Anti-fatigue Matting

Anti fatigue mats are designed for workers who stand for excessive periods of time on hard surfaces. Tiredness and fatigue in the workplace can be dangerous often causing accidents, reduced concentration and lack of productivity. Anti fatigue mats are a cost-effective solution to boost productivity in workers which stand for long periods of time. The cushioning feature of the mats allows workers an extra level of comfort in workspaces with hard industrial floors. If you are searching for workplace equipment then you can browse through the entire selection of products at Exporta today.

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6 Items
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Anti-Fatigue Matting / Anti Fatigue Mats

It is a common problem in many workplaces, employees are required to stand for extended periods of time on hard surfaces and from this they become tired from the discomfort they feel. The result of this is reduced concentration and lower levels of productivity. More serious than this, it can also cause accidents in the workplace. There is an easy way to solve this common problem – anti-fatigue matting.

The reason this discomfort happens is due to joints tensing up and becoming locked from standing up for too long. It is common for employees to shift weight from one side to another and this increases the release of muscular energy which results in tiredness. Anti-fatigue mats combat this and more.

Anti-fatigue matting is one of the most cost efficient ways to increase productivity if your employees are standing up for extended periods of time. The anti-fatigue mats are made of a soft material which helps to reduce the tiredness in limbs. Anti-fatigue mats are so much more than just a comfortable surface to stand on, anti-fatigue mats also help employees to move their feet regularly which greatly reduces the stress that is placed on the soles of your feet. The cushioning nature of anti-fatigue floor mats helps to also keep the feet warm as it protects against cold hard floors and moisture.

What are Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Anti-fatigue mats are a specific type of matting which have been designed to combat tiredness and stress to limbs in the workplace amongst employees who spend extended amounts of time standing. Many tasks in the workplace which require you to stand in the same place all day can be mundane and menial. Worse than this, it can actually cause discomfort and in serious cases, injury. Anti-fatigue matting from Exporta Global is made from materials which are proven to have a positive impact on productivity amongst those who stand for long periods of time.

Anti-fatigue matting from Exporta is one of those items you’ll wonder how you ever did without! If you are considering anti-fatigue matting for your workplace, then you should consider the areas they would be best utilised in. We would suggest putting your anti-fatigue mats in places where employees spend the most time standing. Upon placing your anti-fatigue matting in areas for your employees, they should notice a difference in their comfort levels when standing for extended periods of time. Anti-fatigue flooring is resistant to cold, hard floors and moisture so they should encourage regular foot movements and keep employees’ feet warm whilst they work.

Anti- Fatigue Mats in the Workplace

For most businesses, matting can be a vital part of the work environment. Anti-fatigue mats can make a massive difference to productivity in the workplace and they are particularly effective placed in areas where employees spend a lot of time standing. It can become very mundane for employees to stand still all day and worse than this, it can also cause discomfort. When employees feel discomfort, their productivity levels drop and therefore the overall productivity of the business suffers. Anti-fatigue matting will improve your productivity levels whilst also improving your employees comfort level.

All most businesses want is to become more productive, Exporta Global’s anti-fatigue matting can help you achieve this as a business through improving the productivity of your employees.


There are different types of anti-fatigue matting which can be used and may be more relevant for your business. It is difficult to know what type would be the best anti-fatigue mat for your business. Exporta have a range of anti-fatigue matting which are available for next day delivery! If you are unsure what the best anti-fatigue mat would be best for your business, then get in touch today and one of our helpful advisors can assess the best kind for your requirements.

Anti-Fatigue Mats from Exporta

Exporta have a couple of different options when it comes to anti-fatigue mats. If you are wondering what the best anti-fatigue mat would be for your business, then have a read through our three product choices. If you require further clarification, then get in touch with a member of our team today. Our anti-fatigue flooring selection includes:

Kumfi Pebble Anti Fatigue Matting

Pebble anti-fatigue matting is ideal for light duty, dry areas and are manufactured with a closed cell vinyl foam. The pebble surface they feature provides non-directional traction. These anti-slip mats feature anti-trip bevelled edges and are available in a range of sizes and roll options.

Kumfi Diamond Anti Fatigue Matting

These anti-fatigue mats are suitable for medium duty commercial/industrial workplaces. They are an extra thick mat with a diamond/chequer pattern surface for excellent worker comfort and safety. The tough vinyl Dyna-Shield coating these are manufactured with provide 50% more wear resistance, making them highly durable. The bevelled edges prevent trips and they are available with yellow safety borders. Within our Diamond anti-fatigue mats there are a variety of size and roll options.

Kumfi Tough Anti-Fatigue Matting

Our tough anti-fatigue mats are suitable for heavy duty, dry industrial environments and are manufactured from premium vinyl sponge matting. These mats feature a slip resistance deckplate top surface which is bonded to a dense sponge base. The design and material combination of these mats provides optimum worker comfort and safety, making them an undeniable winner.

These three types of anti-fatigue matting are suitable for different businesses. Depending on what your business does there will be a suitable option for you – whether you are involved in light, medium or heavy industry. Within each of these mat types there are size options available. You should base this on the size of area you wish to cover. Some businesses only have a small number of employees standing and therefore will only need a small amount of matting. If you are unsure of the best anti-fatigue mat for your business, then get in touch today.

The Benefits of Using Anti-Fatigue Matting

The many benefits that come with using anti-fatigue matting are what makes it our most popular choice amongst our customers. Some of the main benefits anti-fatigue mats could provide your business with are that they:

  • Reduce Accidents in the Workplace – Anti-fatigue mats prevent tiredness and fatigue, leading to less careless accidents from a loss of concentration. They also prevent injury in employees as they help to relax the muscles. Quite often when standing for long periods of time, joints can become tense and spasm, anti-fatigue mats help to prevent this and more.
  • Save Money – Anti-fatigue matting can provide a softer surface than the floor, meaning that breakages are less likely to happen. Anti-fatigue mats can also improve productivity, allowing employees to complete more tasks in less time, saving you money as a business owner. In increasing productivity, you can increase your outputs as a business and are likely to see an increase in profits.
  • Improves Productivity –Anti-fatigue mats main purpose is to provide comfort to those who spend long periods standing in the same position. They therefore drive productivity in avoiding fatigue. Employees who are tired or experience discomfort are likely to lose concentration easily and their productivity suffers, providing anti-fatigue mats help to avoid this problem.

Other Types of Matting from Exporta Global

Here at Exporta Global we don’t believe in a ‘one-size fits all’ attitude. We understand the vast differences in our customers and the industries they operate in. It is for this reason that we have a whole range of matting options for our customers to choose from. Therefore, if anti-fatigue flooring isn’t the best option for your business, you will find many other mats which may be relevant for you.

Health and safety should be an important factor for every business and matting is a fantastic way to improve the health and safety in your business. Here at Exporta Global we have a number of mat options which could significantly improve the health and safety standards in your business, including; anti-slip matting, oil-resistant matting, duckboard matting and entrance matting.

Get in touch today to find out how matting from Exporta Global could improve your workplace.

Why Buy Anti - Fatigue Matting from Exporta Global?

Quality is a big factor when considering the purchase of a product. As a consumer you want to be assured that you are buying the highest quality products that will have a long lifespan. With Exporta Global’s anti-fatigue matting you can be assured this is what you are receiving. Our anti-fatigue mats will last for years to come before needing replacing. Every product we produce is quality assured and guaranteed, therefore, when you purchase anti-fatigue matting from us you know you are making a solid investment in improving the productivity of your workplace.

We rigorously test all of our products to ensure that they live up to our customers’ expectations and our high quality standards. With over 40 years of experience we are the market leaders in product handling solutions. Our anti-fatigue matting is only made from the best materials making them effective and durable. Not only this but all of our anti-fatigue flooring is competitively priced, making them the undeniable market leader.

As with all of our customers, we strive to provide honest advice and honest pricing. If you are wondering what the best anti-fatigue mat option for your business and can’t decide from the information on our website, then get in contact with us today. You can fill out an enquiry form on our website, start an online live chat or alternatively give us a good old fashioned phone call! Our knowledgeable advisors are always happy to answer any questions and can provide you with advice on what may be the best option for you.

Product Movement Specialists

Having been in business for over 40 years we have become the market leader in the product handling field. Our extensive knowledge of our products and the industries they are best served in is what has set us apart from our competitors. Not only can we provide your business with high quality anti-fatigue matting but we could provide this and so much more. We have over 1,000 products across our website so no matter what your business does, we will have solutions that could improve the productivity and efficiency of your business.

We listen to our customers closely and provide honest advice as opposed to hard sales tactics, this is what makes us a firm favourite with our customers. If you require more information about our anti-fatigue matting, are wondering what the best anti-fatigue mat for your business would be or whether they are the right option for your business then why not chat with us today, we could give you some suggestions on the best products for your business.