Workplace Equipment

All workplaces need to be safe, comfortable and a great place to work. We have a wide range of Hazardous storage, Spill Control, Mating and Ergonomic practical workbenches available at great quality and price. Dealing with H&S can be made so much easier by storing hazardous products properly and having the right equipment to deal with spills and drips. Combing workbenches with matting can reduce strain and increase productivity.

If you operate out of a warehouse or are involved in the movement of large storage units, products or goods then there are significant challenges you face when moving heavy goods – for one thing it is a major safety risk, it is also very time consuming. If you wish to add an extra element of health and safety, efficiency and simplicity to your workplace then one of Exporta’s product movement goods could be the answer to your problems. 


Floor identification, document control, warehouse recycling, numbers, letters and aisle/rack identification!


Access Steps

Industrial portable steps, tilt and move steps, ladders and much more! Check out the new range now!



Secure lockers to protect belongings, variety of door options available! Choose blue or grey doors.


Picking Trolleys

Our picking shelf trolleys are a cost effective and ideal for general commercial and heavy duty use.


Hazardous Storage Cupboards

Our Hazardous Cupboards help employers and employees comply with the control of hazardous substances in the workplace. These steel cupboards are available in various sizes including floor cupboards, floor chests, wall mounted and mobile, ideal for all workplace environments such as industrial, general and commercial premises.

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Drip Trays

Drip Trays ensure all drips and leaks are caught at source. Small sizes are available for confined spaces. We have a wide variety of trays, pans and buckets available to suit your needs. Each tray slides easily under machinery and the large surface areas ensure the risk of ground contamination is reduced.

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Bunded Workfloors

Improve dispensing with secure, horizontal storage. We have a huge range available including workfloors, spill trays and racks. You can store up to 8 drums on our range of bunded workfloors. Huge sump capacities are available to suit your needs.

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Spill Pallets

We have a wide range of spill pallets available, covers and dispensers allow you to securely protect your containers from external elements. We have many drum configurations to choose from. Protect your containers from rainwater & UV and improve workplace safety.

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Entrance Matting

Entrance matting protects high traffic flooring. It is suitable in commercial, municipal and retail premises. Our range includes a wide variety of size and dirt hiding mottles colour options. This matting is easy to clean with vacuum or extraction clean.

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Anti-Fatigue Matting

Ensure employee safety with Anti-Fatigue matting. Increase employee comfort, safety and productivity. Available in a wide variety of sizes as well as with yellow safety borders. Unique surface provides non-directional traction. Anti-trip bevelled edges ensure employee safety while in use.

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Oil Resistant Matting

Ideal matting for heavy industrial work areas. Made from 100% nitrile rubber, this matting withstands industrial oils and harsh chemicals. Highly bevelled borders on three sides for added employee safety. Simple to clean with a water jet or detergent.

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Duckboard Matting

This matting is perfect for wet, dry or oily conditions. Made with traditional grid welded PVC this matting comes in a wide variety of rolls and cut sizes. Connector clips are available when side joins are required. There are 4 colour options. This matting is simple and easy to clean.

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Anti-Slip Matting

Prevent employee injury with anti-slip matting. Available in a wide variety of size and roll options, this mating has bevelled edges to reduce the risk of a trip hazard. Made with 100% nitrile rubber this matting is easy to clean and wipe down. Molded scrapers remove heavy dirt and swarf from footwear.

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Organise and tidy your busy picking area. No tools are required for assembly for these workstations. They are easy to build and adjust. Available in either blue/grey or blue/orange these workstations come in a variety of sizes. Choose between a chipboard or an MFC surface. Customise your shelf and undershelf configuration.

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Pallet Trucks

A pallet truck is a tool used to lift and move pallets. They are, in essence, the most basic form of a forklift and are intended to move pallets within a warehouse or working environment. The weight of the pallets they can lift depends on the strength of the pallet truck.

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Bottle Skips

Bottle skips are ideal in hospitality and catering environments. They are lightweight and easy to handle as well as being stackable and space saving. We have a huge range of sizes available as well as colour options.

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Container Trucks

Mobile container trucks make product movement easy. They are stackable and space saving, they are made from 100% food grade polypropylene. We also have a recycled black truck option. Available with handles, these trucks have reinforced bases.

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Roll Cages

Roll Cages make item movement efficient and easy. We have both mesh and rod infill options available. Each cages has a strong, reinforced design. Loose shelves and gates are available. Nestable and demountable options on offer.

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Lift Tables

We have a heavy duty range of strong and durable lift tables. Bring work to a safe, convenient working height. Variety of scissor leg options and load capacities available. All products come with a manufacturer warranty.

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