Manual Handling & Lifting Equipment

If you operate out of a warehouse or are involved in the movement of large storage units, products or goods then you should consider manual handling equipment and manual lifting equipment.  There are significant challenges you face when moving heavy goods – for one thing, it is a major safety risk, while it is also very time-consuming. If you wish to improve the health and safety, efficiency and task simplicity in your workplace then Exporta has a range of manual handling aids and manual handling lifting equipment such as lifting tables and roll containers, all of which can improve staff wellbeing and productivity in your workplace. Speak to an expert now! Call 0800 294 4 394

Although you may have now found the right product for you in terms of storing or shelving goods you may have not thought about the transportation of these goods. If you operate out of a warehouse or are involved in the movement of large storage units, products or goods then there are significant challenges you face when moving heavy goods – for one thing it is a major safety risk, it is also very time consuming. If you wish to add an extra element of health and safety, efficiency and simplicity to your workplace then one of Exporta’s product movement goods could be the answer to your problems.

Roll Cage

A roll cage, also commonly referred to as a roll container, roll trolley, roll pallet or cage trolley are hugely versatile and used in a variety of workplaces. Our roll cage is one of Exporta’s most commonly used product movement goods due to the benefits to health and safety it provides. They have tall structures which allow them to have securely stacked goods within them and it secures these within its nylon straps in the two sided models. There are extra sides available for those who consider workplace safety to be paramount. The three sided models­­ have the same features with an added element of safety being the third side which should transport your goods securely. Finally, there are our four sided models which are the most efficient when looking to improve workplace safety. Once the goods are loaded into the roll cage you simply add on the last side and there is no risk of any goods falling from within it.

All of our roll cage products have a 500KG load capacity, a bright zinc plate finish and have loose shelves available should you require these. On top of this we have a variety of castor options – nylon, rubber, sandwich, braked and swivel to fit every application.

Pallet Truck

If your workplace requires pallets, then it will also need a pallet truck in order to move these. Once loaded, our pallets can hold an enormous amount of weight – often thousands of kilograms. In order to maintain workplace safety and ensure the health and safety of your employees, Exporta has the pallet truck for your needs. A pallet truck is most effective when used in a warehouse environment where there is plenty of space to manoeuvre. Exporta provide a range of pallet trucks, from a simple pallet truck to a wide hand pallet truck. Even our simple pallet truck is extremely heavy duty and can carry weight up to 2500KG, not only this but we provide a six-month warranty should the product not live up to your expectations.

Scissor Hand Pallet Truck

Once products are loaded onto a pallet it is often necessary that these products then need to be worked on – it is bad health and safety practice to have employees bending down to ground level in order to work on tasks; this is where a scissor hand pallet truck can come in handy. A scissor hand pallet truck brings a pallet up to a convenient working height and holds it in place – improving workplace safety! Exporta provide both manual and electric varieties of a scissor hand pallet truck to many warehouses across the UK with the option for standard or wide sizes. All of these products have a 1000KG load capacity.

Scissor Lift Table

If you do not utilise pallets in your workplace, but still require heavy items to be at a height in order to keep within the parameters of health and safety, then another product which has a similar function to that of a scissor hand pallet truck is a scissor lift table. These are devices which lift heavy items up to a safe working height. All of our scissor lift tables have toe guards and twin foot braked castors in order to prevent table movement when loading and unloading – improving workplace safety. Each scissor lift table has a different loading capacity. Our four loading capacities are 300KG, 350KG (double), 500KG and 750KG

Product Movement within FMCG

One industry which requires high quality and lasting product movement goods is the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) category. FMCG are goods which are produced at a high rate, sold at a high rate and are relatively low in cost. Some good examples of FMCG are soft drinks, food, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs and other consumable items such as female and male toiletries. The rate at which these goods are produced and sold means that they usually come from large manufacturing plants or warehouses and moved in bulk – meaning that product movement goods such as a roll cage, pallet truck or scissor lift table are absolutely paramount to the smooth running and operation of these businesses. If you work in the FMCG industry or something similar and feel you could benefit from a pallet truck, roll cage, scissor lift cage or a mixture of all three then Exporta have the product movement goods to simplify your workplace and keep the movement of goods within the correct health and safety parameters.

Risk Avoidance & Health and Safety

When using any of our product movement goods it is important to use them safely and efficiently. The purpose of these items is to improve workplace safety and make tasks easier. Therefore, it is important that all of your employees are trained on each of these specific items and understand the risks involved in using these products.

When looking at product movement goods it is often useful that the product storage item; for example, a pallet, is compatible with the device that is being used to move it; a pallet truck. When looking at both of these items it is sensible to purchase both from the same supplier to ensure that they work together efficiently. Exporta have a wide range of storage goods to go with our product movement goods. If you have any questions on what is suitable for your industry or business, then give us a call on our free number and one of our advisers to assist you in your product needs.