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Large Storage Bins

We have an extensive range of large storage bins that all provide a robust, durable option to keep your products safe and stored. Our extensive parts bins are available in a variety of sizes to store a range of products with reinforced bases, easily visible compartments and ergonomic handles that ensure a practical, reliable and quality means of storage across several industries. Browse our full collection of storage bins at Exporta Global and find the perfect solution to your storage problems today.

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7 Items
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Shelf Trays - Large Storage Bins

Are you looking to buy large storage bins often called Shelf Trays or Shelf Bins at the best prices? We are happy to announce that at Exporta, we provide storage bins and storage Solutions for businesses of all sizes. We work with thousands of businesses across the UK and we specialise in and one of the most popular ways of storing goods is through Plastic Storage Bins.

From big storage bins to smaller storage bins, at Exporta Global, we offer an extensive range of Storage Bins and are confident we have the solution to your storage problems. Our large storage bins are available to purchase in a range of shapes and colours!

We sell thousands of our large storage bins every year as we are able to offer you the highest quality in products.

Throughout the day our team is on hand to offer you advice on your purchases via live chat. If you would rather speak to someone about your order over the phone, we can give you recommendations based on our expert guidance.

We would love to help you find a cost-effective way to store your goods. As the products we offer are the best on the market, you will find yourself returning to us year after year. Our products are long lasting and we are confident that any Exporta product will last you for years to come.


What are Large Storage Bins?

Large Storage Bins are used by business across the world as they are exceptionally flexible plastic storage which can be used to store a large volume of the stock. If you are looking for storage bins that are large, we have a number which will be suitable for your business. Our products range in size and if you do secede to choose something smaller, this is something that Exporta can provide.  The great thing about Exporta’s large storage bins is that they can hold anything from soft toys to industrial goods! Keep in mind we also stock small parts storage bins.

Buy Shelf Trays

Exporta's range of Large Storage Bins gives a new flexible storage solution to those who need to store and work with small parts. These lengthy bins extend to the width of the shelf. Our Large Storage Bins can stack on top of each other and also have open fronts for ease of access to products within. Dividers are also available so you can easily subdivide the internal space within the storage bin to give even more flexibility. There are no minimum order amounts for these bins. These large storage bins are available in a number of sizes and are available for Next Day delivery.

Exporta have been specialising in handling solutions for the past 40 years and continue to grow and keep our customers satisfied. We hold a working relationship with our clients, customer and manufacturers to make sure that all parties are happy with us and the service we provide.

Buy Coloured Large Storage Bins

If you are looking to organise your warehouse by colour, something many organisations of then we have large storage bins available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and White. Our storage bins are available individually, in packs and in bundles and are used in spaces such as workshops, warehouses, production, dispatching.

Our Exporta bins are famous within the industrial world and they can be seen everywhere. Our Small Parts Bins are of exceptionally high standard, with heavy duty plastic design ensuring the high lifespan.

Large Plastic Storage Bins for Sale

There are many ways in which you can you use Large Storage Bins. Our large storage bins are versatile and they can be moved from warehouse to warehouse. Your business should be making the most out of its space as space costs money. By investing in product handling solutions, you will make a difference to your efficiency. Louvre panels are extremely useful when you are purchasing large storage bins as these panels allow you to affix your bins to a wall or board and easily move them around as necessary.

If you are not just purchasing large storage bins and plan on using different sizes, use a colour in a row or a column of the same size so you can easily see what bins have what size of products. Don’t mix sizes up on the same row or columns, if you do this your display and your efficiency will go right down.

We have hundreds of storage bins on offer and Exporta Global cab ship storage bins to anywhere in the UK and Europe. The great thing about these highly versatile storage bins is that they come in six sizes and five different colours! If you're looking for a storage solution for larger parts, these large storage bins are the perfect solution for you.

 If its Storage Bins that you need, Exporta Global is the place to go. We guarantee you the highest of quality products, most competitive prices and the best service around.

What are the Benefits of Buying Storage Bins?

There are many advantages of incorporating large storage bins into your product handling strategy. First of all, large plastic containers or bins are often used in storage. This cost effective method of storage has been used for many years as it saves businesses time on sorting.

Make sure your business is using a storage strategy that will save it time and money. Here are just a few reasons why you should use large storage bins within your organisation.

Sustainability– If you are constantly buying new boxes for storage then you could be wasting your money and time, as well as waste materials. When you purchase Storage Bins, you will find out why these bins are renowned for their durability and their ability to withstand wear and tear.

You will rarely have to replace these bins as they have excellent strength due to the materials used in manufacturing and can last a lifetime if cared for appropriately. Once you use these storage bins you will notice that their smooth surface repels moisture and chemicals and their stacking properties make them a great space saver.

Lightweight – Although these storage bins are large, they are also lightweight. Large plastic storage bins, do not have to be bulky and hard to move. At Exporta, we provide storage bins that are an excellent alternative to wooden bins. Our lightweight large storage bins are easy to handle and move, they can even be stacked with items inside.

Organisation – Make sure you are using secure large storage bins to organise your stock. We would thoroughly recommend these storage bins – we even use them in our own workspace! Your employees will work more efficiently in an organised work space and as with any our storage solutions, your organisation will thrive when it has a new storage strategy. Once your Exporta large storage bins arrive at your headquarters you will be able to neatly store your items and save space in the process. You are also able to stack the items to save even more space, all while remaining organised.

Cost – If you are looking for a cost effective method of storage, then you will not regret a penny with our large storage bins. Export offer a value for money alternative when it comes to storage proving that space saving does not have to be expensive. Ranging from £1 to £10, all of our products are cost effective and will keep you saving money with Exporta.

Clutter-free – you may not notice it, but your warehouse may be suffering from a build-up of clutter. Health and safety are vital and an organised workspace is a safe one. Make sure that your team is using storage efficiently. You will find that most plastic storage bins and containers are stackable as they come with interlocking pieces that can be rearranged to fit any space that needs extra storage. Use our large storage bins to organise your inventory, this is the first way to keep clutter out of sight.

Versatility - Plastic storage containers are ideal for any business with large-scale storage and shipping needs. They are commonly used by entities that deal with bakeries, seafood, confectionery, electronics and food processing.

Recyclability – This again ties in with sustainability. All businesses should be making a move towards Plastic storage containers. The reason why businesses should use large storage bins is that they are recyclable and can be reused many times. From retail with stockrooms to industrial warehouses, all businesses should be using a product handling strategy which supports sustainable methods. If you have any questions about the materials we use or how we recycle our products, feel free to get in touch.

Not only are we able to offer you the best available products, we are able to get them to you without any hassles, the very next day after order. We pride ourselves on this and offer our next day delivery all year round no matter the circumstance.

Large Storage Bins from Exporta Global

Make your life easier by shopping for your large storage bins online. Our experts are constantly updating our website, giving you all of the information you need about our products. From sizes, prices to stock quantity, you can find it all online via our website. Accessibility is not the only reason why you would want to purchase your storage solutions from Exporta Global. Whether it’s the products, prices, service or anything else, you can’t go wrong when buying from Exporta.

We encourage our customers to shop around as they will not find a range of high-quality products, all of which can be seen online and are available for next day delivery for a better price. If you are just starting out in businesses or if you are refurbishing your website you will find that our prices are some of the most competitive around, with any of our Storage Bins available for under £10! We also over bulk packages at prices that can’t be matched. We not only offer products of the highest quality; we also provide our unrivaled customer service – just speak to a member of our team on live chat!

We know that once you purchase your product, you want to put it to use immediately and with our delivery options, that is made an easy option. The best products out there in no time at all, simple. Storing and moving goods can be achieved through a variety of ways, all of which are covered with Exporta Global, we are able to provide you with the product you need to make sure you are not left disappointed. Have a look at our product range and find whatever it is you need to suit your requirements.