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Entrance Matting

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11 Items
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Entrance Matting

One of the first things consumers look at when judging the cleanliness of a business is floors, including entrance mats. Choosing the right entrance matting system for your workplace can transform your entrance area into a bright and welcoming area which is also safe. As a business it is essential that you make your workplace as safe as possible for both employees and customers and entrance matting systems are a great way to achieve this.

Matting has become one of the most essential items for businesses who take their health and safety seriously. Exporta Global have a range of matting products which could be integrated into your business as soon as tomorrow on our fast next day delivery service!

What is Entrance Matting?

Your entrance is the first impression customers will have of your business, it is also the first contact employees will have when they enter the workplace. Entrance areas are highly susceptible to dirt, rain and other outside surfaces, due to the materials that are brought in on people shoes. All entrance matting from Exporta Global act as effective dirt trappers and catch all moisture as it enters the building, to avoid slipping hazards occurring. Their main function is to ensure that your entrance points remain safe, clean and dry. They also make a bright and attractive addition to most businesses.  

Entrance Matting Systems for Business

Most businesses care a considerable amount about their appearance and how their customers perceive them. Entrance matting systems are one of the first things people will see upon entering your business and therefore you should have high quality matting which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Entrance Matting from Exporta Global helps to protect high traffic flooring, is long wearing whilst looking great.

You could avoid unnecessary injuries with entrance matting from Exporta Global. Slips and Falls are the number one cause of injury in the workplace and this can be easily avoided with the use of entrance matting. Entrances to businesses are highly likely to have water or dirt gather due to so many people coming and going on a daily basis. Entrance mats can collect all this dirt and moisture and prevent injury to both employees and customers alike.

Entrance Matting from Exporta

At Exporta Global we understand that every business is different and has different needs. It is for this reason that we steer away from the one size fits all attitude and move towards providing our customers with choice. The entrance mats Exporta Global provide are:

Daytona Entrance Matting

Our Daytona Entrance Matting is suitable for medium traffic areas inside all kinds of commercial, municipal and retail premises. These entrance mats are an economically priced, all purpose mats which come in a variety of attractive colours which are perfect for hiding dirt. These entrance mats are easy to clean with a vacuum and have a low height of 7mm making them wheelchair accessible. These entrance mats come in a range of sizes for you to choose from.

Brushway Entrance Matting

This Brushway Entrance Matting is for indoor light to medium traffic areas. The ribbed pattern polypropylene pile carpet is bonded to a slip resistant vinyl base. These entrance mats Simultaneously brush away dirt and grit and removes moisture. The low height of 7.5mm allows easy wheelchair access. These entrance mats come in a wide variety of sizes and come in the following colours; charcoal, slate blue, hunter green, red, black and brown.

Sentry Dirt Removal Matting

Our Sentry Entrance Matting is perfect for high traffic areas both inside and out. This could include busy entranceways or decking. The loose lay honeycomb matting makes them ideal for busy entrances. The moulded bevelled edges they include make them easily accessible and prevent tripping. This type of entrance matting provides excellent drainage due to the raised knobs on the underside. These superb entrance mats are easy to clean and are suitable for all weather conditions, making them highly versatile.

If you are wondering which of our entrance mats would be best for your business, then have a look at the pictures on our website and our product specifications. If you require any guidance or advice on our entrance matting systems, then contact us today. You can submit an enquiry via our website, start a live chat online or alternatively you can call us if you would prefer.

Reasons to Have Entrance Mats in Your Business

Entrance matting may seem so simple that it is often an afterthought or low priority yet it is important in terms of appearance and improving safety that all businesses should be considering some form of entrance matting. Entrance matting systems help businesses to provide a safe and clean environment for employees and customers/visitors. Here are 5 reasons to implement entrance matting in your business:

  1. Safety – One of the main functions of entrance matting is to dry up moisture and dirt and limit the amount of outside materials entering the building. Therefore, it is overall improving the safety of your business as there is likely to be less moisture to cause slips and falls.
  2. Floor Protection – Within your business you may have attractive and expensive types of floor coverings, outside substances can ruin these over time. Entrance mats cover the initial floor covering and protect it, whilst also limiting

Other Matting from Exporta

Here at Exporta we understand our customers are all different and the industries they operate in are all different. Therefore, we aim to constantly stay away from a ‘one-size fits all’ mantra and provide our customers with a number of product choices and solutions. Therefore, if entrance matting isn’t what your business requires then we have the following options:

  • Excellent for improving productivity and reducing fatigue amongst employees over long periods of standing time.
  • Oil-Resistant Matting – Excellent in repelling oil substances and reducing workplace accidents in oil environments.
  • Duckboard Matting – Typically used as a method to avoid slip hazards the same as anti-slip matting.
  • Anti-Slip Matting – With slips and falls being the number one cause for accidents in the workplace within the UK, anti-slip mats are the ultimate way to protect the health and safety standards of your business.

Health and safety should be an important factor for every business and matting is a fantastic way to improve the health and safety in your business. Here at Exporta Global all our matting is designed with health and safety in mind and is manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure a superior end product.