Thermal Insulation Packaging

At Exporta, we are delighted to introduce a new range of thermal insulation packaging. On offer, are pallet covers as well as full container liners. The packaging is made from low emittance & highly reflective aluminium foil, this foil blocks up to 97% of radiating heat and therefore keeps your products cool. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations we have the solution for you, read more on these products below. If you have any questions our experts are on hand to help you. Simply fill out the contact form at the foot of this page with your question.

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Pallet Covers

Pallet covers provide protection for your pallets that contain heat sensitive items. They protect against heat changes and impacts during transportation or storage. These covers are light and easy to apply to your pallet.

Key Features

- Minimises changes in heat caused by external factors

- Foldable, stackable, lightweight and easy to handle

- Add your brand

- Custom sizes available on request

- Water resistant, puncture resistant and leak proof

Container Liners

Container liners are designed to transform shipping containers to provide thermal protection. These liners prevent damage caused by extreme temperature changes during transportation. These liners also provide protection against a variety of other elements.

Key Features

- Provides thermal insulation preventing damage caused by temperature changes

- Protects against condensation, pest infestation and mould

- Quick and easy to apply to containers

- Reduce transportation costs

- Wide variety of configurations available