Our Euro Containers are the strongest on the market. We have a wide range of size and colour options available to purchase on our website. You can also enquire if you need a custom colour or size. Add lids with locking clips to increase security. Other accessories including dividers are available. 

Picking Bins are the perfect solution in a busy picking environment. Fed up of your cardboard picking boxes being damaged? A picking bin is your solution. These bins come in four standard sizes, with an area on the front for an ID sticker these containers ensure quick & efficient product picking. 

Attached Lid Containers (ALC's) are perfect for archive storage. They are also perfect for product movement. Available with secure tamper evident seals you can send your goods with peace of mind. There are a wide range of colours available as well as sizes. Don't miss out on our ALC bundles this month!

Small Parts Storage Bins are available in 5 different colours and 6 different sizes. With slots for ID cards at the front these bins make small component picking simple. Louvre panels are available to help organise your picking. These storage bins are great value and an ideal solution to your component picking area!

Pallet boxes are strong, secure and hard wearing. Available in pallet sizes such as standard and euro these containers are a strong, safe alternative to a traditional wooden shipping crate. Added protection comes in the form of lids. Some of our pallet boxes come with fold down sides to make loading easy. 

Adding your brand to containers has multiple benefits. You can increase brand awareness while ensuring your containers are not lost. ID tags can also be added to ensure picking and packing is done correctly. Get in touch now with your branding enquiry, simply fill out the form below and our experts will get in touch!

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