

We work with companies across the UK, from small start-ups to bigger businesses with years of experience behind them. Our role is to prove the best product handling solutions to these companies, working with producers and manufacturers in a number of sectors. Are you unsure of what we can help your business with? Get in touch with us to find out our how we can make your business more efficient.

We have decades of experience which means we are able to provide a stillage for any business. We can also guide you through the process, just chat to us via live chat!  Exporta have a number of great stillages just browse through the whole range in this section of our website. 

Ordering Stillages Online

Whether you are looking to buy stillages on a large or small scale, in the past we have had clients who have ordered hundreds of stillage for next day delivery. We provide hundreds of products via next day delivery and you can check whether the stillage of your choice is available before you pay.

Nowadays it is very rare for a warehouse-based business not to be using Stillages for transportation. A stillage tends to make the working day run smoother and they are commonly used throughout a vast range of industries. If you are finding it difficult to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing stillages, feel free to provide us with detailed specifications and a member of a team can help you from there. We can also guide you in the right direction, comparing different products against each other.

If you are looking for a starting point when it comes to stillages, we have written up a short, but informative guide on stillages and their purpose. Before you purchase any product handling equipment, you should always look into the best options for your business.

Keep in mind, this is only a small introduction into stillages as there are hundreds of variations. Browse through our range of stillages just now or contact us for more information.


Steel Box Pallet Stillage

A stillage from Exporta will not disappoint and you can even purchase and buy stillages in bulk online. Simply chat to one of our advisors on live chat and he/she will give you all of the information you need.

  • Vertical stacking capability up to 4 Box Pallet Stillages high
  • Easy access to front with half drop gate on one long side
  • Super strong 1.5mm steel construction
  • This Box Pallet Stillage can be moved by a forklift or a pallet truck
  • Powder coated RAL5010 Blue
  • A huge 800kg load capacity for this box pallet stillage


Buy Collapsible Stillages

At Exporta we stock Collapsible Stillages that can be transported and moved to the location that suits you. They have inverted cupped feet for stack ability up to 4 cage pallets high, making them an excellent choice for warehouse businesses.

  • Collapsible stillage with a half drop gate on one long side
  • 75mm mesh infill to sides for ventilation and ease of access
  • Sheet steel base fully underbraced
  • Blue epoxy powder paint finish
  • Fully collapsible for efficient use of space


Profile Stillages For Sale

Starting off with the profile stillage, this piece of equipment is most often used for handling extruded profile. It is most likely that you will see an aluminium extrusion or extruded plastic used with this stillage. Contact us for more information on profile stillages and what materials they can be used for.


A-Frame Stillages Buy Now

A-Frame stillages are used to bear weight in an economical manner. Most A-frames will have a cross beam between the two legs, which stops the legs from slipping apart and collapsing the structure. Find out about our A-frame style stillages on our dedicated web page.


Post-Pallet Stillages

Are you looking to purchase post-pallet stillages? This type of stillage is close to the design of traditional pallets. The main difference is that this type of product has posts attached. These posts are the incredibly useful as they can be stacked while they are not in use. Many businesses prefer this as this type of stillage utilises space well.  What are the main benefits of this type of stillage?

  • This Post Pallet Stillage is fully galvanised for complete corrosion resistance
  • Post Pallet base is constructed from super strong 60x40mm RHS steel
  • Extremely sturdy double cruciform support base design
  • Stillage Posts are 70mm diameter
  • Can stack vertically to a huge 4 high
  • MASSIVE 1000kg load capacity

We also sell a Demountable Post Pallet Stillage which is fully galvanised for complete corrosion resistance. Take your time to browse through our selection of pallet boxes, we have thousands of pallet boxes that are constructed for a number of purposes.

  • Post Pallet base is constructed from super strong 60x40mm RHS steel
  • Extremely sturdy double cruciform support base design
  • REMOVABLE - Stillage Posts are 70mm diameter
  • Can stack vertically to a huge 4 high
  • MASSIVE 1000kg load capacity


Trolleys & Bogeys

These stillages are movable frames. Those who work with industrial goods can use stillages to safely move or manoeuvre products around either a warehouse or factory. At Exporta, we cleverly construct our stillages so that they are able to stand up to the conditions of use. This thought process goes into every one of our products that are the reason why our products highly durable and long-lasting.

Automotive Stillages

If you are looking for automotive stillages, these are extremely recognisable, although they do vary in their design and application. In most cases, you will see this stillage bring used within a specific element in the manufacturing process. This type of stillage is commonly used to transport windscreen glass or to move large numbers of car bumpers around a factory.

If you have any questions about any of the products we offer, please feel free to get in touch and we will be able to talk through our own specific requirements in detail.

Stillages: Pallet Boxes

A stillage is a type of pallet box. If you are unfamiliar with what a pallet box is, then simply it is an industrial box which can be used A to transport and store goods. These boxes are fairly large, heavy duty bulk containers. It is common for most businesses to use at least one type of pallet boxes. If you are looking for a pallet box or a stillage, we would recommend the Gitterbox Stillage. The Gitterbox Stillage has the same footprint as a Euro pallet and it comes with many benefits.

  • For easy access, there is a Half drop gate on one long side
  • A Super strong 50mm mesh infill to sides
  • Corrugated Steel Base for strength
  • Grey painted finish
  • Large 700KG load capacity

A pallet is a flat tool which is used to transport, store and rack your businesses goods. Before your business invests in materials such a pallet boxes and stillages. When you are purchasing these materials it is important that you purchase pallets to transport them.

As product handling experts we can help you with these supplies from the very start to the end. As these tools are a foundation for handling, packing transporting, storing and racking goods, it will be worth your while to invest in a pallet box that will stand the test if time and resilience.

Ordering Your Stillages

At Exporta, we are extremely about product handling field. Our team of experts would be happy to help your business, chat to us on live chat now!

We are fast! That is why we are the best pallet box supplier in the UK. Order online today before 12pm and receive next day delivery!